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News: Celebrating 30 years of Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters

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1  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Star Control 3 questions... on: June 24, 2003, 10:51:38 am
Well, 6+ years ago, after I finished SC2... I played SC3. I didn't know it was created by different people, and I didn't know much about what is a good game/story, and what is not-so-good one.

I played it and enjoyed it.

I even remembered I put Chmmr to sleep forever (or something) and it was game over for me. Ah it was fun.

If you got a little money (I'm sure it's not THAT expensive anymore), and need some entertainment... I suggest you try it anyway.

Of course, I prefer SC2, so if you haven't finished SC2, finish it first.

Play SC3 only if you have extra time or if you become extremely bored.

But it is true the story and ending are not that memorable compared to SC2's.
2  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Let's imagine and coalesce ships on: June 21, 2003, 07:49:26 am
The main weapon is like yehat's, only it goes 3-5 directions.

Secondary weapon is to create up to two drones, where each drone auto-shields incoming attacks, and provides additional firepower.

It's just imaginary, it's not well thought Smiley

The image is pkunk ship on top of modified yehat ship, that's why it looks like a bug ... pkunk ship looks like a bug itself anyway.

I would love to help with any projects or whatever, but I don't know where to start. I have little knowledge in C/C++/Java, and getting my bachelor's degree this fall in computer science from UCSD... but when I looked at the source code (UQM), I was overwhelemed... maybe I don't understand how real game works, yet. I would love to help, though.
3  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Let's imagine and coalesce ships on: June 20, 2003, 08:35:22 am
No no, an idea that someone to implement is not the point of this thread.. although it may. It's just an imagination, that's why the title is "Let's imagine..." Smiley.
4  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Let's imagine and coalesce ships on: June 20, 2003, 04:51:09 am


Yehat Terminator
 Pkunk Fury

Yehat Terminator
        Crew: 4
        Fuel: 4
  Fuel Regen: 7
Acceleration: 5
Turning Rate: 7
Max Velocity: 6
Weapon Range: 5
Weapon Damage: 7

Pkunk Fury
        Crew: 1
        Fuel: 3
  Fuel Regen: [2]
Acceleration: 8
Turning Rate: 9
Max Velocity: 9
Weapon Range: 3
Weapon Damage: 3

Yekunk Vehemence
        Crew: 5
        Fuel: 5
  Fuel Regen: 6
Acceleration: 5
Turning Rate: 9
Max Velocity: 8
Weapon Range: 6
Weapon Damage: 8

The numbers above are out of 9, for example:
Fuel: 5 means 5 out of 9 (9 is max)
Higher/more usually means better

Fuel means battery/power
Fuel Regen means batter/power regeneration rate
Higher/more means faster regeneration rate

Crew: 1 means there are 3 crews and 1 pilot,
totaling to 4 crews. Crew: 9 means there are
42 (forty two) total crews including pilot,
which is the captain of the ship.

For Pkunk Fury only, Fuel Regen: [2] means
Pkunk has to use its special ability (curse)
to regenerate. It does *NOT* regenerate auto-

Yekunk Vehemence is my imagination, it really
does not exist in any SC game Smiley.

Image URL:

Yekunk Vehemence's classification

 Spoiler Warning!
 After Yehats rebelled and won, they and
 Pkunks joined the flagship and aided them
 on the final battle against the Sa-Matra.

 Along with Supox and Utwig, they managed to
 give the flagship sufficient time and
 chance for the flagship to self-destruct
 and sacrifice the flagship to destroy
 the Sa-Matra.

 After the battle was won, Yehats and Pkunks
 returned to their homeworlds.

 Not so long after that, Pkunks have
 decided to join their brethrens- Yehats.
 Together, they coalesced and resulted to
 a merged race called the Yekunk.

 Like the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm, the
 resulting race is more advanced and more
 powerful than before.

 Yekunks named their newly revamped design
 of both the Terminator and the Fury,
 proudly ... the Vehemence.

 The Vehemence class ship is far more
 advanced than its obsolete designs. With
 their combined technologies, they managed
 to yield 24 crew capacity including the
 pilot to captain the Vehemence ship.

 The fuel capacity is also increased, but
 because the lack of fuel regeneration of
 Fury ship, the resulting fuel regeneration
 rate of the Vehemence is only 6.

 Sacrificing speed and agility for more
 power and protection, the resulting
 acceleration and max velocity are similar
 to the Terminators rather than the Furies.

 However, due to the superiority of
 Pkunk's knowledge, they are able to maintain
 the enourmous turning rate that the original
 Fury ship has.

 The Yehats insisted and later on convinced
 their brothers Pkunks, that Terminator's
 firepower is far better than the Fury's,
 therefore the resulting ship's firepower
 resembles the Terminator's.

 However, the Pkunk does not just accept this.
 They mentally linked two of their smaller
 version of the Fury class to the Vehemence,
 and with the High-energy Force Shield that
 the Terminator has, they are able to make
 these small Fury ships act like external
 shielding and attacking drones, just like
 what Chmmr Avatar has.

 It is unfortunate however, that their tech-
 nology is no match compared to Chmmr's, so
 that the resulting 'drones' does not have
 point-defense, and they do not circle around
 the Vehemence. They are stationary in front.

 These drones have the ability to auto-shield
 themselves against incoming projectiles,
 lasers, or limpets of VUX. They also fire
 from their mini pulse cannon, when the
 Vehemence ship fires - since they are
 linked by Pkunk's Mental Energy Amplifiers.

 The result of this is, when the Vehemence
 fires, 5 different directions are affected:
 west, northwest, north, notheast, and east.
 Because their turning rate is great, the
 vulnerability of their back is of no

 With the rage of the Yehats who actually
 captain the Vehemence, the Pkunks do not
 have mental stability to resurrect themselves.
 Instead, their special mental power can now
 be used to re-create destroyed drones,
 creating and replacing up to two drones.
 Upon entering battle, they have one (1) drone.

Another image URL:
5  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Need help, very very confused on: June 20, 2003, 03:32:20 am
 Grin Ilwraths are funny.

As You Wish, Glorious, Unmerciful Destructors!
In All Future Warship We Will Honor You In This Way!

Yes, Great Dogar! Yes Mighty Kazon! Dwe Certainly Will, Dwe Certainly Will!

It Shall Be So, Great Ones.
Yuubuu Are Mighty!
Yuubuu Are The Most Hideous And Deceitful!
We Ilwrath Are Too Fortunate To Have Yuubuu To Worship!

We, The Dill-Rats, Bow And Scrape Off Our Appendages In Your Honor, Mighty Dogar And Kazon!
6  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / 2-player (not hotseat) melee? on: June 19, 2003, 04:41:50 am
Are some guys working on multiplayer (not massively) super-melee? Wouldn't it be a great idea?

-To avoid key jamming
-So we can play with our distant friend
-We can see where our cloaked ilwrath is at (opponent won't be able to see, of course... but the player controlling the avenger should know/see).

Some possible added bonuses, which appear at random time at random place (except 'inside' a planet):
-health bonus (+2 crew up to +10 crew)
-health curse (optional (at random) damage over time, -2 up to -10 or until ship only has 1 crew left)
-temporary speed boost (10% speed increase, 2 seconds up to 10 seconds)
-temporary speed stall (10% speed decrease)
-temporary turning speed boost & stall
-temporary power/battery charging boost (10% battery charging increase, 2-10 secs) *
-temporary power/battery charging stall (10% battery charging decrease, 2-10 secs) *
-temporary primary fire boost & stall (5-20 secs) **
-temporary secondary fire boost & stall (5-20 secs) **
-RU box (or minerals) (small, medium, large) ***
-temporary Mirror image
-temporary ship's size growth/decrease (5-20 secs) #

Other stuff:
-asteroids actually do some damage when hit at certain acceleration
-different planet sizes, each with different gravity settings

* Some ships won't be affected, ie: druuge, utwig
** For examples: Boost: increased damage, increased projectile speed, increased projectile seeking ability, increased projectile turning rate, longer laser reach, damage over time when hit, increased splash radius.
*** RU box could be collected, and then at the ship selection menu, with sufficient RU, one could re-purchase ships, or purchase a combat drone, or purchase a repair drone, or upgrade a ship.
# Increased in ship's size will make the ship more visible thus vulnerable to opponent (easier to spot, to hit, and to hit asteroids/planets). However, it's also easier to get bonuses. Decreased in ship's size will do the opposite.

Ship Pricing Policy
First purchase is say at 100% ship's price.
Second purchase is at 110% ship's price.
Third purchase is at 125% ship's price.
Fourth purchase is at 175% ship's price.
Fifth and last purchase is at 300% ship's price.
-This is to prevent ships with high speed to keep collecting RU box instead of fighting and buy Chmmr Avatar or other high-class ships.

Combat Drone
This drone would be like Chmmr Avatar's drone, it would either follow at side, at behind, at front, or circling the player's main ship. The ship drone is INVULNERABLE against: planets, asteroid, and its master's attacks. This drone would shoot either with laser or seeking missile to incoming asteroids, projectiles, or enemy ships.
Each ship can only have up to one (1) combat drone.

Repair Drone
This drone will be unavailable to certain ships (those who already have drones ie Chmmr Avatar, those who are considered to be high-class ie Dreadnought and Kohr Ah, and those who have healing/resurrecting ability ie Mycon & Pkunk). This drone would slowly regenerate its master ship's hull/crew, at the rate of 1 crew per 10 seconds. This drone is very vulnerable even to asteroids and planets. This drone does not attack, so it's best to protect this drone. This drone will follow only from behind, it will not be at side, at front, or circling - only follow from behind.
Each ship can only have up to one (1) repair drone.

Ship Upgrading Policy
With sufficient RU, one could upgrade one (1) selected ship. This costs a LOT, so probably only two (2) upgrades should be allowed in each round. when upgrading, player will have to choose two out of many choices:
-Increased speed (+10%)
-Increased turning speed (+10%)
-Increased crew pod capacity (+10%)
-Increased battery charging capacity (+10%)
-Increased battery charging speed/rate (+10%)
-Increased primary fire rate (+10%)
-Increased secondary fire rate (+10%)
-Increased resistance to laser (10% dmg absorption to laser ie Chmmr, Vux, mrnhmrn (sp?) laser, etc)
-Increased resistance to matter (ie slylandro, umgah, mycon, etc)
-Increased resistance to explosion/heat (ie earthling, mrnhmrn (sp?), druuge, orz, etc)

Temporary Mirror Image
This will create an AI-controlled image, that would appear to be an exact duplicate to its original caster, into the combat area. This image has full health, full battery/energy as its original ship, as vulnerable, with same speed, acceleration, and turning rate. This image will have no secondary attack, only primary. And its attacks will only do 20-80% damage (instead of 100% damage).

Ilwrath Avenger
Player controlling Ilwrath Avenger ship, will be able to see his/her ship that it is cloaked. But he/she will still be able to know where the ship is, and at what direction the ship is heading. The opponent/enemy, however, cannot see this (as usual) until the Avenger ship fires or uncloak (of course).

What do you think Smiley ?
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