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News: Paul & Fred have reached a settlement with Stardock!

 1   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Technical Issues / Re: Need help with Star search  on: Today at 11:33:24 am 
Started by Doom Lord | Last post by robert1833
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 2   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Technical Issues / Re: Need help with Star search  on: Today at 11:32:47 am 
Started by Doom Lord | Last post by robert1833
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 3   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Technical Issues / Re: Need help with Star search  on: Today at 11:32:03 am 
Started by Doom Lord | Last post by robert1833
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 4   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Technical Issues / Re: Need help with Star search  on: Today at 11:31:25 am 
Started by Doom Lord | Last post by robert1833
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 5   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / Empowered Boost {USA} Male Enhancement Reviews, Price & Scam OR Not?  on: Today at 09:41:18 am 
Started by powqulnf | Last post by powqulnf
What does Empowered Boost do?

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Side effects
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 6   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion /  on: January 21, 2020, 12:37:26 pm 
Started by wlbpdnpl | Last post by wlbpdnpl
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 7   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / Starbase Café / Re: Outsider, SC inspired web comic...  on: January 21, 2020, 10:08:34 am 
Started by guesst | Last post by Krulle
To a degree, yes.
I stopped reading Erfworld a while ago. Maybe I should start picking up again'

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On the forums of outsider, people are exchanging their impressions of military emergency rations....

It does not seem like I missed out on anything....

 8   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / puma flip flops  on: January 21, 2020, 03:21:03 am 
Started by Cora McCarthy | Last post by Cora McCarthy
Der Puma-Datensatz enthielt 33 variable Stellen (32 Übergänge puma flip flops und eine Transversion), von denen 25 phylogenetisch informativ waren (Tabelle 1). Insgesamt gab es 28 Haplotypen, von denen 22 in Südamerika auftraten (H01  H22), von denen einer (H09) mit Mittelamerika geteilt wurde (Abbildung 2A). Es wurden mäßige bis hohe Haplotyp-Diversitätsniveaus beobachtet, während die Nucleotid-Diversität eher gering war (Tabelle 2).

Aufgrund dieser Verringerung der Anzahl von Standorten wurde das Netzwerk weniger aufgelöst, aber die Ergebnisse deuteten immer noch darauf hin, dass die externe Gruppe enger mit südamerikanischen und südlichen mittelamerikanischen Pumas verbunden war als mit nordmittel- und nordamerikanischen Haplotypen Struktur detaillierter beschrieben haben wir mehrere AMOVA-Runden mit unterschiedlichen geografischen Clustering-Strategien durchgeführt. In der ersten Phase, in der nur südamerikanische Pumas analysiert wurden, waren die ¦st-Werte recht hoch und statistisch signifikant, wobei Strategie 1c den höchsten Gesamt-¦st ergab puma sneaker damen (Tabelle 3).

Die mit Beast durchgeführten Bayes'schen Analysen haben weiter geholfen, Licht in die historischen Demografie-Pumas zu bringen, wie sie durch die mtDNA aufgedeckt wurden. In der ersten Analyserunde haben wir unter Verwendung von fünf Personen mit den unterschiedlichsten Haplotypen und zwei Jaguarundis die Substitutionsrate des puma football analysierten ND5-Segments auf 2,054% pro Million Jahre (MY) geschätzt. Unter Verwendung dieser Substitutionsrate in der zweiten Reihe von Analysen ermittelten wir einen mittleren t MRCA von 0,237 MYA (95% HPD: 0,105 0,391 MYA). Für südamerikanische Puma wurde der mittlere t MRCA auf 0,211 (0,091 0,353) MYA geschätzt.

Bayesian Skyline-Diagramme, die aus einem Alignment von puma ND5-Sequenzen abgeleitet wurden. In (A) wurde die Analyse für alle Puma-Proben und in (B) nur für südamerikanische Puma durchgeführt. Die dicke durchgezogene Linie stellt den Mittelwert dar, während die 95% -HPD-Grenzen (höchste hintere Dichte) durch die sicherheitsschuhe puma blauen Bereiche angezeigt werden. Die vertikalen gestrichelten Linien beziehen sich auf die t MRCA, wobei die dünne Linie die untere 95% -HPD-Grenze angibt und die dicke Linie den Mittelwert darstellt. Die x-Achse ist auf einer Jahrmillionenskala (Myr) dargestellt. Die y-Achse repräsentiert die effektive Populationsgröße (N e) multipliziert mit der Generationszeit (auch in myr). Unter der Annahme einer Generierungszeit von 5 Jahren sollten die Zahlen auf dieser Achse mit 200.000 multipliziert werden, um interpretierbare Werte zu erhalten.

Der in dieser Studie analysierte mtDNA-Datensatz ermöglichte ein tieferes Verständnis der matrilinearen Vorgeschichte von Pumas, das Verfeinern, Erweitern und in einigen Fällen Anpassen der zuvor von Culver et al. (2000). Unsere erste Beobachtung war, dass ND5 in der Tat ein sehr informatives codierendes mtDNA-Segment für phylogeographische Studien von Feliden ist und dass das hier verwendete längere Segment (im Vergleich zu dem von Culver et al., 2000) nützliche zusätzliche Informationen zu dieser Art liefert. Vielfalt und Evolutionsgeschichte.

Beispielsweise enthielt der hier verwendete ND5-Datensatz 33 variable Stellen und ermöglichte die Identifizierung von 28 verschiedenen Puma-Haplotypen, während der puma thunder spectra vollständige Datensatz von Culver et al. (2000), einschließlich der ND5-, ATP8- und 16S-Segmente, enthielten 15 variable Stellen und definierten 14 verschiedene Haplotypen. Pumas wiesen ein mäßig hohes Maß an Diversität auf, das direkt mit nur zwei anderen feliden Arten verglichen werden konnte, die bisher für dieselbe Art sequenziert wurden mtDNA-Segment und dessen Sequenzen zur Bewertung zur Verfügung (Trigo et al., 2008). Diese beiden neotropischen Katzen, Leopardus tigrinus und L. geoffroyi, wurden für ein etwas kürzeres Fragment sequenziert. Daher haben wir unsere Ausrichtung so angepasst, dass nur die passenden 567 bp enthalten sind, und ermöglichen so einen genauen Vergleich (Tabelle S3).

 9   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / puma fenty  on: January 21, 2020, 03:20:48 am 
Started by Cora McCarthy | Last post by Cora McCarthy
The estimated demographic history puma fenty supports the interpretation that pumas suffered a severe demographic decline in the Late Pleistocene throughout their distribution, followed by population expansion and re-colonization of the range, initiating from South America.The puma ( Puma concolor Linnaeus, 1771) is a large felid that ranges throughout the Americas, exhibiting the broadest latitudinal distribution of any terrestrial mammal ( Nowak, 1999 ). Pumas have remarkable dispersal capabilities ( Maehr et al. , 2002 ; Beier et al. , 2003 ) and successfully occupy a diverse array of habitats, illustrating their potential to adapt to the breadth of environmental conditions occurring across the continent, from tropical forests and marshes to dry scrubland and cold Andean or Patagonian biomes ( Redford and Eisenberg, 1992 ; Nowak, 1999 ).

Pumas are solitary and territorial, with large home ranges. Females tend to occupy smaller areas and disperse shorter distances, thus being more philopatric than males ( Logan and Sweanor, 2001 ; Maehr et al. , puma women shoes 2002 ). Overall, the species' ecological flexibility and dispersal capabilities have the potential to induce broad genetic connectivity across large geographic areas, unless historical barriers have limited gene flow among populations.Fossil evidence indicates that pumas were already present in North America 0.4 million years ago (MYA) ( Kurtén and Anderson, 1980 ).

That puma shoes in canada study indicated that most of the 32 classical puma subspecies did not correspond to definable genetic units and reduced the number of recognized subspecies to six. Four of these subspecies were distributed in South America, indicating that most of the species' historical subdivision occurred in that subcontinent. In addition, the genetic diversity within South America was found to be larger than in Central and North America, suggesting that pumas from the latter subcontinent actually derive from a recent re-colonization event, following extinction in North America in the Late Pleistocene (ca. 10,000 12,000 years ago).

Finally, we conducted a set of analyses to investigate the demographic history of pumas. puma shoes women We performed neutrality tests (Tajima's D, Fu & Li' D* and F*, Fu's Fs) with DnaSP, as well as a mismatch distribution analysis ( Rogers and Harpending, 1992 ; Schneider and Excoffier, 1999 ) with Arlequin. In addition, we used the program Beast 1.6.1 ( Drummond and Rambaut, 2007 ) to perform estimates of coalescence times and past demography. We defined the best model of nucleotide substitution for our data set, which was the HKY ( Hasegawa et al. , 1985 ) G model, using the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC, Akaike, 1974 ) implemented in jModelTest 0.1 ( Posada, 2008 ).

Our first set of Beast runs was aimed at estimating the molecular clock rate for our segment in puma lineages. We assumed a Yule Process for the tree prior and incorporated an uncorrelated lognormal relaxed molecular clock. In order to better fit the expectations of the Yule process we only included five divergent puma haplotypes, along with the two jaguarundi sequences generated here. To calibrate the molecular clock we assumed that pumas and jaguarundis diverged between 3.16 and 6.01 MYA (95% HPD of the estimate reported by Johnson et al. (2006) using a nuclear supermatrix). We applied a uniform prior using these ages as conservative minimum and maximum boundaries, respectively.

The final run was based on 10 8 MCMC generations, puma shoes for basketball with samples taken every 10 4 steps, and the first 10 4 steps removed as burn-in.The second set of Beast analyses aimed to infer the time of the most recent common ancestor ( t MRCA ) of different groups of samples, as well as to reconstruct the demographic history of pumas by estimating past fluctuations in population size via the Bayesian Skyline Plot (BSP) approach ( Drummond et al. , 2005 ). We assumed a Bayesian skyline tree prior and a strict molecular clock, whose evolutionary rate was based on the estimate derived from the first round of analyses.

 10   The Ur-Quan Masters Re-Release / General UQM Discussion / asics catch of the day  on: January 21, 2020, 03:20:08 am 
Started by Cora McCarthy | Last post by Cora McCarthy
Here we see a classic Converse taking asics catch of the day on a whole new look. The famous All-Star 1970's were once a hard sneaker too find up until last year when they became more widely available. Just as Spring is winding down Converse drops this beige and green Camouflage colorway. The heavyweight canvas upper is the perfect palette for this color combo, accented by a reinforced rubber foxing around the outsole. Overall this shoe captures the classic look and takes it to new extremes with this camouflage pattern.

As one of the most iconic sneakers to ever be released, it is no surprise that Converse continues asics womens shoes to push the bar, and produce fresh designs for the Chuck Taylor .You can check these out NOW at End clothing , who does ship internationally. If you don't feel like waiting, check with asics running shoes womens your local Converse dealers for availability.Alongside the recent " Black Floral " iteration, the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s is rendered in a similar theme but executed in a lighter shade.

Entitled "Desert Rose," the popular 1970s Hi model is comprised of a canvas upper that features a sublimation print of desert camouflage intertwined with rose imagery to evoke its appropriate theme. Shaded in varying Beige and asics for running Brown tones throughout, the muted palette is offset by a lightweight rubberized sole unit in Off-White outlined with Black banding, which offers maximum comfortability upon every step. Finishing touches include Converse's signature logo embroidery on the sides.

The classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star received an upgrade more than 50 years after it originally released. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2 is the innovative model that carries an identical appearance as the OG model, but is installed with enhanced technology. The difference is a new cushion, which is the Nike Lunarlon cushion for better support, foam padded collar, and breathable allowing more airflow.

The Converse black asics Chuck Taylor sneaker is one of the most recognized in America. Initially built for basketball, the shoe has transcended into a classic style. Chuck Taylor sought ideas in creating a better performance sneaker for the court. His ideas were highly impressive at Converse that the company decided to put his name on the shoe. Though Chuck Taylor's are no longer sported on the court, they remain popular in the street.Since its humble beginnings utilized on the hardwood courts, the Converse Chuck Taylor is one of most popular sneakers in history and has countless variations and styles attached to it.

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