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Title: new ships
Post by: captain_kirk on June 19, 2003, 06:24:38 am
after the war for freedoom earth  builds new ships to keep up
with both ur-quan ships
these ship are faster and have more power and fire power
earthling senator class
crew 153
weapons 1 hellborn cannon
ats system
earthling north union class cruiser
crew 32
weapons mzp nukes
p.s. ill do somemore later

Title: Re: new ships
Post by: Death 999 on June 19, 2003, 06:34:20 am
two sets of two words:
1 game balance.
2 story balance.

about 1: If the game includes ships that kickass, the game will suck.
about 2: If it were easy to make ships that kickass, everyone would do it.

Title: Re: new ships
Post by: captain_kirk on June 19, 2003, 07:19:47 am
they still lose sometimes but you get the edge in battle
there are ace star ship captains that can win thats you
.and some ship captains that L lose thats the ncp character
get it bubba ;D

Title: Re: new ships
Post by: captain_kirk on June 19, 2003, 07:40:13 am
well some ncp's wins that could be in the story line
and some ncp's dies thats in the story line
and you the player wins thats in the story line

Title: Re: new ships
Post by: guesst on June 20, 2003, 06:52:54 am
I know, let's make a ship so powerful that it could kill an Ur-Quan in one hit, but faster than a Pkunk, and for it's special it could kill the enemy no matter where it is.


Personally I think with all the talk of multi-ship melees, that we need to think of ship design in terms of teams. What about a medic freighter. Fast, like a pkunk. Weak, like a pkunk, but get in range of a team ship and fire your special and they get a health boost.

What about a rocket booster ship. Get in range of a team ship and it'll merge with them for a moment. Suddenly it's like precursor thrusters with an extra gun turret.

Hmm, actually, these might be good timewarp ships.

Title: Re: new ships
Post by: Lukipela on June 20, 2003, 06:59:17 am
 Hmmm, there was actually  a thread on the difficulty of balancing new ships (m,ainly me and Bioslayer squabbking byt still). I'm too lazy to look it up, and I know guesst doesn't like me posting OLD references. ;)

Anyway, I think the general consensus was that any new ship created has to bee in balance. You can't have megaships and just have them defeatable due to a plotline, they have to be beatable.

As for designing teams, that's a timewarp matter. If it works alright, it'll be a brilliant thing, but it's more something for their forums (assuminf anything happens over there). Still, it's an idea with great potential. Teamwork in melee? Bring it on!

Title: Re: new ships
Post by: Eran Mekhmandarov on June 20, 2003, 05:51:09 pm
One of the probloms with multi-melee is auto-targeting, I mean, who would the ship lock on to? Which ship would my nuke try to hit? The Skif's lazer? The Transformer's missles and Podship's plasmoids? Dogi's, marines, fighter ships? Even the Avenger uncloaking and the Intruder's Thingamagig. Would the Avetar's will the tractor beam work only on one ship, and in that case which one and can it be used on a friendly ship? And there are lots of other probloms out there

Making a multi-player version of melee isn't just "more then two people playing". Something like that would most probobly have to take a real company, with real cash and oh so very real expenses. And whatever they'ed make they'll have to do some heavy gameplay changes, so the second sentence out of my mouth after I Installed the game would be "Fwiffu, I don't think we're in hyper-space anymore..."

Title: Re: new ships
Post by: Nic. on June 20, 2003, 08:05:52 pm
Timewarp "solved" this with minimal effort, they simply added previous/next/nearest target controls to the game.  In theory, it allows you to pick and choose where you're bringing the pain, but in practice I smack on the "nearest target" key like a rat on a feeder bar.

But the fact remains, Starcon was designed as a two-player melee, and adding any more ships to the mix unbalances the game quite a bit.  For instance, in Timewarp, every last one of the "capital ships", save the Utwig, is a complete pushover, because their turning/firing rates are too low to be effective in an 8-way brawl; and all the ships whose tactics involve "running away" or "laying traps" (Supox, Thraddash, K'Tang, etc.) are uncannily effective.  The only way to "fix" that is likely to do things that would make the game barely recognisable as a Starcon game.

Title: Re: new ships
Post by: guesst on June 22, 2003, 11:10:21 pm
I suggested when the question of targetting first came up in timewarp that each projectile handle it's own targetting. Some would focus on the nearest target when fired, some would constantly be seeking the nearest target to itself all the time. The Orz Marines or Autonimus fighters, for instance, should take off towards whoever was closest at the time and undeviatly chase them down. The Earthling or BUTT missles would change tartets if someone else got into range.

As far as the 1-on-1 vs 1-on-2-or-more thing, I think in an acutal full game this would end up pretty balanced since some battles would end up being 1-on-1, and some not. I think it'd be interesting to see games where it's start out 1-on-1. Then after a set time the battle would be joined, turning the tide.

Ah, dreaming away.