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Title: Extremely low framerate on lander with OpenGL
Post by: tactless on December 02, 2002, 06:31:02 pm
When I first tried the game out, I used OpenGL. I wanted to get some radioactives from Mercury, but to my horror the landing there caused the game to run at about 0.2 fps (that's right - one frame in 5 seconds), and become extremely unresponsive. Naturally, this means quick death on mercury. I tried it again on pluto, and the same problem was there. However, once I get the lander back up (couldn't steer well enough to hit the Spathi ship! :o) the game went back to normal. Even the landing/takeoff animations for the lander were at a high framerate. This problem does not occur with space battles (at least in super melee - didn't get to check out the in-game battles with OpenGL).
Using SDL instead fixes this, but makes the average framerate slightly (and annoyingly) lower.

Intel Pentium III 450mhz
Gentoo GNU/Linux using Gentoo Kernel 2.4.19-r7, compiled from source
uqm 0.1, downloaded as binaries
NVidia GLX & Kernel drivers 1.0.3123