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Title: Strange boards (out in left field. NOT a request)
Post by: Death 999 on June 12, 2003, 05:31:03 am
What would you say to SC having different modules that dramatically changed the playing field -- rather than playing in open space on a torus (i.e. wraps around), you play on a closed battlefield --
** the inside of the second death star. One side has to destroy the core; the other side has to stop them.
** in a giant space forest (keep the torus boundary conditions), with leaves you can blow up, but regrow. Push up against a springy leaf to get a slingshot kind of effect.
** on a giant cosmic half-pipe. The edges of the field have repulsive gravitation; no need for a planet -- push yourself up against the wall and turn around to have a similar effect.
** in a nebula. Distant objects are more and more obscured by the gas. Auto-tracking is similarly affected (probability of having autotracking work at any given moment drops dramatically with increased range).
** around a black hole. Like a planet, but there are radiation belts; if you stay in one for a full second you take a hit; the next second, two hits; the next second, three, and so on... Also, touch it and you're HISTORY. Also, the gravity is something fierce.

The first of these would be distinctly better with more than two players, but the others would be fair.
Any other ideas? They can be wacky (what with a giant space forest, you better believe it!)

Title: Re: Strange boards (out in left field. NOT a reque
Post by: guesst on June 12, 2003, 06:04:38 am
Ooh, these sound like great TW mods. Of course, I'd be impressed with some sort of 3-d rendering of the ships on some of these so that, like, when you're up the side of the halfpipe you see the ship coming towards you and turning to face the camera, and all.

Don't know if these are all totally SC appropiate, but if anyone ever made a top-down-space-shooter type game, some of these might be very apporpiate.

The one problem I have with the deathstar one is get your Pkunk in there to do the kill and no-one could catch it. Conversely, chasing down an earthling cruser with a Spathi and kiss earthling good-bye.

I like the nebula, except it assumes that each player has a seperate screen, again a cry in support of TW.

The giant forest is the one that I see being the least SCly. (StarControlly) Perhaps a speederbike sort of melee or perhaps a new Unholy wars, but not necessarily Starcontrol.

Around the Black hole it should be impossible to fire in a straight line, even for lazers. You'd have to compensate your shot for the extreme curvature of space. Your ships would need some massive structural integrety shield upgrades, tho, because I'm afraid no Ur-Quan or Chmmr that close to a black hole could avoid being sucked in. You'd just have to let them get sucked in and whip them out.

(the structural integrety shields are why at 1000 kph your ship ramming into your enemy's ship does no damage to either of you, dispite the fact that your cruser has just become a cruse missle.)

Here's another one, what about a sphere where you could see your enemy on the other side, but still need to wrap around to get them.

Or, even better, what about a giant pinball table, so while you're trying to kill your opponent, you're also trying to rack up the points?

EDIT : I like this topic, so I'm going to cross post it on to see if it'll get more responce.