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Author Topic: how to backup my 3do game cd  (Read 4638 times)
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how to backup my 3do game cd
« on: December 20, 2005, 02:35:56 am »



This crap is driving me INSANE in the MEMBRANE LOL lookin for info on exactly how to backup my old 3DO game cds.  What bothers me the most is how something so modern and complicated like clone cd and alcohol 120% can't even do this.  I know I've tried and it's very annoying trying to get this to work.  Just tried cdrwin with raw mode settings using data mode 2048 and all that jazz and it still doesn't work.  The game that I'm testing with is a realy unpopular game called way of the warrior.  I did manage to get that unCD-ROM thing to work after reading this game with iso buster but all that does is extract the files from the game cd. 

I wish my crash and burn cd would have survived this long so I could try and get me grubby hands on the soundtrack but alas I propelled it into cd limbo as fast as I could when it wouldn't quit resetting for the 1000th time after reaching a certain level in the game:-( 

I want to backup my aging 3DO games because I'm tired of replacing them after only a short period of time just because of one stupid scratch.  I've searched this forum and found some references to a webpage in the UK but that page is DEAD gone not workin anymore.  Can anyone help me with this mess?  All I want to do is back up my games and play from the backups so I don't ruin the originals anymore.  I'm currently buring with fuji brand cd-r but I usually prefer memorex sometimes.  The only thing I can think of as to why these games can't be backed up is because all current blank cds that are in stores now are 80 minute 700mb cds and the 3DO came out when 74 minute 650mb cds were being used... maybe the 3DO doesn't read these newfangled cds?  Oh also my unit is a panasonic FZ-1 I've had it since about a year after it came out paid $399.99 for it at Electronics Boutique back in the day lol.

Thanks for any help it's much appreciated:-)
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Re: how to backup my 3do game cd
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2005, 05:34:31 am »

Copying a CD in RAW mode should work. But the 3DO may not accept your specific brand of CD-RWs (nothing to do with the size).

That said, this has nothing to do with UQM, so you're not very likely to get answers here. You may want to try the forums on


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