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Author Topic: Player-Versus-Player Strategy Guide  (Read 13568 times)

Re: Player-Versus-Player Strategy Guide
« Reply #30 on: February 05, 2008, 05:20:04 am »

This topic needs to be stickied and/or converted into a html FAQ when it's completed. But to start, this needs a sticky.

Extremely useful. The orbiting tactic had made the VUX a very useful ship to me now as well as some others.

Good work so far. Looking forward to more.

Re: Player-Versus-Player Strategy Guide
« Reply #31 on: February 05, 2008, 08:32:38 pm »

This topic needs to be stickied and/or converted into a html FAQ when it's completed. But to start, this needs a sticky.

Thanks, but I don't see the point in putting up a sticky for a pet project that isn't finished.

Chenjesu update coming in a day or two.

Re: Player-Versus-Player Strategy Guide
« Reply #32 on: February 15, 2008, 02:07:54 am »

The Chenjesu Broodhome

To say that Chenjesu is lacking in mobility would be an understatement. Due to its mediocre acceleration, abysmal turning rate and high ship mass, this ship lurches about during combat like an obese sea turtle. This ship will crash into the planet more frequently than anything else in the game, and due to Chenjesu's large crew capacity, even one crash will sting like a swift kick to the crotch. An expert player can minimize these collisions, but they are still going to occur. Despite this, Chenjesu is a reasonably effective ship. Its choice of armament is powerful and versatile enough that this ship is effective at all distances against just about everything in the game. It's a good combatant, but the price tag of 28 points is a little too high.

Primary Function: Photon Shard

I wasn't aware it was possible to charge up a large piece of jewelry to the point that it could explode with a force greater than that of a hydrogen bomb, but this is a nice weapon regardless of its silliness. Photon shards can be launched all the way across the screen and continue traveling beyond the camera's boundaries and come back again on a wrap-around. While that is a neat demonstration of the weapon's infinite range, it's also a phenomenally stupid way to fight. Lots of players like to try and hit their opponent with a crazy wrap-around shot and I have no idea why anyone would think that's a good idea. The technique is not reliable in the least bit and wastes far too much time, so don't do it.

With that tangent out of the way, let's go over the specifics of this weapon. The photon shard inflicts six damage on a direct hit. If you release the primary attack button before the shard strikes an object, it will explode into eight little pieces of shrapnel that travel in different directions and inflict two damage each. You do not need to line up your shots perfectly to damage an enemy craft thanks to shrapnel. These smaller fragments are not very precise, but they do help. Rapidly tapping the fire button will unleash a flurry of ordinance nearby that can be devastating at short range. This technique--which has been dubbed "shrapnel spamming"--is a good way to deal with small enemy craft attempting to flank you, for it will cover your ship from almost every angle with weapons fire. Shrapnel spamming does leave two diagonal openings behind the Chenjesu itself that are not covered, so try to keep enemies away from your back as much as possible.

Secondary Function: De-Energizing Offensive Guided Interceptor

Using their entire battery, the Chenjesu can construct and deploy DOGIs during combat. DOGIs seek out the opposing craft and attempt to bump into them. A DOGI collision inflicts no damage, but rather drains ten points of battery power and knocks the other ship off course. Chenjesu can only maintain four DOGIs during combat at a time, though even one DOGI can potentially disable an opponent by keeping their battery empty. DOGIs have varying amounts of usefulness depending upon what the Chenjesu is up against. Even when you're in a match where DOGIs do not appear to be decisive, it's good to make one if you've got the energy to spare and the opposing ship is not an imminent threat. DOGIs are vulnerable to your own weapons so try not to shoot them down.

Ship-to-Ship Comparisons


Outlook: Uncertain. The match is fairly even between equally skilled players, with results varying quite a bit.

Tactics: Don't pillbox and don't gravity whip. Coast around at your default speed and harass the Androsynth with photon shards from a distance. If Androsynth is foolish enough to try and comet charge into your front, several direct hits from your main weapon should blow them away. They are more likely to try and flank you, so spam shrapnel while they are on your front or sides. Do not deploy a DOGI unless the Androsynth is drained of energy from using their comet form. You don't want to fall under attack without a full battery on hand.


Outlook: Excellent. Arilou cannot stand up to Chenjesu once it performs a gravity whip.

Tactics: Find the planet and send yourself on a gravity whip as quickly as possible. You don't want to boost your speed up too high, just enough to prevent Arilou from catching up to you if they try to chase you down from behind. If you gravity whip at too high a speed, tap your accelerate key a few times to balance your speed out. When travelling at the correct speed, Chenjesu is unassailable to Arilou. You will likely have to accelerate out of your gravity whip and perform the maneuver again once your speed boost carries you back towards the planet to avoid colliding with it. The Arilou may attempt to flank you as you search for the planet, but they are easy to repel with a little bit of shrapnel spamming. You need to keep your battery high at all times so do not deploy DOGIs during this match. Sooner or later Arilou will get caught in your shrapnel and the match will be over.


Outlook: As with all mirror matches, the ship which arrives with full crew has a slight upper hand that will usually result in a win.

Tactics: If you start right next to the other Chenjesu, turn and blast them to death before they do the same to you. You need to react quickly if this occurs.

At any other distance you should deploy a DOGI when the match starts. Travel in any direction you want except towards the other Chenjesu directly. That makes you easy for them to hit while at the same time difficult for you to return fire. Try and shoot the other Chenjesu from across the map. You will have to spin towards the other player's DOGIs to ward them off. This is frustrating, but the player who does a better job of this usually wins. You can also destroy enemy DOGIs with two shrapnel blasts, though this activity should be avoided for the most part. If the enemy Chenjesu comes flying towards you, that is your best opportunity to bombard them with multiple direct hits with your photon shards.


Outlook: Bad. Chmmr can reel in Chenjesu with its tractor beam easily, negating Chenjesu's long range. Chmmr will win a shoot-out at point blank range almost every time.

Tactics: Do not use DOGIs, they get torn to pieces by Chmmr's satellites. Always try to land direct hits with your photon shards rather than shrapnel explosions. Beyond that, there's not much you can do to swing the fight in your favor. The Chmmr player might allow you to slip away and recover energy after a brief weapons exchange at short range. Slipping away to recover energy is good, for you will probably win if this happens. If it does, unload on the Chmmr as they approach to catch you a second time and destroy them before they get in range again. Do not expect this to occur, but capitalize upon it if it does.


Outlook: Excellent. Druuge is capable of landing a few shots on the massive Chenjesu, but it definitely won't survive for long.

Tactics: Deploy DOGIs and try to keep away from the Druuge. If they launch themselves towards you to attack, cease creating DOGIs and instead try to take Druuge out with your main gun. A Druuge that does not press the attack at some point will be taken apart by your DOGIS. Once you have four DOGIs deployed, you can try to hit them from across the map.


Outlook: Good. You have a decent chance of winning, but the damage you will likely sustain over the course of this encounter makes it one you should try to avoid.

Tactics: Fly straight towards the Earthling and shoot down incoming missiles with point blank shrapnel explosions. I prefer to fire off two blasts per missile just as they get close. If you do this right, you should be able to shoot down most missiles. If the Earthling cannot find the planet, you will eventually gain on them enough to ravage them at short range. If they manage to perform a gravity whip, you will have to line yourself up and catch them from the direction they are travelling in.


Outlook: Excellent. Ilwrath stands no chance whatsoever against Chenjesu.

Tactics: Move towards Ilwrath and bomb them to death with your main gun. If they survive long enough to inflict any damage on you, you've screwed up somehow.


Outlook: Bad. Kohr-Ah is faster and has more effective weaponry.

Tactics: In a direct shoot-out, you should win. Your photon shards deflect their spinning blades upon contact and inflict more damage when they land a direct hit. Unfortunately, that's about the only advantage you've got and most Kohr-Ah players aren't going to fight you head to head. Instead, plan for a long distance artillery battle. What you want to do is bombard Kohr-Ah while occasionally deploying DOGIs when you've got battery power to spare. Keep the pressure on them and they might buckle before you do. Dodge spinning blades when possible, but realize that you aren't maneuverable enough to avoid them altogether. Do not under any circumstance perform a gravity whip, it will only bring about your defeat that much sooner. If the Kohr-Ah gravity whips, do everything in your power to make sure it does not pass right by you. If it succeeds at this then you will probably lose your ship to a double flamewave. A gravity whipping Kohr-Ah is easiest to land shots on when it is travelling in your general direction, so try to attack it from the direction it is moving towards without moving directly into its path.


Outlook: Uncertain. The outcome of this fight is determined by the skill and luck of the Melnorme player. Chenjesu can do only a little to skew the results.

Tactics: Deploy DOGIs whenever you get a full battery and keep your distance as much as possible. Bombard Melnorme from long range and remember that their red charge will block your photon shards. You will probably have to do most of your damage with shrapnel because of this. DOGIs and asteroids can wreck the Melnorme's red charge, so prolonging the fight as much as possible raises the chance that your opponent will be left exposed. When Melnorme zooms in on you by gravity whip carrying a red charge, try and hit them with shrapnel but don't empty your battery firing on them until they've used up that charge first. You may be able to kill them before they escape you after that red charge is used up. Confusion pulses are very frustrating to deal with, but having four DOGIs deployed will often distract Melnorme enough that they don't get the opportunity to take advantage of it.


Outlook: Uncertain. Mmrnmhrm can wear down Chenjesu with its Y-Form missiles given enough time. Chenjesu's ordinance hits very hard, but is difficult to land on target.

Tactics: Try to keep your ship travelling away from the Mmrnmhrm at all times. If Mmrnmhrm can line up with the direction you're travelling and shoot back at you as you move towards them, the Mmrnmhrm will ravage you very quickly. The opposite position (them moving towards you while you fly away) is ideal, so try to maintain that. Mmrnmhrm moves very fast but turns like a pancake in Y-Form. Shrapnel strikes alone won't win you the match. You will need to land several direct hits. Mmrnmhrm might try to surprise attack you with its laser lance, in which case shrapnel spam destroys them easily. DOGIs are not very helpful during this match, but it doesn't hurt anything to deploy them during a lull in combat since you don't really need a full battery.
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Re: Player-Versus-Player Strategy Guide
« Reply #33 on: February 15, 2008, 02:10:14 am »


Outlook: Uncertain. The outcome of this fight is determined by the Chenjesu's aim and the Mycon's ability to ward off DOGIs. This match can go on for quite a while.

Tactics: Start pumping out DOGIs. You want all four out in play. If one dies, replace it as soon as possible. Once that's out of the way, try to shoot down Mycon from long range. This is very hard to do, but those DOGIs limit the Mycon's ability to evade your ordinance while sapping away their precious energy. Although Mycon is going to heal itself every chance it gets, rushing them is not a good idea. Mycon is faster than you so chasing them down isn't viable unless DOGIs push Mycon right into you. When Mycon goes on a gravity whip you should stay out of their path if possible. If Mycon passes you at a high speed, you're going to be hit hard.

It's possible to line yourself up with a gravity whipping Mycon perfectly so that they collide with you. In this postion you should be able to hit them directly several times as they zoom towards you and finish them off as they bounce off your hull. If you can do this, you've won the fight. The problem? If you don't line up perfectly, they're going to pass by you and inflict massive damage. Although this aggressive move can win you the fight, I don't recommend trying it due to Chenjesu's abysmal maneuverability.


Outlook: Terrible. Orz marines almost always tear Chenjesu apart. Orz can potentially fail to win if they deploy their marines poorly and Chenjesu manages to shoot a good number of them down.

Tactics: Do not try to shoot the Orz ship itself, it is far too agile. You should focus on swatting down the more imminent threat of marines. Fly away from the direction marines are being deployed. Turn around and shoot down these marines with direct photon shard blasts when you have the chance. If the Orz player has any idea what they're doing, they will be dropping marines on you from many different directions. Adjust your flight path to keep the little troopers chasing after you rather than straight into you. Stay far away from the planet as much as possible. If you can survive 15 marines, the Orz vessel by its lonesome is easy prey. DOGIs will not help you during this match and should not be manufactured at all until the Orz are completely drained of crew.


Outlook: Good. Pkunk can dish out decent damage with flanking maneuvers, but will end up being scratched up by a bit of shrapnel almost every time they attack. A Chenjesu on a gravity whip can steamroll Pkunk as it attacks from any direction. The only real threat to Chenjesu is the faint possibility that Pkunk may respawn many, many times.

Tactics: Do not deploy DOGIs ever under any circumstance. You need your battery power. Search for a planet, but try and face towards the Pkunk if possible so you can fire on them. Fire off several shrapnel explosions whenever Pkunk does a flanking run on you. Once you reach the planet, perform a gravity whip but do not boost your speed up to its maximum. Accelerate after you fly away from the planet somewhat to slow yourself down. This is exactly the same speed boost technique Chenjesu should use against Arilou. Once you are on travelling at the proper speed, rotate your ship to keep the Pkunk in your sights and attempt to shoot them down.


Outlook: Excellent. Shofixti is so small it can fly right through several volleys of shrapnel and suicide bomb its target, but Chenjesu has such a massive amount of crew that even a successful run isn't really worth the trouble.

Tactics: Stay away from the planet and try to shoot down Shofixti as they approach you. If they know how to charge up on you properly then they're going to break past and explode on you most of the time regardless. Spam a lot of shrapnel as they get close. This doesn't usually stop them from exploding nearby, but it does prevent them from exploding at point blank range. The difference is that they'll hit you for 6-10 damage instead of 12-16.


Outlook: Bad. This match is decided entirely by the Slylandro player's reflexes and skill, not yours. Slylandro vs Chenjesu is difficult to master. Most players are not capable of pulling it off.

Tactics: Pillbox and try to shoot them down. When the Slylandro inevitably flanks you, fire off multiple point-blank bursts of shrapnel. Do not deploy DOGIs, you need every point of energy you can get at all times. You don't want to fall under attack with an empty battery so try not to fire off too many shots at once.


Outlook: Uncertain. Chenjesu has the advantage here in general but a skilled Spathi pilot is hard to stop.

Tactics: Drift slowly in one direction and adjust your course to move slowly away from the Spathi whenever you're not under immediate pressure. You don't want to travel at anything near the Chenjesu's top speed and you definitely don't want to perform a gravity whip. Facing towards the Spathi and firing on them should take priority over adjusting your flight path. Deploy a DOGI if the Spathi wanders over to the other side of the screen, but otherwise try to keep your battery full. Spathi is a wide target so try to land direct hits on it as often as you can. Shrapnel explosions alone won't be able to wipe out a fully crewed Spathi unless the other player is too skittish to attack properly.


Outlook: Excellent. Fighting Supox is a lot like fighting Spathi but they're not as fast or as durable.

Tactics: Pillbox and shoot. Landing a direct hit is difficult against a competent Supox pilot, but shrapnel should take them out in short order.


Outlook: Excellent. If Syreen is bloated with extra crew, the fight gets a little harder. A 42 crew Syreen can probably beat a Chenjesu, but those are almost never seen in net melee.

Tactics: Pillbox and shoot at Syreen. Don't deploy any DOGIs unless the Syreen is bumbling around on the other side of the screen without a nearby planet. Syreen is almost definitely going to get close enough to use its crew stealing ability on you, but you should be able to wipe them out before they can actually take the crew. Even if they manage to pull one over on you, do not panic but keep trying to land shots. Your firepower exceeds their ability to steal crew if you can land direct hits over and over. Additionally, the shrapnel from your missed shots does a good job of wiping out your stolen crew members, preventing Syreen from gaining very many crew.


Outlook: Excellent. Chenjesu's infinite range weapon takes down Thraddash in short order.

Tactics: Pillbox and shoot at the Thraddash. Don't waste energy on DOGIs because they'll die in flame trails very fast.


Outlook: Excellent. Photon shards can pass right through Umgah's cone. Shrapnel cannot, but it hardly matters.

Tactics: Fly in one straight line. Do not turn your ship around very much from the direction you're accelerating in. If you do this then it becomes possible for Umgah to backwards zip onto Chenjesu's back and inflict a substantial amount of damage. That's all you need to know, really. Just bomb Umgah into oblivion.


Outlook: Uncertain. The Chenjesu has a slight edge here but it's a close match regardless.

Tactics: The Ur-Quan itself is very dangerous to you if its batteries are full, so be on the run from it. DOGIs are what will win you this fight so keep deploying them. The other player will probably be dropping fighters so you will need to alter your course to keep them from getting to you. An extended gravity whip will get you killed in this fight, but a short one which you break out of can save you from incoming fighter swarms. You might not be able to run from every fighter that appears so unload on them with bursts of shrapnel.

If Ur-Quan starts right next to you then you're almost certainly dead. In that situation the best thing to do is face them and unload with your photon shards to inflict as much damage as possible before going down.


Outlook: Excellent. One tap from a DOGI will eat up half an Utwig's battery. Once Utwig loses its ability to block, Chenjesu will crush them easily.

Tactics: Avoid the Utwig and continuously spawn DOGIs. A good Utwig player can fend off DOGIs for a while, but they won't be able to keep it up forever. You want to stall Utwig until a DOGI finally gets them. If Utwig does a gravity whip onto your position, turn away from them and create a DOGI just as they draw near enough to shoot at you. This surprise DOGI drop will nail Utwig and drain them of battery power almost without fail. Because this DOGI surprise is so effective, you should avoid creating the maximum number of DOGIs (four) in case you need to use it.


Outlook: Good. As long as Chenjesu is drifting full speed at the start of the match it should be able to win easily. If not, VUX becomes a whole order of magnitude more dangerous.

Tactics: Read the line above again because it's important. If your Chenjesu is sitting pretty at the end of a match rather than moving fast in one direction then an attacking VUX will mess you up bad. If you send Chenjesu against VUX, or a VUX drops in on you while your Chenjesu is already moving fast then the match should be no trouble at all. Just bomb that VUX into oblivion from beyond its range and occasionally adjust your flight path so that you don't pick up any limpets.


Outlook: Uncertain. A Yehat player that doesn't work their shields properly is easy prey, but one that does can give you a hard time.

Tactics: A bad Yehat pilot takes no skill at all to beat, but let's assume they know what they're doing. Deploy DOGIs, but don't expect them to affect the outcome of battle very much. The only time you can hurt Yehat is when they're diving right at you on a gravity whip. What you want to do is begin bombarding Yehat from far away as they zoom towards you. Try to keep that Yehat under constant pressure for as long as possible when they pounce toward you. Yehat's shields will fail and let some damage break through, but only if you're constantly hitting them for an extended period. Even if you don't damage them the Yehat won't inflict much damage on you if they've been forced to spam their shields. Focus on anticipating which direction the Yehat will dive at you from next. You need to think ahead for this because Chenjesu turns so slowly.


Outlook: Excellent. Another walk in the park for Chenjesu.

Tactics: Blow Zoq-Fot-Pik to bits before they get close enough to fire on you. That's all there is to it. They aren't fast enough to flank you.

Ideal Purpose

Use Chenjesu to take out Utwig, Druuge or Syreen. A favorite target for Chenjesu is what's known as "bloated Syreen". If a Syreen wins decisively enough against one of your ships, it will come out with more crew than it started with. Chenjesu is a great ship for putting a stop to this as long as the Syreen isn't bloated all the way up to 42 crew.

Chenjesu is also a good choice against a Chmmr that has been beaten down to half its crew compliment. You should be able to wipe them out before they can unload their battery on you.


The best counter to Chenjesu is Orz without a doubt. If you have an Orz around, save it specifically for Chenjesu. Slylandro can wipe out Chenjesu, but that involves flawless piloting. If you haven't drilled endlessly with the Slylandro, do not use it here. Any of the spacecraft that rate "uncertain" against Chenjesu are satisfactory choices if no Orz is present and you aren't confident in your Slylandro skills. Lastly, Earthling is a good way to finish off a Chenjesu that's down to 12 crew or less.
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Re: Player-Versus-Player Strategy Guide
« Reply #34 on: February 15, 2008, 02:23:36 am »

I think its worth noting that your own weapon can destroy a DOGI

I like to think you killed a man. It's the romantic in me.

Re: Player-Versus-Player Strategy Guide
« Reply #35 on: February 15, 2008, 03:01:41 am »

I think its worth noting that your own weapon can destroy a DOGI

Good call. I've added a sentence in there about that.
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