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Author Topic: Orz Marines  (Read 1456 times)
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Orz Marines
« on: February 12, 2008, 07:19:47 pm »

Well, I'm bored again. And I just got done snooping around in the "ground weapons" thread.
So, I decided that I am going to make a lengthy babble about Orz space marines and their weapon systems. If you don't feel like reading lots [and I mean lots] of fan-fiction techno-talk that probably isn't correct anyway, GET OUT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! ITS HOPELESS FOR ME BUT YOU CAN STILL SAVE YOURSELF!

The average Orz marine is equipped with a suit of hydraulically powered amour, that has a built-in pair of light cannons on the chest plate. These cannons have a very light caliber but can fire quite rapidly. The robotic arms are designed to be used as pincers, brutally crushing just about any other body part or combat suit they are clamped against.

If melee combat doesn't seem to be an option, a pair of gauss pistols [like those seen in x-com: terror from the deep] can be used, one in each robo-hand. When not in use, these pistols are strapped to the sides of the robo-arms. The Orz combat suit also possesses a jet pack type thing that allows them to move rapidly in any environment, with or without gravity. Also, the average Orz marine is equipped with several powerful grenades.

For actually getting inside an enemy spaceship, each robo-arm is fitted with a powerful torch-like device that emits a laser beam. The laser beam can be used to cut a hole in the ship's hull. The laser is also a good weapon against armored opponents.

The armor itself is hard to destroy, with extra protection on the area where the ammo rounds for the twin cannons are stored. A transparent faceplate is mounted on top of the chestplate, revealiing the Orz inside. This faceplate is, however, the armor's strongest point. It is built out of an alien glass-like substance that is almost impossible to crush or breach with kinetic weapons, and is resistant to most known energy weapons.

Only a few things are capable of destroying Orz armor. A heavy laser cannon is the most effective weapon against the suit, and it might be even able to cut off one the robo-arms if well aimed. Fusion weapons can be used to some effect against the faceplate and the side-rear armor. If nothing else works, try calling in an Ur-quan. He/she/it might be able to rip off some of the suit's parts with raw Ur-quan muscle power, but the Orz itself would probably still be safe and comfortable behind the faceplate.     

Furthermore, all Orz combat suits are equipped to be resistant to biological-chemical attacks, and even can be used in radiated areas. Of course, any spaceship mounted weapon would be more than sufficient to take down a marine in few shots.

To demoralize the enemy, Orz marines almost always put their hydraulic legs on full power, causing every step they take to be a loud ominous metallic stomp. The built-in communication system is used both to talk to other Orz and to broadcast messages and taunts to their enemies, such as "You are so *frumple* you cannot *GO*! Don't be so *enjoyabel*"  But most of the time their opponents feel less threatened and more confused by these comments.

Behind the faceplate is a little cockpit of sorts where the Orz itself sits, surrounded by levers and buttons and other such devices. This cockpit has a self-contained environment specially designed to be as comfortable as the Orz wants it to be. In a heated battle the Orz can be seen frantically pushing and pulling at every switch and button to make sure that it can destroy its enemies as quickly as possible.

Well, that was fun. If you actually read the whole thing, I'm impressed.

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Re: Orz Marines
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2008, 08:27:15 pm »


Must... escape... resist... urge... to... p-p-p-oostt... AAARRGH! NOOOOOO!!!! Saint Bentham, save meeeeeee!


I don't quite like the idea of pistols and light cannons... Orz weaponry seems quite more brutal than that (see their rocket launcher).

In the Ground weaponry thread (I think), my suggestion was that Orz Marines have a pike sort of thing in the middle of their torso, which they brutally thrust forward when fighting at close quarters. They might possibly even use tractor beams in conjunction with it (as if the pike were a harpoon).
And shoulder-mounted bazookas. Definitely shoulder-mounted bazookas.
And power chainsaws in one arm, for cutting their way through the ship.

Other than that, good stuff you've got there.  Smiley
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