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Author Topic: Can someone help me with 3DO information please?  (Read 3295 times)

Can someone help me with 3DO information please?
« on: January 17, 2003, 04:21:52 pm »

Hi, I used to rent a 3DO with my friend and we loved to rent this game. I havea  job now so I am thinking of buying a 3DO so I can play this game again. I havea  computer, but I played Star Control 2 on the computer and it just is not the same.

I have looked on Ebay for 3DO's and there seem to be different kinds. I dont remember the kind we used to rent.

I am wondering if there is some kind of european version or something. Or mabey the 3do has a couple different versions, kind of like the Sega Genesis.

I am wondering this because I looked on ebay, and there are a bunch of different looking 3DO's. I do not want to buy one that does not play SC2.

Another question is, does anyone have any idea why they are so expensive? Used 3do's cost more then used playstations, and as far as i know playstations are way better. 3do's barely even have any games..

Thanks a lot for any info.
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Re: Can someone help me with 3DO information pleas
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2003, 07:42:48 pm »

Don't know more than you do, but I do have a link to this article:

Good luck!

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Re: Can someone help me with 3DO information pleas
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2003, 08:53:48 pm »

I went out and bought a 3DO off eBay but I only have one game for it... you guessed it, SC2.

Of course UQM hadn't been announced back then, and there are no really good (or working for that matter) 3DO emulators out there.

I think I paid something like $30 for the 3DO system (before shipping) and $50 for a BRAND NEW copy of Star Control 2 from some guy in Australia.

There are two basic models of the 3DO put out by Panasonic.
The original FZ-1 has the front loading tray.  These are the ones that initially cost something like $600.  The newer ones are the FZ-10 and the disc loads from the top like the Playstation.  I think some other companies such as Goldstar also made 3DO systems or 3DO compatible systems.

As far as I know, the main difference between the two (FZ-1 and FZ-10) is that the newer one has some sort of copy protection built in (won't read burned CDs) whereas you can still play copies on the older model.  The CD images are kind of hard to find, but you can probably get some from irc or newsgroups.
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