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Author Topic: Kohr-Ah Ur-Quan Homeworld?  (Read 69243 times)

Re: Kohr-Ah Ur-Quan Homeworld?
« Reply #195 on: September 23, 2005, 04:10:08 am »

The arilou mention that the androsynth let the orz find their "scent" and as a result of that there are no more andorsynth, only orz. You find that the androsynth were doing research; apparently that research drove people mad, such as the scientist. Doesn't really implicate arilou at all.

They could be trying to frame the orz, but they also said that they stopped interfering in the "physical" plane a long time ago, now that we are safe or w/e. 

The androsynth cities were destroyed by land battles. The arilou are very weak physically (their ships aren't hot stuff either), it seems EXTREMELY unlikely that the arilou did that. Guess what the orz have: howitzers and battle marines. The arilou have short range lasers O.o.

Also look at this from wiki:
Eager to potentially use newly discovered extradimensional spaces as media for transport and communication with even more compressed distances than HyperSpace, they began experiments, only to make contact with some sort of sentient being living in another space. The entity or entities then began to make reciprocal contact with them, manifesting itself in the form of anomalous, supernatural-seeming physical events eerily similar to those described in Earth paranormal studies; fundamental forces like gravity experienced wild fluctuations in their strength, sensors began to inconsistently perceive nonexistent objects, and physical objects appeared to undergo motion and stress from sourceless, disembodied forces.

Does not seem like how the arilou would go around teleporting places to kill androsynth. Also, this only began to take place when the scientists started experiments; ODD timing for the arilou.

Bukowski... [had] gone insane during his investigations, claiming that his increasing knowledge of "Them" — the entities responsible for the Androsynth's disappearance — had allowed "Them" to make a psychic link with him personally, and that further research would draw "Their" attention and cause the human race to be destroyed as the Androsynth had.

Seems nothing like the arilou. Doesn't make a bit of sense, if the arilou could destroy the androsynth they certainly wouldn't need a psychic link. Unless you're saying the arilou planted that idea in bukowski's brain.

Umm seriously, the only fact you have going for you is that the arilou might want to eliminate the androsynth because they are enemies of humanity, and even that seems far fetched as the arilou could have done it LONG before.

So umm your theory is pretty much completely unfounded and rather flawed.
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Re: Kohr-Ah Ur-Quan Homeworld?
« Reply #196 on: September 23, 2005, 02:56:38 pm »

I had forgotten some of the details you mentioned. Good points.

Re: Kohr-Ah Ur-Quan Homeworld?
« Reply #197 on: September 26, 2005, 06:10:36 am »

As much as I don't like the Orz parasiting people theory, I checked the script of their speech someone posted.

I suppose this explains a lot.

"Going. Yes. Orz is go with you same place for *party*.
Nobody is forget.
Next is *alliance* *party*. Always promise is good to keep.
So much pleasure is coming, Orz and the you is change together as soon as *camping* is started.
You are not even aware, and then everyone is so happy.
You are not forget. *Alliance* is promise.
Orz are wait."

"Orz and the you is change together as soon as *camping* is started
You are not even aware, and the everyone is so happy"

Why do the Orz have to be the creepiest maniacs of this game...
I liked their generally funny way of speaking, the innuendoes of becoming relatives and enjoying parties, spicy games and sauce, and of course, their bad-ass ships with powerful long range howitzers and *GO!GO!* space marines.

They still seem to imply that humans are not in for the same fate as Orz. I still blindly hope that the immaterial scientist-slashing demon ghosts aren't the Orz themselves. I wish for friend Orz with whom we can conduct *parties* !

"Just tell me this. Are we in for the same fate as them?"

"You are not same. You are *happy campers*, but already you know.
I will not talking about *silly Androsynth*, now is stop asking.
If you are say the question another time
it is *frumple* too much and Orz are *dancing* for *dissolving* the *campers*.
I am clear!!
You are not so *silly*!"

Okay, maybe they aren't clear about our fate. Well, the fate we get if we don't talk about the Androsynth. But they don't want to wipe us out. Well, not in the same why they want to wipe the androsynth.
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Re: Kohr-Ah Ur-Quan Homeworld?
« Reply #198 on: September 28, 2005, 07:19:15 am »

Yeah, keep in mind the Arilou actually *fought against* the Androsynth the one time the Androsynth had the capability to harm the Humans (when they fought for the Ur-Quan in the First War), and then *stopped fighting* because the Humans were slave-shielded and therefore safe. Exterminating the Androsynth to protect Humanity seems farfetched to me.
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« Reply #199 on: September 28, 2005, 04:21:19 pm »

Well the fishies, their marines, and their nemesis starships are probably perfectly nice little creatures (of course they could have also been on a crusade against air-breathers, but that's another story). The "Orz" is/are the true threat, not its *fingers*. An Orz has no physical form, it/they is/are not the chubby little pokemon you see on your viewscreen.
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