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September 17, 2019, 08:45:35 am
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News: Paul & Fred have reached a settlement with Stardock!

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1  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Greetings Fellow Hunams! on: October 27, 2016, 05:46:46 pm
heyho, haven't  opened the forum for a while and haven't touched uqm again
Regarding the build thrusters, I forgot how's the original SC2 input. and for UQM I don't seem to have any problem (or noticed any different - maybe just me and my rusty memory)

So far I only explored a handful of planet and also used a bit of guide for in search of some homeworld

here's my progress

2  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Greetings Fellow Hunams! on: August 18, 2016, 06:47:11 pm

By the way, did you ever discover how to apply the speed upgrades? The first time I played I never worked that out, and it messed things up pretty hard. Second pass went much more smoothly.

Which speed upgrades? for lander or the flagship? I don't believe I ever found a speed upgrades for the flagship  Huh

well crossing finger I be able to finish UQM this time around!   Grin
3  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Technical Issues / Re: 3DO movies do not work at 1280x960 resolution in UQM HD Beta 0.7.0 on: August 18, 2016, 08:43:54 am
Will respectfully not going to keep asking when it's going to be fixed....


is it done yet?  Grin
4  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Greetings Fellow Hunams! on: August 18, 2016, 08:25:39 am
Greetings fellow Hunams!

New in forum, but played the original SC2 since the released on the floppy  and also own the 3DO version (unfortunately haven't seen it for years.... I'm sure it's somewhere in my lair...)

Anyhow~ I finally started UQM again yesterday, because I'm quite disappointed and burned out with No Man's Sky after trying to explore the game for... 30+ hours.

I'm really craving for some space exploration game that have depth such as SC2, but unfortunately till this day I don't think there's any game came close. Was wishing No Man's Sky could be this gen space exploration game, but seems my hype since last year down to the puddle after I played it.

The dialogues in SC2 still very hilarious and feel timeless

Even the music!, both the SC2 original and UQM mix are still millions light year better than NMS.

The funny thing is about Star Control II, I never actually ever finished the game for the past 24 years, because I'm just wondering around exploring planets till I ran out of time and (praise the UQM version, now I can play on windowed mode while keeping my notepad ready to jolt down the planet I've explored). Back in the days, I need to have some physical book and pen ready (oh... that was so.... last century...)

So, again. Hello UQM forums Hunams!
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