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Author Topic: Races not shown  (Read 1602 times)

Races not shown
« on: February 24, 2006, 03:23:54 am »

How would you imagine the races that were not shown would look like?

Like the Gg, Yuli, Yuptar, Faz, Algolites, Dramya and keel-verezy?

They mentioned something about the burvixese and Drall in the resource guide... How 'bout the rest?

Throw in your ideas people!


Re: Races not shown
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2006, 12:23:41 pm »

*Possible spoiler alert*

Did a bit of looking in the Wiki (more specifically, here: ... Some of this might be considered spoiler if you haven't played the game or still want to explore and learn for yourself.

I've reposted them here for ease of reference Smiley

The Drall were one of the founding members of the Sentient Milieu. A few fragmentary records from the Milieu era contain images of the Drall, showing them to be humanoid but unusually tall and thin — up to 3 meters in height. The images show visible gills but also show them to be apparently capable of breathing through their mouths into a lung system. This implies that they may have evolved from a gilled creature that had relatively recently adapted to life on land by developing lungs from air bladders, similar to the Earth species of mudskippers or lungfish.

The Yuli were founding members of the Sentient Milieu. No fragments from the Milieu era detailing any information about them other than their name has yet been found.

We know little of the Mael-Num, as with many of the species of the Sentient Milieu. Along with the Ur-Quan they were mentally enslaved by the Dnyarri and carried out genocides against other members of the Sentient Milieu.

After the Dnyarri slave revolt and the first doctrinal enforcements agains the Faz and Yuptar, the Kohr-Ah came to the homeworld of the Mael-Num, the last free race the Ur-Quan were aware of, with the intent of destroying it. The Mael-Num asked the Kohr-Ah why they had come to destroy them, and so sincere was the question that the Kohr-Ah were given pause. In that hesitation, the Kzer-Za arrived with the intent to enslave the Mael-Num.

The two Ur-Quan subraces fought, and thus began the first Doctrinal War. During the long battle, the Mael-Num escaped to places unknown. It is reasonable to assume that, were either species of Ur-Quan to discover the Mael-Num's hiding place, they would make great efforts to correct their millenia old oversight.

Given that the Kohr-Ah refer to them as "one-eyed creatures", and the similarity of their names, it is suspected that the Mael-Num are the ancestors of the Melnorme.

The Keel-Verezy are a race often mentioned to The Captain by Melnorme Trade Master Greenish in their dealings during the Second War, which appear to have had longstanding commerce with the Melnorme, including providing the Inevitably Successful in All Circumstances with a weapon system for self-defense, yet mysteriously remain undetectable or unreachable for other civilizations. On one occasion, when The Flagship approached the Inevitably Successful in All Circumstances to initiate trade, Greenish accused The Captain of having almost collided with a Keel-Verezy ship. Greenish was at first shocked at The Captain's irresponsibility, then seemed to remember some long-forgotten fact that explained The Captain's inability to detect the Keel-Verezy, after which he let the subject drop, refusing to say more. When Greenish did speak about the Keel-Verezy, he claimed that a Keel-Verezy captain with which he was friendly had expressed great interest in Humanity's struggle to free itself from the Hierarchy, but believed that exposing themselves to the Humans would frighten them.

All we can deduce from these exchanges with the at times infuriatingly gnomic Melnorme is that the Keel-Verezy apparently have some reason for hiding their presence and knowledge of their true nature from all races besides the Melnorme in this sector, and they seem to have the technological capability to do so with great effectiveness. Many interesting linguistic constructs surround the Keel-Verezy. Greenish, who appeared to be thoroughly fluent in human language and familiar with human culture, chose to use the odd pronoun "he/she/they" to refer to a Keel-Verezy captain, implying, perhaps, that Keel-Verezy individuals somehow comprise both genders and simultaneously exist as individuals and plural beings. He also at times referred to the species as simply "Verezy", perhaps implying that "Keel" is some sort of modifier. (One nation or subspecies, "Keel", within a larger "Verezy" civilization or species?)

There may be some tenuous link between the Keel-Verezy's phenomenally effective cloaking technology (if, indeed, that is the mechanism by which they remain hidden) and the nature of the weapons system they sold the Melnorme. The Inevitably Successful's weapons seem to be based on a technology highly adept at manipulating electromagnetic radiation; though we do not understand how the technology works, it creates objects that run a mysterious self-sustaining light-producing reaction that emit complex frequency combinations that somehow damage ships they contact, or in some cases generates powerful electromagnetic field effects that scramble ship control systems. This ability suggests, at the very least, a subtle ability to manipulate light that might allow for an impenetrable cloak.

The Gg (pronounced "Geg") were known only by the now-extinct Burvixese, who communicated with the Gg via long-range HyperWave broadcasts. It was the Gg who warned the Burvixese of the approach of the hostile Kohr-Ah, as well as the accurate conjecture that the Kohr-Ah used HyperWave transmissions to locate their prey.

Since the Gg were loath to engage in visual transmissions, their appearance is likely to remain an eternal mystery, as their world was incinerated by the Kohr-Ah in 2142.

The Faz were a member of the Sentient Milieu and were the first to fall to the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za Path of Now and Forever before the first Doctrinal War. The Faz, unlike most of the former Milieu species, are speculated to still be alive somewhere in the galaxy, having survived the years of slavery in the Dnyarri Slave Empire and the Ur-Quan Slave Revolt, afterwards trapped under a slave shield by the Kzer-Za.

Due to the fact that the Utwig's homeworld is named Fahz, a very similar-sounding name, and that there are vague references in their mythological history to an event involving the "sky canopies of Fahz" and the falling of the "veils" that may be a reference to the disintegration of a slave shield. One theory held by a few is that Fahz is the original Faz homeworld, and the Utwig are either descended from the Faz or otherwise somehow related to them. This might partially explain the technological prowess of the Jugger starship. However, there is precious little evidence to support such theories; if this event indeed occurred then the records are lost in the far distant past to everyone except possibly the Kzer-Za.

The Dramya are one of the species alluded to by Trade Master Greenish of the Melnorme during his negotiations with The Captain of the New Alliance of Free Stars. When The Captain attempted to assert The Flagship's military superiority to Greenish's Inevitably Successful in All Circumstances, Greenish invoked the Dramya as a quiet threat, claiming that the Dramya civilization had once attempted large-scale theft from the Melnorme traders, and pointing out that as a result the Dramya had vanished from history. The details of this story are unknown, but the fact that the Melnorme were confident enough to make this threat at all combined with later observations of the Melnorme Trader ships' prowess in battle gives credence to the claimed military might of the Melnorme civilization.

What we can surmise about "Them" is mostly taken from rumor and the cryptic Arilou. We know that the Androsynth civilization was attempting to harness Dimensional Fatigue technology, and was then completely wiped out by an unknown force. The Arilou intimated that this may have been because the Androsynth exposed themselves to "Them", and warned The Captain about Humans following suit.

The Arilou let on that much of what they have been doing to humans is "changing their smell", whatever that means, to protect them.

"They" are probably also the cause for Bukowski going mad on Eta Vulpeculae II and might even be the cause of some of his physical injuries.

Some believe that "They" are none other than the Orz. This conjecture is based upon the Orz's comments on the "smell" of humans, their present location (in old Androsynth space) and their reactions when questioned about the Androsynth.

Just thought I'd give some background information to spur the thoughts onwards and not completely in the wrong direction.
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