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Author Topic: The makers of this game are sick.  (Read 6900 times)
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Re: The makers of this game are sick.
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2006, 10:26:40 am »

The clipped sound of the umgah is weird. How was that achieved? I mean, not all of this sounds heabily vocoded.

Doesn't really sound vocoded at all to me. Sounds to me just some pitch modifications slightly delayed. Suttering stuff just repeated speech. Probably they also edited some of the speech pauses so that it sounds weird and not natural.

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Re: The makers of this game are sick.
« Reply #16 on: February 06, 2006, 09:25:47 am »

First time I played through the Kohr ah went on a rampage.... I barely managed to stop them right before they reached earth, it was the coolest ending to a game I have EVER had... Or maybe they got me first time and I barely won from a slightly earlier save... dont remember...

The whole point is... this is part of what makes this game SOOOO awesome... this is a living universe, there are the big bad guys out there, and they are comming,.... do whatever you can to stop them.

There are plenty of races who hint at the time limit, and even without that, it still takes a couple of years for the Kohr Ah to make their rounds (and as they progress they devestate any defenders who are holding items you might need for conquest, while leaving the races you need like the chmmr  for last.

Why cry because of the possibility of loss? the game isnt HARD, its just POSSIBLE that you are so aimless and careless in your exploration that you loose, big whoop... With alittle aim and prior knowledge you can finish the game in 1/5 of the time limit, with alot of prior knowledge and no sidequests you can finish the game in less then 30 real life minutes... or so I hear.
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Re: The makers of this game are sick.
« Reply #17 on: February 06, 2006, 04:13:10 pm »

I remember my 1st time playing SC2.  I was aware of the time limit, thanks to the freindly races and the Melnorme.  Still, I could not accomplish the required tasks in time.  I ended up sitting over the hyperspace exit to Sol System with a fully equipped Precursor vessel blasting away at those big, ugly, black, mean ships throwing spinning disks at me.    Angry

HEHEH  as far as I could tell, if you could prevent them from entering the Sol System, you could go on this way indefinately!    Grin

I admit, after of few hours of "saving the universe" this way, it did get old.  So, I started over and kept a close eye on the time.  When I discovered how to accomplish one of the tasks, I would immediately make a major save game.  I would then go and discover how to accomplish another task, load my save, go do the task and save again. In this way, I did manage to finish the game with plenty of time to spare.    Wink
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