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September 21, 2023, 03:31:30 pm
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News: Celebrating 30 years of Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters

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1  The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / I started Ur-Quan Masters HD! (need help) on: October 17, 2018, 04:16:22 am
Even with a walkthrough, some parts are seriously difficult. Apparently the USS Enter- I mean the Earth Cruisers aren't worth SHIT save for SDI lasers. RIP Fwiffo, who heroically died fighting 3 probes. Sticky keys got him until I disabled em.

But he won. May he eternally rest in his mansion, safe from all worries. I absolve you of the first incident.

1-Ilwrath Avengers are invisible to nukes. I mean, how can I shoot them if the ICBM's themselves don't guide. Not enough energy to go Dumb fire with nukes. What ship weapons can track Avenger motion?

HOW DO I FIGHT?! I mean lets not even get to Ur Quan who snagged me when I was going for zor-foq-pik.

2-Do spaceship engines effect hyperspace travel so I can outrun Ilwrath patrols when going to meet Pkunk?

3-Where do I get some decent ship ASAP?

4-Which ship is best for fighting ur quan? or syllandro except Eluder? AI is perfectly fast and this disturbs me

5-Is there a way to make combat easier?
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