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Author Topic: How much did the Mael-Num resemble the present Melnorme?  (Read 1531 times)

How much did the Mael-Num resemble the present Melnorme?
« on: March 22, 2007, 04:03:23 pm »

I imagine that such a long time like passed - and the trauma of being evicted from their homeworld - would put its mark on their species. But in what measure?
Were they still traders back then? Did they have many sources of information? etc.
I would imagine that they were the traders of the Sentient Milieu, and were very similar to their present form, only somewhat less mysterious. And still with many sources of information in space and time.
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Re: How much did the Mael-Num resemble the present Melnorme?
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2007, 04:48:08 pm »

Actually, I personally think the merchant culture we're familiar with initially evolved out of necessity when the Mael-num were forced to adopt a nomadic lifestyle after their eviction from their homeworld. I suspect, while they may have had strong predilictions toward trade during the Milleu days, they must have had a much more diverse range of lifestyles. Otherwise the Dnyarri would certainly have read their minds for whatever useful information they possessed, and then exterminated them when that usefulness ran out.

I think the Melnorme's culture of trade came about because of the necessity of dealing with a wide variety of different races, while always remaining on the move and staying one step ahead of both Ur-Quan. Since they could not settle anywhere easily without fear of their being found by the Ur-Quan, information and technologies became extremely valuable commodoties for making sure that they stayed on nearly everyone else's good side. By constantly staying on the move, they were able to acquire the many and varied sources that they boast currently. And before long, this fixation on mercantilism for survival was transformed into a fixation on mercantilism for its own sake, since as the older generations died out, this became the only life most, and then eventually all, of the Melnorme had ever known.

Re: How much did the Mael-Num resemble the present Melnorme?
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2007, 05:05:33 pm »

Just an objection - they trade information. And they don't feed on information, don't they?

Plus, who said that the Dnyarri didn't read their minds? Or maybe... you know, the Melnorme specify that they don't want to reveal anything about their physiology etc. or mental powers! No matter how weak they are, but probably enough to erase information stored in one's brain. Of course, this could be just a thing that they say to really never reveal anything, including the fact that they have or not psychic powers.
Additionally, there' s no need to read one's mind to learn his secrets - you can simply look in its database.
Of course this would be an argument for you... but again, what makes you think that the Dnyarri didn't extract their knowledge?
Maybe this was what traumatized them, just as for the Ur-Quan it was to be dominated.
And they raised their fees for information - perhaps they even gave some for free before. Now they are extremely possessive when it comes to knowledge.
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