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August 10, 2022, 10:08:35 pm
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News: Paul & Fred have reached a settlement with Stardock!

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1  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Technical Issues / Re: Can't see who I'm fighting in 0.3 on: June 01, 2004, 09:02:07 am
ya, you were right. Don't know how I accidentally turned that on, but i must have. Thanks
2  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Technical Issues / Can't see who I'm fighting in 0.3 on: June 01, 2004, 06:23:54 am
In Melee, I can play just fine, and I see the two ships fighting as normal. However, in the regular game, ANYTIME I encounter ANY ship and try to fight it, what happens is this:

1. See the ship selection screen. Choose any ship, doesn't matter
2. The ship selection screen remains, screen behind it doesn't change at all, don't see any ships on screen or any planets/asteroids/etc
3. Can see though on the right side the status of both ships, i.e. crew/energy
4. If I just sit and hold down the shift key to fire, I always win (so far) but I think that's cause I have some bad ass weapons on my ship.
5. When I win, things are back to normal and it shows the stats for me beating the enemy ships and then I continue on my merry way

That's the only weird thing I've seen. Anyone else had this or know how to prevent it? Like I said, melee mode works just fine.
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