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Author Topic: A guy can Dream can't he (SC Sequel)  (Read 7928 times)
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Re: A guy can Dream can't he (SC Sequel)
« Reply #30 on: April 22, 2006, 08:53:46 pm »

The music was also unparallelled for it's time. No game before, I'm fairly sure, had an enhanced version that allowed for higher resolution and a CD full of music that you not only listened to but ENJOYED.
You must have been on the Mac or something; the PC CD version only had MIDI music, same as the floppy version (either that or my memory is slipping). The CD version did have some very nice speech, though (Shodan is seriously creepy).

SS2 built upon it's predecessor. It took things in a different direction but stayed true to the original. Things were streamlined, and the continuing story of the SS universe brought a decided twist to things.
For starters, I really like the way they managed to simplify the user interface without losing any flexibility (give or take leaning around corners). System Shock has this seriously overkill control scheme using most of the keyboard plus clicking and dragging on both mouse buttons to walking, look around, aim, crouch, lean sideways, throw things, shoot things and so on without even using a separate inventory display. Having three hands would help. Smiley System Shock 2 only requires 2 hands to play.

As a final note, the creator of the SS music track has a website where you can download his works legally. He is better known for his work on Hell March I believe.
Uh... Chicajo has remixed a lot of tunes, but he wasn't involved in any of the System Shock games nor Red Alert. System Shock 1's music is credited to Greg LoPiccolo and Tim Ries and System Shock 2's to Eric Brosius. The Command & Conquer series (Hell March first appeared in Red Alert, but appears in many C&C games) is almost entirely Frank Klepacki.

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Re: A guy can Dream can't he (SC Sequel)
« Reply #31 on: April 23, 2006, 07:51:09 am »

Thanks for correcting me there, I was typing that up at 4 AM and was positive I'd gotten something wrong.

And I've got SS1 Enhanced sitting on my old 30gb HDD, the music sounded very much above midi quality. If they are midis, then they're damn well done midis.


I retract part of what I said above. They ARE midi's, but they're damn well done midi's after all.

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Found an archive for the audio logs from SS1 Smiley
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