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Author Topic: The final battle...  (Read 6709 times)
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Re: The final battle...
« Reply #15 on: December 22, 2002, 08:19:08 pm »

I find it so weird people consider the green things a problem.  The best way I've found to a get Shofixti near the Sa-Matra is to sacrifice a crew member and bounce off a green thing.  Similarly the best way I've found to destroy shield generators is to bounce a Yehat Terminator off the green things so that you move faster than the fireballs and strafe the Sa-Matra repeatedly.  It doesn't even cost crew in this case since Terminators have shielding.  Its almost impossible to lose a Terminator in this battle using that technique.  The guns are also much more powerful than the Pkunk.  Precursor ship?  Again, charge the opposite side of the Sa-Matra as the wall opening, bounce off a few green things and if you aimed correctly you will be inside the opening on the other side before the green things can get there.

I just now finished the Ur-Quan Masters using the 0.12 build provided by sun.  Thanks for making those links available ... all the bug patches really make the game a lot more enjoyable.

As for your solution to beating the Sa-Matra, I've never tried using the Yehat because I just find that the Pkunk Furies work the best.  Yes, it's slower, but I'm patient and the Furies are less likely to die since it is much easier to avoid (outrun) the fireballs with them than any other ship.  I was able to do it with one Fury (no resurrects), although I did have one crew member left (I'm a little sloppy after years of no practice).

Also, I don't know why you bother trying to "trick" the green bouncers at the end.  Once you destroy all the generators and the force field goes down, I always found that the fireballs and green bouncers do not respawn.  Just take your time and shoot them all.

And as for Arrow ... there is no reason to sacrifice your Fury once the last fireball or green bouncer is gone ... you can still use the warp escape with the other (non-Precursor) ships.  Once the Fury safely warps out, you can choose your Precursor vessel and take all the time you like flying through the opening unharmed.

Erm, btw, the end movie isn't implemented yet (easily downloadable though).  So if you try the updated exe or source and beat the game just be aware you just get credits at this point. ^^  It doesn't defeat the fun of playing around with the Sa-Matra battle and the game itself (which is an alpha anyway), but some people didn't take it well.

Well, I knew this going into the ending so I wasn't surprised.  I downloaded those 3DO videos and although the ending video seems more empressive than the PC one (though it includes visuals from it), the credits are not.  I know about the mistake they made, forgetting to record those sections of dialogs with the voice actors and what a shame that is.  Those credits in the PC version had to be some of the funniest in any game.  That ending may have been one of the best game endings ever.  My friend and I laughed so hard at the various jokes and suggestions.  It was the perfect finish to an amazing experience in gaming.  Totally made you feel happy and satisfied.  The 3DO credits are sadly just that, credits.  Although the accompanying song is lively, it just falls short of all the laughs we had.  It's really too bad.  If it were possible, I would like to see the PC credits implemented, perhaps as an option.  Even though they will not be accompanied by voices (since that audio does not exist), I think people would really appreciate seeing this ending, even if it means they'll have to just read it.

Aside from that, I am VERY pleased with the Ur-Quan Masters.  Even though it is the alpha release, I found that the bugs that remain (at least for the 0.12 version) are tolerable if you are sure to save often.
A few months back, when I first heard of this project from that very same friend that I played SC2 with back in 94, I never would have believed you could have brought the project this far this fast.  I am truly impressed.  Keep it up.  I can't wait to see the 1.0 release!

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