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Title: Quest log, personal note...?
Post by: Sentosa S on June 05, 2003, 04:43:22 am

I wonder if it's possible for you programmers to add more features in the game... like quest log... or at least personal note.

I just played 4 hours ago, took a nap, and now I forgot what I'm suppose to do in the game :p. Well yea, I can remember, but it's better if it had a personal note.

Title: Re: Quest log, personal note...?
Post by: Novus on June 05, 2003, 12:19:00 pm
Have you tried pencil and paper? It works fine for me. ;)

If you object to using non-electronic notekeeping methods, try switching away from UQM and loading up your favourite text editor. On Windows, you should be able to switch tasks even in full screen mode using the [ALT]-[TAB] combination (can someone using UQM on Windows verify this?). In Linux, you can switch to a text console with [CTRL]-[ALT]-[Fn] (1<=n<=6 on my system, YMMV) and run Emacs or whatever on that. Of course, if you're running UQM in a window, taking notes in another program is hardly a problem.

The problem with a quest log is that it makes some of the more cryptic clues too obvious. Taking notes is more in the spirit of UQM.

Title: Re: Quest log, personal note...?
Post by: Endril on August 08, 2003, 11:06:21 am
I've kept notes using the alt-tab method with windows wordpad and it is works well for the most part.  The only problem is that, when you get back to UQM after tabbing out, the entire screen is cyan.  This is fixed as soon as anything on the screen changes, however, and in the case of game conversations, being in hyperspace, or being in battle... or just about anywhere else, I guess, this takes only a second.  Mostly I've only noticed it from coming back to a battle that I had paused with F1.