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Title: New and improved random melee team generator!
Post by: Paxtez on June 20, 2003, 06:30:15 pm

     0.9:      Basicly rewrote the whole program.
           - Write the melee.cfg file directly without use of pipes.
           - Added a config file which allows the user to edit everything.
           - MUCH easier to use, with the PATH and WHENDONE, you nolonger
             ever need to open up a command prompt window. (Yippie!(?))
           - Many many little fixes.
           - Shrunk the program down to 60k. (VC6 compile)
           - Much more convoluted code!
           - Rewrote the readme.txt

Let me know what you guys think.  This version is much easier to use.  Just change the PATH to where your UQM saves your games, add your uqm.exe command line to the WHEN done option, put it in the UQM data dir, and just double click on the program.