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Author Topic: Stopping the clock  (Read 6180 times)
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Re: Stopping the clock
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2006, 10:13:09 pm »

1. Randomise game

2. Game difficulty

#1 is impossible, because you'd lose all the clues to where things are.  You need the dialogue to synch up with where things are.   If you could limit this to things like minerals and non-essential systems, then it would be workable, but you can't really change anything that would muck up the dialogue or the ability to get through the game without guessing what needs to be done (i.e. where to go).

#2 is very possible however...unfortunately there's been no agreement in that, for the gaming purists and so forth, like the ones that already complain that the game is too hard as it is or the ones that don't want anything changed.

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#1 is merely difficult. As has been mentioned you would need replacement variables in the dialog (voice over would be more difficult) to keep the gameplay together - but what I'm after is re-playability. If minerals mean that certain systems ending *** tauri are not mineral-rich enough to keep you going for half the game or that the S-M or big metal door etc are located in different places mean you have to work it out in time etc. Moving the D....e from where they are 200 units south wouldn't affect a great deal but for those who've played the game several times would recreate that sense of uncertainty that goes with exploration.

#2 how can gaming purists object? The game itself could be untouched; the difficulty options would then only be used by gaming "heretics" such as myself. Besides, aren't we loosely discussing Mods?
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Re: Stopping the clock
« Reply #16 on: April 10, 2006, 12:46:30 am »

 Ok...I am still new at this game so it is still hard for me...the dang probes keep showing up. I found some clues to help with that. The time limit is something I will want to change as well.
 Seems to me that the universe in this game could be better modified by some ambitious programmer extending the game out, maybe give a second chance to the player if they fail.
 A lost Human colony that lets the player start rebuilding to assault the bad guys yet again.
 Or maybe just more missions and stuff that are always there and change the ending so that win or loose the game continues. A mission to find other humans lost after the war would be interesting.
 As I said I am still new to this game so if things like that are out there then let me know.
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