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Author Topic: Current UQM CVS, for non-CVS people.  (Read 1902 times)
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Current UQM CVS, for non-CVS people.
« on: March 09, 2004, 03:21:35 pm »

Ahh boredom... Makes you do silly things...

Here you go. ¬ Updated as of 3/9/04 (4am GMT -7).

Just extract the zip to your uqm folder. ¬ AFIK there havn't been any content or other changes that wouldn't let you just run it right off.

-- Changes since 0.3 --

Changes towards version 0.4:
- Restructuring of the unix build scripts.
¬ Also, interrupted dependency builds are now detected. - SvdB
- Unix build: Make it possible to use another directory than the current
¬ one for putting the build data in (such as build.vars, config.state,
¬ the obj/ dir, and the final binary). - SvdB
- Fixed various odd behaviors when loading from HyperSpace (bug #587),
¬ from Nic and Michael
- Added new 'triscan' scaler; derived from scale2x[] -Alex
- Space marines die in a self-destructing Scout (Bug #445), from Nic
- Added the -l option to produce logfiles (bug #560), from Nic
- Zoq-Fot-Pik speech properly vertically centered (bug #579), from Nic
- Input code refactoring, phase 2: All player input is brokered by
 DoInput -Michael
- Updated .cvsignore commands, from Nic
- Fixed a keyrepeatbug from when the player cancels out of the
 Starmap in IP -Michael
- IP_taskfunc now uses PulsedInputState instead of handling its
 own debounce delays -Michael
- Input code refactoring, phase 1: Replaced messy structs with an
 array indexed by an enum. -Michael
- Thread code refactoring: only the main thread will actually spawn
 threads, and thread IDs are properly recycled with SDL_WaitThead ()
 once they're done.  (With luck, this will fix bug #561) -Michael
- Sound code refactoring: core api is now virtualized,
 MixSDL is divided to generic mixer and driver entities - Mika
- Optimized MixSDL mixing and resampling routines
 (hopefully fixes bug #435) - Mika
- MOD music should now play properly on big endian machines if using
 high quality mode (workaround for bug #166) - Mika
- Better-looking slave shield (bug #32), from Nic
- Bay door animations don't stall before aborting (bug #500), from
- Reports SDL version on startup (bug #520) - Mika,Nic
- Fuel usage on planet landing is now reported correctly on all situations
 (bug #556), from Nic
- Fine-grained control of menu sounds, "MenuSounds" global now
 guaranteed to always be non-null  -Michael
- Added support for stdio file access through temporary files to uio.
 added uio_copyFile to uio - SvdB
- Added uio_getFileLocation() and uio_getMountFileSystemType() to uio.
 Also some small improvements. - SvdB
- Fixed fuel usage estimate to selected destination on the starmap.
 (original bug, not reported) - SvdB
- Sound decoders refactoring: decoders are now virtualized,
 the high-level decoding code is unified and any format is
 theoretically streamable -Alex
- Patches to enforce the invariant that the GraphicsLock is held when
 SetFlashRect is called (bug #504) -Michael
- Major refactoring of threadlib; see doc/devel/threads -Michael
- Downgraded the GraphicsLock to an ordinary Mutex -Michael
- Added movie player; only movies defined are intro and ending;
 only .duk decoder present (.duk audio decoder mostly derived
 from decoder by SvdB) -Alex
- Extra fallback for the unlikely situation that $HOME isn't set on a
 unix system. (#493) - SvdB
- Accept spaces in --contentdir argument (#492) - SvdB
- Separated and abstracted sound buffer-tagging and trackplayer
 clip/subtitle chaining -Alex
- Abstracted the recursive mutexes in MixSDL and DCQ code -Michael
- Introduced a new synchronization construct (CrossThreadMutex) and
 migrated the GraphicsSem and clock_sem over to it (#359) -Michael
- Replaced thread-local Semaphores with Mutexes (#359) -Michael
- Load/save icons don't flash anymore when in savegame menu
 (part of bug #291), from Paxtez
- Savegame slot now defaults to the last one used during one execution
 of uqm (bug #477), from chmmravatar
- Fixed one-pixel glitch in shipyard when scrapping (bug #461),
 from Paxtez
- Adjusted subtitle timings when there are no oggs (part of bug #362),
 from chmmravatar
- Fixed crash in conversation summary and ffw/frew problem when
 selling data to Melnorme (bug #476), from chmmravatar
- Flush input after selecting "Navigate" (bug #475) - Michael
- Fixed ships in solar system getting displaced after having
 visited a planet (bug #365) -Alex
- Fixed collisions/encounters with "invisible" fleeing ships
 (bug #319) -Alex
- Quit confirmation fixes: lander reports, conversation summaries,
 outtakes, end credits; font effect properly set/saved/restored;
 (bugs #454, #465, #466); from chmmravatar
- Obsolete "register" keywords removed -Michael

Things to note:

1) This has my silly setup option, it doesn't work for the graphics/sound drivers/flags well enough yet, so I removed them.  But it works for all the PC/3DO options, and a few of the others (this is newer than the version in Bugzilla I think).
2) The only changed file (restart.c) is included in the zip.
3) I think there is still the bug about using some flags when you start up, so if you have any problems about options not being seen or something, it's not my fault. =)
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Re: Current UQM CVS, for non-CVS people.
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2004, 06:22:42 am »

are you going to be hosting updates, like Striker did a while ago? if so, is there a site where we can go to get said updates. and just a question, but why are you doing builds, when there offered here on the UQM site? just wondering. but hey, the more the merrier, right? well thanks for the build. gonna go try it right now.

Michael Martin
Core Team
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Re: Current UQM CVS, for non-CVS people.
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2004, 03:35:46 pm »

Well, it's got his setup option in it.

(For those of you building at home, the source for his setup option is available from Bugzilla.)
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Re: Current UQM CVS, for non-CVS people.
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2004, 07:10:06 am »

What can I do with it?
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Re: Current UQM CVS, for non-CVS people.
« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2004, 11:44:57 pm »

Well, I don't know about you, but  Iwant to put some hot sauce on it
and eat it. Maybe with a taco.

Request of the day: In the compile options there are two options for
compiling sound support. Would it be asking too much to have
a third option "without sound"?

What sound does a penguin make?
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