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June 08, 2023, 10:36:18 am
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News: Celebrating 30 years of Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters

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1  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Starbase Café / Re: Outsider, SC inspired web comic... on: November 09, 2022, 12:52:48 pm
Amazing that this thing just keeps going.
2  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Starbase Café / Re: Star Control: Origins OST is up on Spotify on: November 20, 2018, 03:50:55 pm
The Origins' soundtrack is fantastic. I strongly recommend everyone here find the time to give these tracks a listen. You don't need to give any money to Stardock to hear these on Spotify, though if that isn't a concern for you, you should probably just buy the soundtrack on Steam or GOG. Roughly half of these songs are composed by Riku Nuottajarvi, who did much of the music for The Ur-Quan Masters decades ago and is apparently in great form today.

Thanks! This is some really excellent music.
3  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: StarmapJS: an interactive Star Control 2 starmap. on: April 10, 2012, 07:28:17 pm
As a firefox user I can't pan or zoom or anything, but I do think it is a very pretty map and nice work.
4  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Starbase Café / Re: Outsider, SC inspired web comic... on: April 07, 2012, 09:50:14 pm
Very much so yes.
5  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: A Melee Q&A on: April 07, 2012, 09:31:31 pm
Doesn't mean someone won't be happy to let you take it out for a spin. Rules are for official games, but there's no harm in mucking around.
6  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Kickstarter? on: March 29, 2012, 07:47:53 pm
I was working an another version, but I specifically did not want to copy everything from sc2, I wanted to make my own, but if it is true that every single thing is somehow absolutely 100% free in every way shape and form, then I'm going to call them and see about maybe using the coding.

Man this just gets better. Please call them, I can imagine the conversation where you confusedly explain that you know all about this "copyright" and "licensing" stuff and then go on to ask them if you can use the work they've licensed under a non-commercial clause for your commercial game. Cause, you know, copyright is binary. Either it's all free for every use for everyone or it's not free for any use ever. Please don't tell your programmer friends about this thoery though, they might mock you ever so slightly.

Whatever that link it, is doesn't seem to do anything

You not understanding and it not doing anything is the same of course. You are such a delectable little imp my dear!

and it said 1992, which is before 2002, yet the star control 2 source files are in something titled the Uq-Quan masters. But wait, I thought the altered version of the Ur-Quan masters didn't come out until 2002...something went wrong. They must have illegally put their logo on it before it was actually legal because they had anticipated it something would change and that no one involved would find it in time for anything.

I love this. Seriously. You're building an amazing theory here and I would love to see it illustrated somehow. After all, it is a much simpler explanation that the creators of Star Control screwed up their copyright illegaly to make it legal to move back in time and put their new logo on their old logo to nefarious intents than it could be that you don't actually know the name of the original game you already admitted you know nothing about. You're on to something here I think. You should totally call up someone who might have been around at either of those dates and ask them about jiggawatts.

But, the fact that I repeatedly said "I would call" or told you guys to "check to make sure" and yet no one has checked nor have you just quietly waited tells me that this isn't very serious to any of you since the responses to those actions would have solved this topic, so there's also a good chance many of you are lying about various things and don't actually care, in which case I might as well just do this for fun if I'm really board.

Again, I love the cheekiness here. It takes a strong stomach to argue that a game released 10 years ago on the behest of the content owners and original creators according to their new licensing is probably just an illegal shady pirate version. Almost as good as the fact that you think you're arguing with the creators of said rerelease rather than just random people on their forum. It's an nice touch. I mean sure, for an important person like you the creators of UQM who are clearly credited both on site and in game would don totally different names. That's just sense squared, you little rouge.
7  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Kickstarter? on: March 29, 2012, 08:53:47 am
Well I gotta say, this is pretty great if you are trolling, though kinda sad if you're not. Either way, it's certainly one of the more amusing threadbreaks I've seen in a while, so thank's for that. I hope poor onpon4 isn't going to get too high blood pressure over your (hopefully) feigned ignorance but it is certainly a show, I'll give it that. Anyway, as I still have some smidgeons of time I'll give this a run over one more time though I doubt you're actually reading much of anything. But at least we can both have fun, eh?

Topic discussions can easily change,

Sure, but the way they generally happen is that the discussion segues into something else, not that a single person tries to bend reality to their pretty mismatched concept of it. I mean if the topic had drifted to "Could we apply for this ourselves" or some such then why not? But instead it was forcibly set is "Here is what I think you guys are doing though it is completely wrong."

and even if I did misunderstand people, it doesn't give them an excuse to be assholes. If there going to put all that effort just to be an asshole to me I'm going to do it right back.

Oh absolutely. A simple misunderstanding is no call for rude language or bad behaviour. Perish the thought. But wilfully repeating the misunderstanding though you've been corrected on it numerous times does tend to put people's teeth on edge and sour their moods. what you're doing is the equivalentof going into a nightclub and and asking to buy a train ticket. The first time the bartender is just going to sort of smile and explain that you're in a nightclub and that they don't sell train tickets. But once you've stood at his bar for an hour asking for train tickets, timetables, bonus points for travelling miles and engine data he isn't going to be as friendly anymore, right?

I never said it was impossible for someone with a "job that helps the world" to spend all that time on here, but it's just not very likely because someone with that high of a pay or determination to help people is probably 99% likely to not waste time on this forum and have more of an actual life. If they have a high paying job with that kind of attitude, then they also could very well be dating someone and have a family.

So there's two pretty big threads on the other Star Control forum which I'm not going to link you to. I normally would, but you're not going to read them anyway and I'd rather not see your artform and/or delusions spill over to there. They're easily found by though, so if you want verification it's right there. I've posted in those threads since roughly 2004 or some such, so there's either quite a bit of backstory I made up in preparation for this one discussion with a faceless stranger on the internet or a pretty solid detailing on what I do. The short of it is that I'm a process design engineer in the chemical field and a HSE officer in the execution phase of projects. One part of my job involves designing and redesigning pretty big processes in factories that make goods that our society actually needs to continue (such as fuel, paper, medicine) while the other part involves being present and responsible for safety in the field when we execute said projects (i.e rebuild or construct new things). So in my work, I partially sit in an office and make things better with less pollution and energy consumption. In the other part I'm out in the field doing safety rounds, following up accidents and the likes to protect our entrepreneurs from bodily harm. Next week I have a few risk assessments to conduct and two training events for contractors so that they all know our rules, evacuation procedures, exotic safety hazards and whatnot. I help people, and when things go wrong it's thanks to people like me that they know what to do, where to call, where to go and so on. I don't claim that it is something that changes the world in a grand fashion, but it does make my small corner of it better and safer. It's pretty cool.

I just looked at the text file titled "MANUAL" in the program files of star control 2, it says all rights are reserved and "Neither the Software nor the user manual may be duplicated or copied for any reason." near the bottom.

Though not as cool as this. I gotta say, this is hilarious if it's intentional and still kinda funny if it isn't. I mean, the whole concept of a guy having worked on and off on a "sequel" to Star Control 2 for six yeras (while UQM has been around for more than that) without even understanding the distinction between the original game "Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters" and the released under license content and source code "The Ur-Quan Masters" is pretty brilliant. Especially since you ignore the actual source files that contain all the info your requesting every time oldlaptop posts them. It's like your timeline stopped moving in 199whatever and anything that happened after that has not only not registerted on your radar, but can't. Like no matter how many times it is mentioned you can't grasp the content of anything newer. In your world, who is the president of the United States? Bush senior? I mean clearly he was sworn in around that time and nothing can have changed after that, right? Maybe someone else claims to be the president, but we better advise him to ask around a bit.

I'm really enjoying this thread more than I should. Shiver would tell us we're all idiots for replying to you at all, but I dunno. Is it still stupid if you can derive personal pleasure from it, not matter the bad example it sets? Something for the philosophers to ponder I guess.
8  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Kickstarter? on: March 28, 2012, 06:00:25 pm
Actually all this prattle is making me forget that something important and very valuable was said in this thread.

No, I don't trust Cedric6014 to design our mod, he's one of the authority guys and I do as they say or I'm out.

This is a very commendable attitude. One of the big things that killed Timewarp back in the day was splintering into different factions, in many cases due to disagreements on the story since everyone has their own vision of what it should be. It's the adult, mature and sensible thing to do if you want at least one SC project to succeed. And while I'm sure it doesn't mean much to you that some stranger on the internet approves of your decision, I have to say this is something that makes me happy.
9  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Kickstarter? on: March 28, 2012, 05:56:47 pm
Looks like skipping everything after page three didn't matter much. Shall we count the flaws again?

If you guys weren't such assholes I would have helped you, even if I didn't directly have the experience even though I technically do, I know over 12 highly paid programmers and artists and a couple sound engineers and they tell me how they do things and why they keep their jobs.

So, this is a topic where Star Control fans are discussing whether the original creators of the series could apply for a kickstarter and if this kind of model could work for them. But somehow you still think that this is a thread about putting together a new team for applying for a kickstarter and making a sequel to content we don't own and can't use commercially. In practice this means that you're offering hypothetical help with something that no one has asked for which isn't legally possible even if there was some "we" that wanted to do it. Can you see how this sin't very useful in any form or fashion?

The star control series is practically done for unless the real creators want to revive it, and that's the fact.

Which is what everyone but you was discussing in this thread, could the original creators apply for this and would it make sense for them to use this model. However it isn't at all what you've been talking about.

Unless you guys put real effort and into the right things, it will just die down as it practically has already.

Again there's this weird assumption that you're talking to people who are all poised to apply for a kickstarter and eager to use those funds to make an illegal game that can't be sold. You're the only one who thinks that's what's going on though despite people telling you repeatedly that it isn't the case.

But since you guys (except for maybe a few people, but even some of the art I could make in a couple minutes) are too lazy to even check with people involved to see what's happening, it's just going to die.

So not only do you keep on the same course of arguing a completely different thing than others in the thread, you manage to claim that you're as good an artist as some nebulous entity who you think is working on this commercial sequel that this thread is about in your mind. Since such a thing doesn't exist we'll have to assume that you're actually trying to clumsily and incorrectly reference P6014 (which is not a commercial venture and is not applying for any money) and that you for some laughable reason think that you're as good an artist as zenzmurfy or dcanzik. Again of course without anything to back your words up.

Oh yeah because someone who actually had a job that important would definitely waste time on a game forum.

One of the cool thing about having a job is that it's only about 40-50 hours of a week containing 168 hours. That leaves plenty of times for eating, sleeping and leisure. But being employed by a company I'm sure you know that.

Or is this an another attempt at showing your base logic? "No one who posts here can have an important job, therefore you should believe me when I claim I have an important job as a game designer." Impeccable.

And here's the thing too, I wasn't the only one planning on working on a game based off of this, other people are already working on it. Now how could I possibly know that?

Here's the thing, in order to prove my unverified claim I'll make another unverified claim. Because, you know, two wrongs make a right!
10  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Kickstarter? on: March 28, 2012, 07:03:43 am
You guys keep blindly perusing a failed game series, and I'll go back to a real job and making successful games...

Cool. While you do that I'll keep working at my highly paid and well esteemed job that actually makes a difference in the real world while you keep pretending that creating toys is an enviable job in any way shape or form. Now how's that for hyperbole?
11  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Starbase Café / Re: Earliest Memory on: March 27, 2012, 08:41:00 pm
I rememebr sitting in a puddle with my best friend. He pooped in it and I screamed. I was threeish.

That's the strongest memory. I have some others, but I'm unsure how much are actual memories and how much is from being told about them or seeing some of them on video. The brain is pretty good at constructing after the fact.
12  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Kickstarter? on: March 27, 2012, 08:16:56 pm
Oh look I had to make another post to make room for all the flawed advice you're giving.

Ok, so if everything you guys is saying is true, then the only things that need to happen is someone needs to ask around to see what happening which is what I've been saying this WHOLE TIME, and possibly pay for licensing for the name and a few art pieces, which is what you'd use kickstarter for. Can anyone find any flaw in that? Because I really don't see what you guys are so confused about. Every time i try to suggest something, you say there's something wrong with it which seems unclear, so then I try to change it, and still there's something wrong with it which isn't even directly pointed out.
Does anyone think it's a bad idea to ask everyone what's going on with the project and use kick starter to pay for licensing? ANd since you might need to use kickstarter, I have some advice for that, which is to try and be careful, because evidently that fred and reiche duo doesn't have enough time or resources right now to make it, or they are in a contract with a company they work for where they can't make outside games and don't want to lose their jobs.
Also, I don't see the connection between god. The only way I could know what I said I knew is if I had experience because you can't find it on google and probably not in many books, that's it. It all lines up with reality, you can ask human-head yourself if they experienced turmoil and temporarily suspended many employees and you will find the answer is yes. That is, if you really think I'm making everything up. Besides, some of what I'm saying such as with kickstarter doesn't require experience to know, it's just logical that the idea could be stolen or then if your not deceptive enough that it won't get many donations.

My advice to ask around even if you don't want to just so you can make sure, and you may have to pay a large sum of money for some licensing to keep some of the original things, that's my advice, take it or leave it, I'm done with this topic.

Hey, we're back on giving advice on stuff no one asked about based on faulty premises! why do you keep returning to the idea that we want the kickstarter for Cedric's mod and that he is going to sell it for money? Thanks for the advice on how to do something no one has suggested based on your extremely poor understanding on what's going on once more. It's not like we heard you and told you you were wrong the six or so first times.

That brings us up to my first post in this thread, and from what I can see it just gets worse after that with you showing us how you don't understand how licensing works in general, and specifically not in this case. How can you be wrong so many times? How is that even possible? How can you think that someone copyrighted physics? As in, "your honour, let it be shown that in my competitors game F clearly equals m*a. Such uniqueness can only be copied from me!"

Seriously. Take a break. Read through what you have written, but especially what people have replied. You don't know anything about the topic at hand. you don't know anything about UQM. You don't know anything about the licensing issues, content owners or legalities of the situation. You don't understand how the mods work and that they are already released. Pretty much, you have attained an Owa level nothingness of mind on this subject. Go land on a rainbow world.
13  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Kickstarter? on: March 27, 2012, 08:13:18 pm
I fail to see how my advice is flawed. Perhaps some of the facts on the history of star control were wrong, but what I had been saying wasn't illogical, and I did not base my advice directly off of the history of the game, I based advice off of what I experience I have doing the same thing. That experience also wasn't coming just from me, but from other people whom I have also worked with. In their own troubles, they also had to figure out solutions to the same problems, and I tried passing on what had been learned.
There likely are legal issues that need to be solved project 6014 be fully published, but then again, it's possible it doesn't need to be...

So I don't often do this kind of stuff anymore, but I've got some spare time after wrapping up a major project. so on the off chance that you aren't trolling here's a helpful guide to your posts in this thread, why their logic is flawed and why no one is taking you seriously. There's some reading ahead, so buckle up!

We first join you on page 2 of this thread where you don't think anyone is going to buy such an out-dated game. Which is fine if you ignore the fact that no one is talking about a resolution exact copy of UQM, but of  asimpler modern game rather than a 3D superfest. But that's okay, it's easy to get lost when people talk about 2D graphics and not realise that they don't actually mean 320*280. But then we get this.

Actually, there is something to lose, which is that if he publicly announces the idea, another company or person could steal it, and they have way more resources.

Which makes no sense at all. At this point these is no "he", since we're talking about the company TFB which at bare minimum means two people. So either you're already marching to a different drum than us or you don't know enough to distinguish between a company name such as Toys For Bob and a person. That doesn't really inspire confidence. To add, you seem to be implying that someone might steal the idea "We want to make a sequel to a series where we own the rights to al lthe content". Which kinda makes no sense at all. When Bungee went out and said "We'll do Halo2" it's not like anyone else could ever beat them to the punch. Cause, you know. They own the content. So that's a bit embarrassing. but then you continue with.

Maybe if the description could be vague enough but awesome you could get people to do it, bu if you make it too vague no one is going to really know what it is, so no one will support it, and if you make it too obvious you risk getting the idea stolen.

After this we get sort of a recurring theme in the thread where people point out that the guys we want to do this already own the content and can't have it stolen. Which you ignore and/or misunderstand every time it is brought up. I mean, look at your very next post.

So change the names and images a little bit.
Besides, mods have been made for a little while now, if they really cared something would have happened. Celtic just can't make money by selling the game or claim everything is originally his, but there's nothing against random people donating money so someone can work on something. The company that made sc2 isn't even a real company anymore.

Let's count the flaws here.
One - We don't need to change names and mages because the entire topic is about that the content owners should apply for the money and do this. So nothing in the argument makes any sense whatsoever.
Two - The content owners have specifically licensed the game code and content in a fashion that allows for the making of mods. they've publicly endorsed the mods made.
Three - The mods don't matter since we weren't talking about them
Four - You got the name of the maker of the mod wrong, which shows that you're pretty clueless about it.
Five - Cedric hasn't tried selling anything or claiming that it is his, that's not the point of the mod. It's not a commercial venture who would he even sell it too when it's publicly available on sourceforge.
Six - "The company that made sc2" is such a ridiculous concept that it means nothing. The studio that made it still exists and owns all the content. that's TFB, the guys we want to apply for the kickstarter. Remember, the thread title? And even though the company that owns them doesn't exist, it doesn't matter since ti is well known who owns the rights to the name Star Control and they've shown that they are interested in keeping them.

So in four sentences you manage six major cock-ups not only on what the thread is about, but on who owns what, how the mods actually work to what purpose they are made.

You also get into a ridiculous argument with onpon4 about ideas being stolen. An argument that seems wholly based on your lack of knowledge as to who is doing what and what is being suggested by whom. It sounds as if you are arguing for Cedric being careful with his idea for a new game that he will apply for money for, which is so far from the thread title that it is depressing.

And I mean, sure. If you've come up with a whole revolutionary new genre the likes of which has never been seen before, that might apply even somewhat. But in the context of the current discussion of "We want the content owners to make a sequel to their game" the whole thing is just dead weight.  I mean look at this:

When I say "someone should" or "you", I mean the people who are already working on the game, because anyone with a brain would know it doesn't make sense that I'm asking someone to do it when it's clearly already being worked on.
Toys for bob might have given up on it, probably they got discouraged of the low number of downloads on those sites. With this, just ask around for some licensing, if atari really still makes games somehow and is somehow surviving, then ask them too and they might not ask so much money. If they do, then ask kickstarter for help but don't be too vague or too obvious.

Also your wrong, the idea isn't worthless because my own company is planning on working on a version of it. It won't have as much character as sc2, but you'd be able to tell right away its that kind of game. Although, it was planned before I even knew project 6014 existed.
There will probably be room for differences though, I'll probably link to some download of sc2 because the games are so similar and I really like sc2 unless my sponsorship prohibits that for some reason, won't have as good of a plot I don't think.

I'm not counting the flaws for you again but they're all there. You live in a fairytale world where we have to ask around to find out who owns the licensing in case there still is licensing, because obviously UQM just sprang out of the ground without being granted code and content by those very content owners. then there's some blaha on how you're making a "sc2 styled game" which no one is paying attention to because if you're applyingthe same logic to game design as you are to research or even reading then your game is pretty much toast. "It'd be that kind of game" where you fly spaceships and meet aliens huh? Best gaurd that idea before somone steals it!

If they haven't made a squeal after all this time then someone in charge doesn't agree BECAUSE it has such a low number of "recorded" downloads. Some CEO  of activision or whatever company owns it and in a select group, they took one look at the download number and said "no way, it's not popular" or "No way, it's too old, console games and iphone games are the thing now.". It would have to be up to someone else to convince the company it's worth their time and resources to make and most companies don't take ideas from random outside people.
Besides, if you tell toy-for-bob they might end up being able to help you. Though it is unlikely,  you can give it a try but most game companies have a contract that whatever their employees work on outside of work is legally property of the company they work for, part of their contract. This is mainly so you can't compete with the company you work for. Either way
The most likely results would be "Sorry man, we can't help you, its in our contract" or "Sorry man, you can't legally work on it, only our company can and they won't do it" in which case you ask the company who owns it how much it would cost to buy the licensing, which is where you use kickstarter. The creator can decide to do a sort of renegade mod that no one will really care about anyway unless it gets tons of downloads, or rename everything, or try to use kickstarter. Maybe even try looking for adds or sponsorships if you can legally do it. Either way, someone should ask around.
Also, we may have recently formed, but you might want to think twice before questioning my validity on the subject, because I spent a lot of time working on other people's projects and getting to know various programmers and artists before it's formation, and the amount of experience I have is probably way more than you, so just drop it.

Look at yourself suggesting that we ask TFB for help when in fact the thread title is about how TFB should apply for this kickstarter. But somewhere on the way you lost that and now you think we're making a fan based game for profit. Better go to Atari with all that kickstarter money and buy the license we've repeatedly told you that TFB owns so that we can make the game then!

At this point you drag up the fact that you are an experienced game designers without any credentials whatsoever and that your opinion on the internet therefore trumps other opinions. since you've so far not managed to make a single post that is not completely confused as to

- The topic of conversation
- Who owns what
- What P6014 is for and about both legally and practically

No one is takingyou seriously. But hey, keep tellign us about how you know things that can't be googled and how that proves that you know absolutely nothing about the topic at hand. That'll boost our confidence in you. Especially since you keep right on.

I don't care what specific company made sc2 unless they no longer exist because in that case there isn't much that is still owned, I'm trying to make a point about investigating it and using kick-starter not to work on it, but to pay for licensing if needed. For all I care could have made it. If whoever's in charge wants to really go through with this, they need to ask around and try and figure out what needs to get done. It's likely that if Toys-for-bob wants to work on it but can't, then you can ask them but they are not who need's to be convinced. It seems like the people in charge don't want to make sc3 and obviously think its a waste of time and resources, so someone would likely need to just buy licensing for it. They might try to rip you off, they might say "eh what the hell, just take it", but most likely they would charge a lot of money for the licensing.

Again full of the same oldtired flaws. Whoever's in charge of something needs to ask the possible owners of the content for permission. Just possibly you're still talking about P6014 and the answer is the same as always THE CONTENT OWNERS ARE WELL AWARE AND THIS MOD IS FULLY LICENSED AND THE DISCUSSION TOPIC WAS ON IF THE CONTENT OWNERS COULD APPLY FOR THE KICKSTARTER. Seriosuly, how can you not have made the connection by now. it's like you're just pushing through, reading nothing and just spewing out the same opinion over and over again. It's fine to be uniformed once, but you keep repeating it over and over like some possessed version of Groundhogs day.

Also, what in the blazes is this?

n fact, one of my friends had an idea for a zombie adventure game but made the mistake of ONE TIME talking about the idea in public at a bar, and some lady overheard it and said something like "that sounds like a good idea, I'll see if one of my friends are interested in it", and like a month later, there's a stupid zombie adventure game that's not even as good as what he'd planned that had made a lot of money on kickstarter.
I don't care who's in-charge of licensing for using all the products, just ask them. Even if toys doesn't own the name, ask them anyway. Just ask around, but you will likely end up having to pay money for licensing, so kick-starter is a good idea, but be careful with it. I'm not saying to be careful with atari or toys for bob, I'm saying to be careful on kickstarter, because obviously toys-for-bob already knows about the sc2 and could probably pay for the licensing themselves if they really cared about it.

That's a terrible story about two possibly unrelated events coupled with more of the "I don't know who owns what or what I'm talking about but I'm determined to post this over and over again until everyone is tired of it. And then some".

But don't worry, we're back to.

Maybe the people who you trust to "design" the star control mod should be people like Celtic, but I know how the business works because I'm in that business.
I really don't think you want to have me say "I told you so" when my company finishes a successful game which can easily get a sponsorship for over 5,000 dollars that I can link to just for it looking good, and 5,000 isn't even optimistic for a very good flash game and we aren't even only working on flash games. There's people who have salaries of over 50,000 dollars off this whole flash industry who aren't even particularly famous in any way. This isn't some "dream" thing, this is if you work hard and think things through, you will make money, there's nothing particularly optimistic or dreamy about what I am saying.

I don't have a link specifically to what I worked, partly because I never needed to and partly because human head has copyright on all the art and coding, all I can say right now is the fact that I know how these things means I have some experiences, I don't know how else I could know these things because google certainly doesn't give you all this.
Do you find it illogical or completely wrong to ask toys and activision and whoever else is involved about this and use kickstarter to pay  for licensing as long as you are careful? Because otherwise your disrespect is pointless. I never asked you to worship anyone, I made a logical point that people would be wise to follow or prepare for. There is a high probability you will have to pay a large sum of money for licensing, and since it may be illegal to make a product you are currently working on, I would suggest directing kickstarter money into buying licensing if you investigate that far rather than quitting your job and getting sued. It's a small chance you would get sued only this far into the project, especially considering there's under 3,000 members. If you buy the license, depending on the license you may be able to sell the game to make money or put in adds, but that will probably make it less cool.

In the event that the original developers want to make something, they can probably re-use all the coding as was said before, but still have to buy a license to keep the name. By the video it looks like Fred and Reiche aren't directing so much energy towards star control. People like them can announce ideas publicly because they have the resources to compete with anyone who would try to steal it and have already started working on this "secret" project.
Maybe Celtic could even contact  those guys and tell them they are already working on it, and they can try and buy licensing together, or it might be possible they are already trying to save up money to buy the licensing. Either way, asking around is good idea.

Let's count the flaws here.
One - We don't need to change names and mages because the entire topic is about that the content owners should apply for the money and do this. So nothing in the argument makes any sense whatsoever.
Two - The content owners have specifically licensed the game code and content in a fashion that allows for the making of mods. they've publicly endorsed the mods made.
Three - The mods don't matter since we weren't talking about them
Four - You got the name of the maker of the mod wrong, which shows that you're pretty clueless about it.
Five - Cedric hasn't tried selling anything or claiming that it is his, that's not the point of the mod. It's not a commercial venture who would he even sell it too when it's publicly available on sourceforge.
Six - "The company that made sc2" is such a ridiculous concept that it means nothing. The studio that made it still exists and owns all the content. that's TFB, the guys we want to apply for the kickstarter. Remember, the thread title? And even though the company that owns them doesn't exist, it doesn't matter since ti is well known who owns the rights to the name Star Control and they've shown that they are interested in keeping them.

Does that list look familiar? it should! Because you're making exactly the same mistakes after being corrected on them over and over again. Did I make that groundhog day joke already? i don't know because reading through your posts is a tightly controlled loop of this over and over again. And I'm only on page three of the thread! So what's your next post?

14  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Are there new ships to download? on: March 19, 2012, 09:51:56 pm
Good point and interesting blog. Thanks for the link!
15  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Are there new ships to download? on: March 19, 2012, 08:42:46 pm
Well, the Ilwrath *are* defined as a bunch of one-dimensional bad guys, by their own proud admission! Of course, they're more of a parody of the cookie-cutter Evil Alien Race than anything else.

Yeah except for the whole "Well doing Evil is considered Good in our culture" bit which doesn't actually make them evil. Just very very confused in a lethal way.
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