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February 25, 2024, 02:04:30 pm
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News: Celebrating 30 years of Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters

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1  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Making the Galaxy embrace Juffo-Wup on: February 26, 2019, 06:39:35 pm
*Incoming Transmission*
Well it's been a while since our last transmission but the Mycon are back! And we're ready to spread Juffo-Wup! When we last left we had taken over huge amounts of spa-er "Void" and made it into Juffo-wup. Hopefully this week will be no different...

So, we will continue with our conquest, up, and to the rig-er left. next taking on the glyrran Policy and their federation neighbors. And, We had this great plan we had moved all our fleets back to a gate way we controlled, then we were going to send a medium fleet in and it would punch through their defenses and take their gateway before they even knew they were at war, then we would just swarm our fleets through our new gateway and quickly overrun them. Great plan right? Well, I forgot to take into account the fact, that their gateway was in a nebula, meaning, We can't see into the system to get an idea of how strong their defenses are. But, no worries, I sure we can take and station they have... then We warped in..

And were met with this... yeah, We didn't win.

But Juffo-Wup cannot be held back for long, after some lightning fleet movements, and frantic panicking, and the AI being generally stupid, we were able to beat them back in no time and as one war was already drawing to a close. We figured why not just go barreling into another one!

With the next federation in line. And this would have gone swimmingly we had them thoroughly beaten when suddenly, this happened...

That's right! The fallen empire awoke! For those of you wondering what that means, it means that the fallen empire that was just chilling, waiting to get destroyed. Decided they want to take over the whole galaxy. One empire at a time. they're stronger than everyone, and much more advanced. And checking they're opinion of everyone I found this...

I had to quickly end my war with the Zaacplot and withdraw my fleets to begin building them up, and hopefully taking out the Obadin... Until next week
*Transmission End*
2  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Making the Galaxy embrace Juffo-Wup on: February 18, 2019, 09:57:17 pm
The color change was because I have it on unions mapmode, which shows me who is aligned with who.
Sorry no post this week, I've been quite busy. Hopefully ill be back next week
3  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Making the Galaxy embrace Juffo-Wup on: February 11, 2019, 10:46:53 pm
*incoming Transmission*
We are the Mycon, we are the agents of Juffo-Wup you are non, you must become Juffo-Wup or Void.
And, on the topic of the Void, it's time for some more wars! Lightning wars to be exact! At this point we are so powerful that almost no one can match us, not even those wearing The Infamous Lewd Monocle!

And so it was that We proceeded to launch a slew of kinda dull, sorta slow, Lightning Wars!

Here We are before the lightning wars, economy is great, fleet is overpowered, stations are well established. Suddenly We find our self's declaring war of the two neighboring empires, The Menjeti Empire, and The Alliance of Zabir. They had a defensive pact, so it was all or nothing. I at first thought this would be a very hard fought war. But the Zabir' didn't even try, their fleets kept patrolling the same space as before the war. We quickly swept across the space of the Menjeti and before we knew it, had all but wiped out the Zabir, if not for their war with the Tzynn.

Quick as We could OUR space was made Juffo-Wup and you could never tell the difference. At this point we controlled ~20% of the galaxy, and things are going good, but, Juffo-Wup cannot wait, A single spore lands, finds nourishment in decay, so progresses Juffo-Wup. And progress we did, our next target were these poor fools.

Who very quickly embraced Juffo-Wup. This week of terror for the galaxy is almost over, but there's one more nation Juffo-Wup must consume, The Tzynn. But, as is all things with Juffo-Wup they could not stand anymore then the Gorf, falling almost as quick

With Juffo-Wup spread to nearly 40% of the galaxy and the Mycon growing almost too powerful to stop, We'd say that about concludes it for this week's transmission.
*End Transmission*
4  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Making the Galaxy embrace Juffo-Wup on: February 06, 2019, 05:29:03 pm
Having never played that game, I can't say. For a devouring swarm diplomacy amounts to: Insult, declare war, and I make sure to insult the non regularly.
5  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Making the Galaxy embrace Juffo-Wup on: February 04, 2019, 07:19:09 pm

Here I am in the year 2227 waiting, watching, learning, preparing. And WARING

That's right my friends. Juffo-Wup grows tired of waiting and finally declares war! Their fleet power is pathetic compared to mine. Now, they may have a defensive pact with someone else, but, I already checked it out and there's no way they could even get their fleets over to help the hapless Citizen Regime of Genoggia.

And, after just a few tense planetary attacks we finally took their homeworld ending the war and giving me all occupied territory

Quick as I could all of their space was made Juffo-Wup

Man, things are going great! we've conquered two alien race's so far, we've got a huge income per month now, everyythings perfec...
*sudden realization that wormholes can be traveled trough during wars*

*sudden realization of how many wormholes I control* I will be right back after these station upgrades!

What do you think? Let me know how you think I'm doing so far as this is my first time doing one of these!

When we encounter the Non, we must absorb the Non or reject the Non so that it is no longer Non.
6  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Making the Galaxy embrace Juffo-Wup on: January 30, 2019, 07:08:52 pm

This is the Mycon race I will be using. many of the things I couldn't quite get perfect, like world class, but I figured these are the worlds they prefer for teraforming, so, close enough.

Now, when one talks about embracing Juffo-Wup one of course means renaming every star system Juffo-Wup (and conquering everyone else) and, I wouldn't be content renaming and mere 200 stars or even 600. No, I had to rename 1000 stars Juffo-Wup

We pick up in the year, 2267 (unfortunately due to some corruptions I don't have the earlier years.) We have already spread Juffo-Wup far, and conquered one minor race, It is here that our Epic will begin
We are the Mycon. We are part of Juffo-Wup.
7  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Making the Galaxy embrace Juffo-Wup on: January 30, 2019, 02:35:58 am
Side note I will need some instruction on how to post pictures here...  :\
8  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Making the Galaxy embrace Juffo-Wup on: January 29, 2019, 02:43:30 am
Hey SCII fans and friends.
I am considering posting a text lets play of my absurd roleplay as the Mycon in a game called Stellaris. If any of you would be interested in such a post, please verbalize your assent if not, don't verbalize your dissent. I await your response SCII fanbase.
9  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Re: Ship Ratings? on: May 24, 2018, 01:48:53 am
That, is for us to know, and you to find out through experience.
But honestly, you get the most fun out of just trying things out and seeing what will and wont work.
I think it took me multiple tries and LOTS of reloads to finally finish, and I still didn't do everything there is.

But thats just my opinion on it, I'm sure there are many different guides out there I am just unaware of them.
10  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Favorite Ships on: May 16, 2018, 01:58:23 am
Alphabetical by ship name. Just an interesting experiment Iv'e always wondered about.
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