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News: Paul & Fred have reached a settlement with Stardock!

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1  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy on: November 06, 2007, 12:35:25 am

Wouldn't hundreds of Sa-Matra clones end the war with the Ur-quan in short order?  How are the UQ going to keep a war going for thousands of years when one Sa-matra was sufficient to quash the Alliance, who had up to then been holding the U-Q to a draw? 

How did the Dnyarri reverse-engineer the Sa-matra?  What capability do they have in this timeline they don't have in OTL? 

How did the Orz get into the timeline?  If the U-Q have been fighting the Dnyarri, they haven't been subjugating this part of the quadrant, which means the Androsynth never become their vassals, which means they never fight the war, which means ... what?  That they never discover the precursor artifact at Alpha Lalande,  and never conduct the IDF experiments which bring the Orz to TrueSpace?

Hmmm ... literary critique is that you have a lot of unrelated changes. What I attempted to do was make one small change (the Spathi discovering the Umgah had given them the evil ones), and allowed the Timeline to proceed from there, watching to see what branches would happen logically.

And yes, I read far too much Adama and Pratchett.



Brian P.
2  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy on: November 02, 2007, 07:30:47 pm
This was originally going to be posted in the "Mirror SC" Thread , but I'm not a thread necromancer ...

Mirror universe

events are precisely identical up to the point that the Umgah dump the Evil Ones on the Spathi homeworld. As before, the Spathi evacuate to the moon. 

But then something happens ....

... somehow, some way, the Spathi become aware of what the Umgah have done. Perhaps an umgah ship malfunctions, crash-lands, and is captured by the Spathi. 

Desperate to get their homeworld back, the Spathi manufacture an armada of starcraft to force the Umgah to undo the plague they have created.  The Spathi combine very high fecundity (remember, the first Spathi we met in SCII has 18000+ siblings) with high intelligence and adaptability (able to advance from bronze age to spaceflight in one generation). Combining these two traits with the resources of their star system and a powerful desire to return home, they make war upon the Orionis constellation with a fury.

The war is over in 36 hours.  The Umgah are driven back to their homeworld, and surrender when the Spathi armada threatens to drop asteroids onto the planet, each one the size of earth's dinosaur-killer.  As part of the terms of surrender, the Umgah manufacture a counter to the Evil Ones. With their assistance, the Spathi return to their home planet in less then three years.

Then, now that the Umgah have outlived their usefulness, the entire species is exterminated from orbit using the kinetic weapons they were earlier threatened with. The Umgah scientists on Spathiwa have only seconds to witness the completion of their work  before they are themselves fed to the jaws of a hungry predator specially imported from Delta Lyncis for the purpose.  'Poetic justic',  the Spathi say. 

After this, the Spathi people divide. Some wish to return to the safety of their homeworld, and enjoy the peace they have earned.

Others believe that home is no protection. .. that there may be other races out there besides the Umgah that are even worse. 'The best Shell is a good Mandible', these Spathi say.

In the end, the Spathi in the first group return to the homeworld of Spathiwa and become the Safe Ones.  They are not heard from again, although one can encounter their ships in the Spathiwa solar system. They use the Eluders of our time frame. 

The other Spathi become the Conquerors, determined to do unto the other fellow before he does unto them.  They leave the Spathiwa system never to return.  Combining their astonishing fecundity with the mineral resources of many star systems,  Spathi influence and military power double, then re-double, then begin expanding at a geometric rate beyond the imagination of even the builders of the Slylandro 2418-B.  The other nations of the galaxy have no idea what hit them. 

Their vessel, the Subjugator, dispenses with the decoy pods and large crew of the original eluder.  It has a crew of only 6.  However, it  retains the nimbleness and primary weapon of the eluder, and it's secondary weapon ( a guided torpedo) now packs a far heftier punch than before, causing 4 units of damage rather than 2. 

To facilitate these changes, the Subjugator has an energy bank of approximately triple the size and recharge rate of the Eluder. 

In battle, the Subjugator zips in at high speed and spams out a truly monstrous number of guided missiles, than zips back out again. If the first one is zapped or stopped by a shield, there are still many more coming. The only ship the Subjugator has difficulty with is the shielded Utwig Jugger. Even there, the Jugger can be defeated by firing at the edge of the weapon's effective range, forcing the Utwig to waste his shield energy against near-misses. 

The Subjugator is, of course, black with red stripes.

By the timeframe of SC2, Emperor Fwiffo of the Spathi Empire rules the known galaxy.

The Kohr-ah are no more.   Even one of their Maruaders has difficulty with the nimble Spathi ships, and the Spathi are present in overwhelming numbers, seeming to 'blot out the stars'.  The Kohr-ah fought a war of extermination, and extermination was what they received.

The Ur-quan and their battle thralls were similarly conquered by the speed, maneuverability, and overwhelming resources of the  Spathi. Not even the dreaded Sa-matra was able to stop the swarm, any more than a man could stop a swarm of army ants with a  baseball bat.  Since the Spathi lacked the technology to destroy it, they instead disabled it's generators via careful piloting, then boarded and captured the vessel.  It is now the Spathi ultimate weapon for domination of the universe. 

Since the Spathi conquest started in our region of space, Earth was conquered before it achieved spaceflight. Hence, there are no Androsynth.    Terrans, in the grand tradition of Indian Sepoys or Janissaries, serve on Empire vessels as crew and are considered among the most warlike of the Empire's peoples, their soldiers, their centurions, their admirals.  Not having spaceflight technology of their own, Terran human vessels are clones of Spathi ships adapted to human physiology. 

The Story starts when Admiral Zelnick of the Imperial Navy, having fallen into disgrace for trying to stop Emperor Fwiffo from taking the Syreen Talana as his concubine.  Zelnick  is exiled to Unzervalt to a rather uncomfortable retirement after many years and many victories for Emperor Fwiffo.  On Unzervalt, he uncovers a precursor factory, while at or near the same time rendezvous' with Slave 34, an Ur-quan renegade with a one-man scoutship. Slave 34 brings rumors of a race of eight-legged beings of Light who hold the key to overthrowing the Spathi Empire ....

... Those "eight-legged creatures" are, of course, the Ilwrath. Having been forced to fight for their survival much earlier in this timeline against the Spathi, they never reached the 'pinnacle of perfection' from which they would get just a little bit better and wrap around to Pure Evil. Having always been kept below that mark, they are Beings of Light that are Not Perfect but Really Really Good All the Same.   Losing their war against the Spathi, the Ilwrath have retreated to another plane of existence using incredible metaphysical technologies beyond anything the Pkunk in our timeline ever thought of. 

The Pkunk exist in this timeline as well and are enamoured -- fascinated -- with the Ilwrath whom they occasonally contact and revere as an almost divine race.  The Pkunk have recently uncovered a precursor artifact on Alpha Lelande which they believe will enable them to breach the dimensional barrier and allow them to go to the Ilwrath..

... if it needs to be pointed out, this is the same artifact that the Androsynth discover in our timeline. Should the Pkunk be permitted to experiment with it, hilarity may ensue. 


Brian P.
3  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: 0.7.0 on: November 02, 2007, 02:44:12 pm
Here's a suggestion that should actually be easy to implement ...

... provide text-only (no voice) dialog alternative that restores original PC dialog. There were a couple useful hints (such as the location of Syra) in the original dialog that were taken out in the 3DO version.  Would make the game more what it was intended for newbies.


Brian P.
4  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Cooking With Nukes! - Super Melee Tournament on: November 02, 2007, 12:41:45 pm
I'm afraid I'm going to have to back out.  My counterpart to Commander Talana says she has other things to do that day and time

*Screen fades to black*

Like this ..
... and this ...

.... oooh! And especially this!

Sorry folks, you'll have to just get along without me this time Smiley


Brian P.
5  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Star Control Story on: November 01, 2007, 06:56:24 pm
And as to the machine gun objection - the Pkunk Furies have a tri-directional minigun with superheated metal pellets. That's the canon. See here.

Sorry it took awhile to get back to tthis. 

Reading the wiki,... I'm going to be an idiot ans ask, how canon is it? 

My point is, that 'machine gun' doesn't sound very SF, even if that is the *effect*.  The specific phrase used is

"triple mounted minigun"

"Machine gun" is one possible synonym, but not the only one. 

"Mass drivers in a rotary configuration" might be another.  "Recoilless gatling" yet another.  "Rapid-fire gauss accelerator" might be yet another. 

After all, we only know that it's a rapid-fire slug thrower.  That doesn't necessarily mean it throws lead objects powered by chemical explosive.  It could also be electromagnetic acceleration. And so on. 


Brian P.
6  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Cooking With Nukes! - Super Melee Tournament on: November 01, 2007, 06:41:05 pm
Urmmm ... hello.

I'd like to join up in the newbie league. But I cannot host, either. 

Now I'm going to show what a total newbie I am ... how do I connect ?  I couldn't find any"how to do network stuff" in the folder when I downloaded the release.


Brian P.
7  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Star Control Story on: October 21, 2007, 03:33:09 am
Regarding artificial gravity , I can think of three ways to attack it:

1) artificial gravity is an artifact of hyperspace technology. Hyperdrive 'bends' space
to allow the ship to exit Truespace and enter hyper.   

If you can bend space to allow hyperdrive, you can also bend space to provide gravity. Gravity, after all, is simply an artifact of the phenomenon that mass distorts the space around it. 

This also allows us to explain how we can achieve incredibly high accelerations
without turning the crew into good ... the same space folding that allows entrance
to hyperspace and provides artificial gravity can also be used to ameliorate the
effects of inertia.  The arilou have perfected the technique with inertialess drives,  but more primitive versions are used by the other spacefaring races, allowing the
Spathi, for example, to perform operations that are beyond the normal capabilities
of an organic body. 

2) Natural gravity.  When not under thrust, docking, or in battle, the VINDICATOR spins on it's long axis, so that  "down" is towards
the middle of the ship.   When accelerating or in battle, "down" is towards the back
of the ship, since the force vector is towards the stern.   

3) What artificial gravity?
I don't recall any dialog in the game that requires there to be artificial gravity aboard the Vindicator or it's escorts.  There is gravity aboard the starbase, but that could easily
be provided by spinning the base. 


Brian P.
8  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Star Control Story on: October 21, 2007, 03:26:19 am
Dear Grakelin, 

I have just come to find your work here. I don't know if you're still working this, but if you are
I have some comments on Chapter 1 ...

1) You do the characterization very well.   The human characters are believable, and the
dialog looks good. Far better than I could do.   

2) I admire your strict adherence to the story and your refusal to 'sex it up' with
your own inventions, a plague that haunts hollywood screenwriters no end. 

Now the two constructive criticisms:

1)  I would cut the prologue of the Ilwrath-Pkunk battle.  The reason being that we,
the players, don't know who the Pkunk are at the beginning of the game. They are
unknown.   I would prefer to gradually introduce them and reveal details bit-by-bit rather
than simply put it all out there at once.    It would give more a feel of discovery for the
reader if we gradually reveal their capabilities and motives, rather than give too much
detail at the very start. 

2)  As I said, you've done the human characters well, but it doesn't read very ... I dunno,
very SF-like.  It reads more game-y.  That may be your intention.  But the space scenes could
be done better. 

Example: Some cuts from your description of the Ilwrath-Pkunk battle. 

A burst of flame burst forth from the Avenger’s front end, setting several of the Pkunk ships ablaze. The rest of the tiny vessels zoomed in, firing their weapons at their foe. The searing hot metal pellets crashed into the battleship, chunks of metal flaking off. As the Furies spread away, recharging their machine guns, the Avenger began to flicker, seemingly dematerializing. The Ilwrath were activating a cloaking shield. One lonesome Pkunk took this opportunity to charge in.

There was a burst of machine gun fire, an explosion, and the Avenger popped back into view almost immediately. The Pkunk let out a scream of joy.

"Setting ships ablaze?" 

Fire doesn't burn in space. No oxygen. Unless the ship is venting atmosphere, and taht could
catch fire. The Ilwrath weapon (IIRC) is actually a superheated plasma stream. Sort of like
being hit by the sun.  A ship exposed to that would melt or warp but would not burn. 

"Machine gun fire"?   That kinds makes it sound like WWII , not space. 

I *was* going to post an example from contemporary SF, but most are several paragraphs and would make this post too long. Instead, I will point you to some authors and books worth reading:

Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle: "Mote in God's Eye" , "The Gripping Hand"
Roger Macbride Allen, "The Torch of Honor"
The Fleet anthology, edited by David Drake.
Honor Harrington series, by Weber. 

Maybe I'm just being picky, but I would want to give it a slightly 'harder' SF feel.  These folks would be a start. 

Or another example -- when the characters are approaching Sol ...


“Graves,” he called, leaning forward over the table. “Any closer to Sol this morning?” Sol. He hardly believed it was real. The place where his ancestors had lived. One shining jewel of a planet, in a nearly barren solar system. And for millennia, humanity had gone without ever making contact with the people outside the confines of that solar system. Now, he was the outsider.

“Almost there, sir,” Erika replied, keeping her eyes transfixed on the screen ahead of her. The yellow orb, the Sun, shone brightly, its intensity toned down to a viewable range by the ship’s scanners. In front of it, several tiny planets, one of which was bright red. The starmap on Zelnick’s console said it was Earth. But Earth was supposed to be blue, wasn’t it? “If you look closely, you can see something orbiting around that planet. I think it’s a space station. Somebody said there was energy sources coming off of it.”

Uhmmm ... you'd have to be really, REALLY close to a planet to see it's color. Space is immense.  Most of the time one would be looking at computer displays. Visual contact where one could see with the naked eye what the planet looked like would have to wait until the vessel was at least closer than the orbit of Mars. 

Here's a short paragraph from Mote in God's eye, by contrast. A survey team is examining an unknown system...

"Until we located the gas giant and the Trojan asteroids we weren't precise about the plane of the system.  From the probe's instruments we have deduced the temperature the [aliens] find comfortable, and from that we deduce how far from the sun their planet should be ... and we still must search out a toroid a hundred and twenty million kilometers in radius.  Do you follow me? "


"We're going to have to search that entire region. We know the planet isn't hidden behind the sun because we're above
the plane of the system. But when we finish photographing the system we have to examine this enormous star field for the one dot of light we want". 


The broad point I'm trying to make is that you've made a great start, but a little work on the SF "feel" would improve the atmosphere, make it seem a bit less like a game, make it just a touch better.

In any case, an excellent start, and I wish you well in completing this project. 


Brian P.
9  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: the Earthling Cruiser on: August 23, 2006, 08:16:07 pm
Seems quite believable to me. Job well done.


Brian P.
10  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: SC myths... on: August 17, 2006, 07:11:56 pm
3 thoughts:

1) Why would the Precursors build weapons?

Why not for the same reason humans build weapons -- to fight brutal civil wars over resources, over religion, over revenge, or even just for fun.   

There's no reason why a galaxy-spanning race shouldn't fragment into factions and then spend their time gleefully blowing each other up for the Greater Glory of [your cause here].  Even if they were all-in-all a peaceful species, that doesn't mean there wouldn't be pirates or outlaw factions which would require warships to put down, and weapons on civilian craft to defend against.

Another possibility is that the Precursors had trans-dimensional capability -- witness the fate of the Androsynth experimenting with Precursor relics on Alpha Lalande.  They may have had to cope with extra-dimensional threats such as the Orz, if they went exploring other dimensions with any frequency. 

2. Where is it stated that the Mark II is a battlecruiser?

3. This is a petty peeve of mine -- WHY is it called a battlecruiser and not a battleship? 

Small history lesson here -- during the late 19th century Battlecruisers were the brain child of Admiral Fisher (  The problem he faced was that cruisers (the primary weapon of the French, who were preparing for a commerce raiding war vs. England) could outrun the powerful British battleships that could stop them, but could put up an even fight against fellow cruisers.

The solution was the battlecruiser -- a battleship stripped of most of it's armor to give it speed comparable to a cruiser, while still retaining the armament that would allow it to outmatch those ships.  (

The only problem was that people kept trying to use them in line-of-battle against real battleships -- where they subsequently were destroyed because "speed" isn't actually that useful against supersonic shells, and their lack of armor resulted in some true catastrophes, such as that experienced by HMS Hood when fighting the Bismarck.   It was literally blown to bits. The same thing happened to battlecruisers at the Battle of Jutland -- HMS Invincible, Queen Mary and Indefatigable were also all blown to bits.  Not a single battleship on either side was sunk at all. 

So ... the battlecruiser was a bad idea, an unworkable hybrid of two opposing concepts. I have a hard time believing the Precursors would still be using such an idea.

Therefore "battlecruiser" is probably a mis-used term for the Mark II.

If it is a capital ship whose purpose in life is destroying other large capital ships, it is a "battleship".   

If it is a fast raiding vessel designed to scout and explore in peacetime, and in wartime to use speed to hit merchant traffic than run away before  the BigShips show up, it is a "cruiser". 

Yeah, yeah. I know Star Trek started it by using the word "Battlecruiser" for Klingon warships, and everyone follows their lead.  Still a pet peeve of mine. Sorry. Rant over.


Brian P.
11  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / "Improvements" to UQM? on: August 14, 2006, 07:45:53 pm
I was wondering if it would be possible to put back in something that was cut from the original SC2 for whatever reason.

Example #1) Now, you can visit all 10 rainbow worlds and get nothing for it except the 5000 Melnorme credits in return.  There was originally supposed to be some kind of payoff at the apex of the rainbow world pattern.

It'd be nice to put that back in. I don't care what it is, so long as there's some kind of payoff for deciphering the puzzle.

Example #2). Originally, there was supposed to be something REALLY, REALLY CREEPY happen if one ever took the Orz into Q-space.  This was cut. It might be fun to put that -- with appropriate audio/visual effects and a few additional conversation clues -- in as well. 

After all, the program's in the public domain now. Why not?


Brian P.
12  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: The People's Races! on: August 08, 2006, 09:15:38 pm
All right ...

so let's nix the special attacks.   We reduce it to a single unarmed target (albeit very large) being protected by infinite waves of escorts. The way to win is to evade the escorts and blow up the ship.  The escorts disappear when the main ship dies. 

The problem now is to prevent a VUX or CHMMR from just blowing it to pieces with laser fire in under two seconds.  It's big and expensive enough it has to be a little harder than that. 

So perhaps we should add a reverse-tractor beam .. like the Avatar's tractor except it  pushes ships away. This will prevent it being too-easy meat for the Avatar.   We should ensure the power regeneration is low so that a ZFP or similar can break through with a little persistence. Or another option might be the repulsor balls used by the Sa-matra.  This ensures that a VUX or some such has to show a bit of cleverness, rather than simply motoring up to the BigShip and plastering it. 


Brian P.
13  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: The People's Races! on: August 03, 2006, 06:03:18 pm
Race:   Numrom

Biology:  2.5 meters long, exoskeleton, multiple legs similar to earth millipedes.  Notwithstanding, they have bright, white teeth (which are almost always smiling) and for some reason when communicating with others wear fore garments of white fabric. On the forepart is wrapped a second piece of fabric which is tied in a knot at the front, the remainder being allowed to hang down in front.  The garment appears equivalent to the old-style "shirt and tie".  Communication with outsiders is almost always in pairs, so an earthling will see two of them side by side. 

Reproduction is in the manner of terrestrial insects, where a female lays millions of eggs which are then fertilized by a male.

History:  The Numrom, like the Arilou and the Orz,  are extra-dimensional creatures and thus were missed by the Kohr-ah.  Their dimension is an alternate reality very similar to True-space, but with different star constellations and a different history.  One might say they are like any other inhabitants of the galaxy, except that their homeworld is a step across the dimensional barrier rather than reachable through hyperspace. 

The Numrom were a fairly run-of-the-mill predatory species until they Got Religion.  Impshah, their First Prophet,  was hit on the head and when he came around wrote the Revelation of Rom.   The basic tenets of this religion are:

1) Pacifism. 
2) Making converts to Rom by peaceful means. 

Though there was a fair amount of bloodshed, the peaceful Gandhi-like tactics and their absolute refusal to take no for an answer resulted in the entire species converting to this religion, in many cases by people who simply wanted them to SHUT UP and conversion was the only way to get them to change the topic away from "you need to meet Rom!"  So profound was the change in their outlook that the species' name was changed from "ZrkLurg" to "Mun Rom" -- in their language, the "People of Rom".   Even so, there are dissidents who will be discussed in the next section. 

Since this conversion, this formerly-warlike species has devoted all its conquering energies to sending vessels throughout known space in the hope of spreading the word of Rom.    Details given in the section on encounters below. 

SHIP:  Apostle
Maneuverability: Low.
Speed:  5
Firepower: Tongues-speak (special)
Secondary:  Convert
Regeneration: Medium.
Crew: Large (approx. 42). 

The Apostle, being a ship crewed by pacifists, possesses no true offensive armament, in the sense of killing crew. 

- Speaking in Tongues, if it strikes a ship, will confuse it for XX seconds similar to the Melnorme secondary weapon. 
- Convert.  If an enemy ship approaches to maximum screen size, "Convert" will persuade crew members to jump ship a la Syreen song. Unlike Syreen song, they will be attracted directly to the Apostle, so there is little chance of rescuing crew. 

This lack of offensive weaponry does not mean the Apostle is defenseless, however.  Accompanying every apostle ship are three "Guardian angels", the nature of which is unknown and which even the NumRom do not completely understand.  In any case, shortly after combat is initiated these 3 vessels will hyperspace in, one at a time.  The vessels are functionally identical to Arilou skiffs, but of course they don't look like them.    Once they arrive they will attack the enemy vessel "like slavering Zebrankys".   Like the Pkunk, these vessels re-incarnate when destroyed. Unlike the Pkunk, the probability of re-incarnation is 1.0. Therefore, one effectively faces infinite skiffs until the Apostle is itself destroyed. 

The most effective vessel against the Apostle is the Druuge Mauler.  One simply uses the gun to blow up the Apostle, all the while using the gun recoil to keep away from the skiffs.  The earthling cruiser is a close second, although it's slow acceleration and speed will render it fodder for the skiffs, so several will be required. Any ship that needs to close to combat range is in a great deal of trouble,  as Tongues followed by Convert will cause the enemy to spin helplessly while his crew is sucked away and the skiffs close in for the kill. 

Despite their pacifist nature, it is possible to provoke the Numrom into combat (they aren't perfect, after all).   

During an encounter, they have one motive and one motive only: To tell you about their belief system. It is long, boring , and complicated. 

The best solution is to simply listen or say "go on". If one has the patience to simply listen quietly, they will eventually run through their spiel and ask if you wish to convert. The best answer is "Let me think about it".  At which point they will be willing to talk about other subjects. 

Trying to get them to talk about other subjects before they have finished their spiel will make them progressively angrier a la the Orz until they lose it and combat begins.  Let 'em talk. 

Trying to reason with them, pointing out the logical fallacies in their belief system, will result in immediate combat.   

Answering "no"  when asked to convert or telling them how stupid their religion is results in immediate combat. 

The NumRom do not become angrier if you blow up their ships. They will simply keep coming at you with their spiel.   They will also apologize if you did suck them into combat, explaining that their original, warlike nature got the best of them.  That won't stop them from flipping again if you push their buttons, as above. 

If you let them talk all the way through, they will then provide some useful hints. 

Answering "yes" to the convert option causes the race to ally with you.  They will give you several starships with the option to reveal more.  They will also provide additional hints and data not previously available, but this is optional and not required to finish the game. Finally, when dialoguing with you, they will skip the spiel and allow you to get straight down to business. 

The disadvantage of this is that now the Captain is expected to adhere to the NumRom code of conduct, which includes 1) engaging in combat only in self-defense 2) opening every communication with any non-NumRom with a discussion of the Revelation of Rom. 

Since most other races are sick to death of hearing about Rom, this will make every other species in the galaxy hostile in short order. 

Repeated failures to adhere to the code of conduct results in the NumRom believing that your "conversion" was simply a trick. At which time, any NumRom ships in your fleet will initiate combat (they are really angry).  If you survive, the remaining NumRom will simply go back to the original encounter tactic of bombarding you with the revelation of Rom, until you finally reach the point that you, like the rest of the quadrant, open fire on them on sight.


Brain P.

14  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Technical Issues / Re: stuck at very beginning - is it setup? on: July 25, 2006, 07:53:30 pm
Hmmm ... sounds like you have a graphics issue. You should be able to see the ship (it looks
exactly as it does in hyperspace) and the planets.   If you don't, go back to the setup screen and fiddle with the graphics/sound options.

Once you can see the ship and planets, head directly towards the 3rd planet (it will be blue).  You will see a space station and a red planet.   A small red dot will zip up to you and play a pre-recorded message.  Proceed to the space station and dialogue with it. I'll let you take it from there.

A warning:  I believe you should remain in Sol system until relationship with the starbase has ... proceeded.  My understanding is going into hyper before this results in a multitude of hostile ship encounters.


Brian P.
15  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Kohr - Ah Crew on: July 19, 2006, 09:01:04 pm
'nother point: 

I just finished a game, during which I landed on Arcturus 1, the Burvixese homeworld.  As we all know, it had been devastated by the Kohr-ah. 

Nonetheless, the planet was teeming with biological life. 

It seems to me that the Kohr-ah are *not* at war with *all* life. If that were so, they should have sterilized the planet's surface.  With access to nuclear weaponry and strontium minerals, they could have so heavily contaminated the planet that nothing above the level of unicellular bacteria could survive there.  To say nothing of other choices like, say, reverse-terraforming that would transform a habitable water world into a barren moon. 

No, I believe the Kohr-ah crusade is against *sentient* life only.  I believe there are two reasons for this:

1) Usefulness.  If the Kohr-ah are hunting creatures, they may very well see animals and plants as assets rather than filth.  If nothing else, they may see biologics as nutrition  and pharmaceutical sources.   Destroying them would be to shoot themselves in the ... tentacle? 

2) Practicality. Even on Sol III life appears in volcanic vents and the bottom of the sea. Who knows how many different kinds of combinations appear out in the galaxy the Kohr-ah have seen?  Short of dumping the entire universe into quasispace, there is no way to ensure life will not appear somewhere.   

Here's an interesting idea for a sequel  ... 50 years after the events of Star Control 2, a band of Kohr-ah break away  to follow the Path of Alternate Reality.   Being seduced by the Orz,  they decide that the best way to ensure the safety of the Ur-quan species is to pick up IDF experiments where the Androsynth left off.  Having failed to cleanse the galaxy of all sentient life,  they intend to use IDF technology to seek out another dimension where no sentient life exists.  They will then migrate there with as many as will follow them, close the door behind them,  and live contentedly alone.  Since they cannot "cleanse" this galaxy, they will leave and go somewhere else that is already cleansed. 

The Orz, of course, have other plans ....   

... The adventure here could start with the Captain receiving word that entire worlds of Kohr-ah have simply ... vanished.  He must work with the Arilou to develop technology that will allow him to cross not only into quasispace but into other, stranger dimensions.  Each one with it's own unusual inhabitants, natural laws,  and dangerous enemies. 

To make matters worse the ship becomes lost in alien dimensions, due to sabotage.

1) Learn to navigate these dimensions and the space within them.
2) Search for clues to where the Kohr-ah have gone, and why.
3) Unravel the Orz' nefarous intent -- or are they, themselves, being manipulated by some other
4) Find some way to return to TrueSpace, and foil the Evil Nefarious plan which is, of course, nothing less than a full-scale interdimensional invasion. Think the Androsynth stars on a galactic scale. 


Brian P.
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