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Author Topic: Star Control: Years Later  (Read 3464 times)
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Star Control: Years Later
« on: November 06, 2007, 10:10:32 pm »

I have decided to post my mirror universe fanfic here in the forum, becouse this place is like, last sanctuary of Star Control fans.
What`s diffrente about this mirror universe, is that mirror is broken after the events of Star Control 2, how you ask? remember that
old man in the ending? He is not there in here!
(plz comment)

You thought that it was just flower dance after the defeat of the Ur-Quan?
No! After both of them retreated back to the sectors out of Alliance`s reach,
still in Ur-Quan slavery (a.k.a out of the map of SC2). After that all races
stabilized their holdings and fleets... That gave problems... The alliance
headed for the security of this fellow worlds. However species like Ilwarth or
VUX where focred to join the alliance afraid of Alliance`s retaliation if still
sidet with the Ur-Quan. Everyone expect Druuge where more then involved in the
Alliance`s politics, even Slylandro. However that didn`t stop couple races to
rampage violently across trade routes between races. Then two years after des-
truction of Sa-Matra, captain of the Vindicator died of radiation poison from
the explosion of Sa-Matra, thought that was debated decades to come. Death
however greated even more turmoil at the Alliance, as one of it`s most power-
full icons in it`s short history. Also the Vindicator was the most powerfull
ship now in the known space, making other goverments worried for it´s power
to remain in the hands of the humans amd thier now divided nations on Earth.
And thus became the fall of the Alliance. They say that every great fall comes
with one mistake, this was no exception. The Vux most threatened by the power
of the humans and thus started an blockade around The Sol. Chmmr transmissions
trough to Earth did everything to calm humans down and not try to end the
blockade by force. As the second week of the blockade went, Vux got more despe-
rate as Alliance as united, was prepared to use lethal force to end the blocka-
de. VUX now more then prepared to end Earth threat, invadet it. Earth`s defense
fleet was no match against flooding enemy ships. Vindicator was presumed lost
in action. After the fleet was destroyed, the VUX fleet turned on Earth itself
destroying it unhabitable, killing 7,000,000,000 humans and all industrial areas,
that holdet the fractile peacekeeping force of the alliance.
After this one great mistake, Traddash Culture 22 was overthrown and it`s cul-
ture set back 200 years, losing afterburner technology. Rest of the Alliance`s
economy collapsed to do trade crash of Earth`s destruction and the powerless
peacekeeping force was unable to hold pirates that also plagued trade lanes.
And what happened after that is still a mystery, do to next era was full of
rise and fall of new goverments, destruction of numerious worlds and colonies,
several times to be exact. Future generations did not know what happened in
this time, but they still got pretty descriptive name for that era, 200 years
of fire. But our story sticks on aftert those event, rebuilding and the grea-
test war in Galaxys history.

Chapter 1, picking the pieces.

Humans have not done well past 200 years, every colonie that used to be under
Human control bevore the defeat in the First War, got re colonized and now 200
years later all of them have formed their own respected goverments and waged
war for supremecy, without an end. Opponents in Terran sector are Sirius Empi-
re, Canopus Republic, Lyrae Commonwealth, Confederation of Centauri and The
Our story begins in Sirius Empire, leadet by Emperor Hayes (yes he is one of
Starbase Commander Hayes grandchild`s). As the population of the Empire is
two million, greatest population for a goverment in Human sector. It`s fleet
consisted of 10 Cruiser class ships, also the biggest fleet in Human sector.
Two of them, HEC Victorious and HEC Hayes, where the main force against the
forces of The Wolf, a system ful of religious fools who believed in a god cal-
led "The Wolf" who would once again come to he`s planet and reclaim Galaxy to
it`s glory, as he`s playground. Captain of the HEC Victorious looked upon
the viewscreen into stars. As he thinks about how many more starts still
blinked in the sky over those two hundred years ago, he even go remember
some of those,that lost their light long ago. Mizar, Rigel, Regulus, Zeeman
and Vela, non more, non less.
The Captain, Jeffrey Brown, was now interrupted by he`s tactical officer David
-Captain, i`m picking up one faint signal.
-Wolf ship?
-No, it`s too faint for a Cruiser class ship, more like an old wreckage of an
ship or probe.
-Hmm... That pod could have technology, in any case in these days we can`t
afford to miss it.
-Change course, sir?
-Yes David. Tell Hayes that we will just check it out quickly.
-Yes captain.

Victorious set course for that mysterious pod and half of a day later it reach-
ed it`S destination.
-Anything on scanners?
-Only the same readings of a pod, we need to go little close to get better rea-
dings... Got it. Small size, saying about smaller then a life boat. It is
broadcasting encrypted transmission.
-Can you decrypt it?
-Well while you work upon that encryption, order engineers to get onboard
and make search upon it.
-Yes sir.

Jeffrey spendet remainder of the day on he`s quarters, watching Imperial News
about local happenings. The woman at the reporter`s desk talk about new rise
on industrial products selled to Melnorme, giving more resources to Empire`s
to build better infrastructure on Sirius, all was looking good in the news,
until. Women was interrupted by person off camera, who gave her a piece of pa-
-We interrupt the normal program for special report from the front. Our space
fleet was caught in joined fleet of Confederate and Commonwealth forces.
In that space battle we lost five Cruiser`s out of five, destroying our Imperi-
al fleet by half. Emperor is due to give announcemnt on this matter foll...

And Jeffrey shutted he`s computer down. He ran from he`s quarters to closest
lift and pressed the button for bridge. He waited couple of seconds and ran out
of the lift. Over the bridge, David was already waiting.
-Did you hear th...
-Yes I heard the news. Did you encrypt it?
-Yes, it used almost ancient Star Control encryption code.
-Then what was in it?
-Just same hyperspace coordinates all over again, 043.8 : 637.2.
-Hmm... We haven`t heard from that sector for more then a hundred years.
-At least agording to records, sir.
-Indeed, have we heard from the Imperial command?
-Yes actually, we seeme to have a hyperwave transmission from Command right
-On screen.

The screen that showed images of black space now chaned picture a man, with
a decent beard and tough man attitude.

-You have propably heard by know about our defeat.
-Yes admiral, i`m hell of a concerned by that, sir.
-Yes it would seem. We have jsut detected an enemy fleet of 10 Cruiser closing
on the Sirius.
-10 ships!?
-Yes captain, it would see that Confederated is putting all it haves and got`s
it`s friends with it. Our intelligence gave us report last month of an alliance
between Confederates and other local Human goverments, but we could not just
believe it.
-so what do we do now?
-You and Hayes will return Sirius system for it`S defence. If Sirius falls, it
will sign the death of Sirius Empire and any change of Sirius it self to stay
independent. Failure is not an option, Admiral out.

Chapter 2, The Defense
Victorius entered hyperspace and Hayes was not far behind. After two days in
hyperspace both ships made into Sirius.
There was a fleet already around Sirius (closest planet of two planet within
the system) consistin of three Cruiser class ships and a starbase around the
first planet.
-Captain, we are reveicing transmission from Sirius Prime.
-On Screen David.

The admiral that Jeffrey was talking couple of days ago, now once again filled
the viewscreen.
-Good thing that you have made it back Captain, enemy fleet will arrive in
couple of hours, we must be prepared for this.
-Admiral, you know that we don`t stand a change against fleet that size.
-We know, but we must try Captain.
-Yes, sir.
-By the way captain, transmit all the information about that pod you picket
up, by your report two days ago I say you got interesting piece of metal there.
-Yes, sir
-Let`s then make this work captain.

And admiral`s head fadet away, back into to the deepness of space. The battle
was growing near every second and also by second to second, lifeline of Sirius
Empire grew thiner.

Three hours later, all of the five ships where positioned within firering posi-
tion of Sirius hyperspace gate (yeah, they use gate`s for more secure transpor-
tation these days...) just at the edge of the system. David glupped at he`s
tactical console. Soon he`s fears were about to come true as hyperspace points
(got no other word for it, I mean you just don`t think that "thet just
appear out of nowhere" when they arrive) opened just close to portal, thus
suprising Victoriuses targeting scanners.
Ten ships closed upon on the five.
-They are firering!
-Prepare laser to intercept these missiles bevore they hit.
-We got 20 missiles heading our way, we have no way to block them all.
-Then hit that are heading for the most critical part`s of the ships, NOW!

David targeted and zap two missiles, as two other hitted the ship. Shaking
the ship a hell of a lot. (and you know what`you should have heard those becou-
se in Star Control universe voice can go trought space without oxygen)
-Damage report!
-We just lost our Point-Defense laser, next wave of missiles will torn us
apart and speak of the devil, enemy is coming for another pass.
-And how many crew are in this ship?
-Around... 15 people.
-15 people or me... 15 people or me... 15 people or m...
-We got three ships coming out hyperspace, Cruiser class ships!
-More enemy vessels?
-I don`t know captain, they are Wolf vessels.
-what is Wolf doing here?
-No idea captain, but they are engaging Confederate fleet.
-Let us then join the fight shall we? Full power to the engines and prepare
our missiles, rest of the fleet will follow us.
-Yes sir.

Chapter 3, Retreat to the portal

However as how much Sirius fleet opened fire on Congfederate fleet, the Confe-
derate fleet outmanouvered Sirius and Wolf fleet`s, while Wolf and Sirius
fleets also fired on each other. On the bridge of Victorius, fire bursted on
some of the consoles and captain had some burn marks on he`S hands and other
parts of he`s body.
-We have heavy damage troughout the ship and we just lost Hayes, HEC Courages
and HEC Kalingrad are informing heavy damage all accross their decks.
-We can`t hold them back, any orders from the Command?
-Nothing, I don`T understand it myself, we had nothing ater the beginnig of
the batt... But wait, sir! Sir! We got ships coming out of the Sirius surface.
-On screen!

Captain could not believe what he was seeing, from the first planet of the sys-
tem, hyperspace capaple shuttle`s where leaving both station and the planet,
but they were not normal shuttles, they where miliatry shuttles, shuttles
designed to evacuate high ranking miliatry members. Captain looks as disgusted,
no wonder we had received no contact from command, they putted us to defend Si-
rius only to escape themselfs, instead of even trying to pack up as much of
civilians as possible. By now all officers from Major to General would be
on those pods, probaply to somekind of hidden base for these kinds of situati-
ons. As Jeffrey thought about these thigns, the Sirius itself set on fights
that could be seen from the viewscreen, cities started to burn and it`s like
you could hear people screaming down there with just looking at the planet
-Sir, we got an Imperial message from the Emperor. He orders all ships to
stand down and surrender to the Confederate forces. It would seem that our
Emperor wants enemies to clean up the panicking people.
-I said it, retreat. Retreat from this system, retreat from Terran Sector,

I was betrayed by my Generals, my people, my Emperor. To hell with loyality,
to hell with mankind.
And to suprise to those few people still in fight, Victorius, as damaged
as ship can be, left the system while three way battle still commenced.
-Destination sir?
-Actually, bevore we start to set course our selfs, where are those shuttles
-Most of them into unknown destination, but some of them are heading towards
those coordinates we picket up from the pod.
-And at least these days Cruisers are more faster then stanard shuttles?
-By a lot.
-Then I quess you know the way?
-Yes Captain.

Victorius travelled more than two months, just allways a head of those shut-
tles. Then finally they reached their destination, around five hours bevore
those shuttles. What Jeffrey, David or any other left alive in the ship
where amazed what they saw, a portal to a new dimension.
-What is that David?
-Hard to get anything from these readings, it is a portal, propably natural
in origin, but artificially kept in balance and open. With your premmision,
I would like to make better scans and analyze them for couple houes, to check
if we could use it.
-Granted, those shuttles are too far away for stop us to do anything for
the next five hours. DO what you do, this might be our only way to escape this
hell zone.
-Yes, Captain.

As hours went past of Davids scans, it was clearly seen collapsing upon it self
more and more.
-I`m done with my scans Captain, and I have reached a conclusion.
-Spill it out David.
-As my first readings told, this is a natural phanomenan, wich had been sup-
ported arificially to stay open long time ago. I really don`t know how, but
whatever kept it open more then it`s original opening and close times, the
effect is burning out. Current estimates tell around from a day to next 30
minutes bevore it collapses to either it`s original run time, or completely.
-So what are we waiting for?
-I really don`t know the after effects of entering portal, if I could make
hour or two scans I... Oh no, I think we have a problem.
-Those shuttles, they are here!
-What? I thought there was at least three hours bevore...

After Jeffrey sad that, something hit the ship and Jeffrey`s head banged at
the close console, losing consciousness and hitting the floor.
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Re: Star Control: Years Later
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2007, 01:14:36 am »

Chapter two released. Could I get even a little bit of comment? Is this so ritiucles that you people don`t want to comment out of embarrasment

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Re: Star Control: Years Later
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2007, 01:22:00 am »

im just to lazy to read it. i will later though, i promise. Smiley
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Re: Star Control: Years Later
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2007, 07:32:34 am »

WEll I got just Chapter 3 released, hopefully you will read soon  Grin.

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Re: Star Control: Years Later
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2007, 06:32:53 pm »

I don't comment on it because I really didnt' find anything in it I liked. Sorry. What i read was darker than SC2, ignored the ending to SC2, and really didn't add anything significant, I felt. It's everything I didn't like SC3's story for.

Sorry I can't be more encouraging, but you asked for it.

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Re: Star Control: Years Later
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2007, 09:43:38 pm »

Hmm.... I thought I endet it within the ending parameters... Ur-Quan defeated, Sa-Matra destroyed... Oh, Vindicator, my bad, forgot that it was destroyed during the blast... Well I think I`am going to edit Vindicator part out, but other then that I don`T really see anything out of context of SC2 ending, except of course Traddash culture 22 already... But I will get on that later  Grin. And I suppose, yeah it is darker then SC2 as everybody goes against everybody, but the idea of Earth completely destroyed is... original don`t you agree? And c`mon, it is not as bad as SC3 story, at least I don`t put new things to it, ruining the gameplay of SC2 as SC3 have`s the story changed to all diffrente.

Chapter four coming soon.

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Re: Star Control: Years Later
« Reply #6 on: November 17, 2007, 04:06:07 am »

And I suppose, yeah it is darker then SC2 as everybody goes against everybody, but the idea of Earth completely destroyed is... original don`t you agree?
Have you never read Douglas Addams?  He thought of it before you.
btw, I still plan on reading your story, I'll get to it eventually.  I promise. Grin
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Re: Star Control: Years Later
« Reply #7 on: November 22, 2007, 07:42:50 pm »

Douglas Adams.... I find.... GOD DAMMET!

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