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Author Topic: August Gimmick Tournament  (Read 8665 times)

Re: August Gimmick Tournament
« Reply #30 on: August 24, 2008, 03:12:42 am »


Congratulations to Ph, winner of the August Auction House Tournament.

The auction house tournament turned out very well. The turn-out was embarrassing as usual, but enough people wandered into the arena to make it work. It turned out that having a bidding order was unnecessary with only four people, so we dropped that quickly. The other significant change was to force a minimum ship cost of 10 points on anything other than Zoq-Fot-Pik, Shofixti and Umgah rather than let the last person with points remaining stuff their fleet full of top notch ships for 2 points each. This was a rather clumsy solution and I'll have to assign each ship its own starting cost next time around.

The ship draws were strange but not bad. Three Chmmr and three Kohr-Ah made it into the game, but no Utwig ever drew. These heavyweights would be disproportionately powerful due the lack of decent counters. Similarly, one player bought an Orz while no Androsynth ever appeared for anyone to counter it with. I might have to put a stricter limit on certain ships next time around.


• Jake
• Niblick
• Phallosopher
• MrBrian

-----[Galactic / Jake's Fleet]

Galactic had to leave in the middle of the auction. I gave his half-formed fleet over to Jake, who played the rest of the tournament out in his place. This fleet was 198 points going by vanilla Star Control rules. This was the largest fleet in the tournament. It's missing Chmmr, but shaped up well otherwise.

1) Shofixti
2) Kohr-Ah
3) Spathi
4) VUX
5) Slylandro
6) Melnorme
7) Chenjesu
8) Ilwrath
9) Earthling
10) Syreen
11) Pkunk
12) Supox
Defeated Niblick with Pkunk and Spathi remaining.

Had to leave early. Presumably would have lost to Phallosopher, but this is not a certainty.


This fleet was 179 points going by vanilla Star Control rules. Niblick overspent his points more than the other players, but he did manage to grab both Chmmr and Kohr-Ah for himself.

1) Kohr-Ah
2) Syreen
3) Shofixti
4) Spathi
5) Chenjesu
6) Melnorme
7) Pkunk
8) Slylandro
9) Chmmr
Lost to Jake.

Defeated MrBrian with a Chmmr remaining.

Lost to Phallosopher.


This fleet was 197 points going by vanilla Star Control rules. Phallosopher missed his chance to pick up Kohr-Ah, but that Orz he was carrying without any opposing Androsynth present throughout the whole tournament to stop it made a big impact. Player skill probably had more to do with Ph's victory than fleet composition.

1) Mycon
2) Orz
3) Chmmr
4) Ur-Quan
5) Ilwrath
6) Mmrnmhrm
7) Syreen
8) Supox
9) Melnorme
10) Earthling
11) Zoq-Fot-Pik
Defeated MrBrian with Chmmr, Mmrnmhrm, Melnorme, Earthling, Ilwrath remaining.

Played an inconclusive game against Jake.

Defeated Niblick with Chmmr, Mmrnmhrm, Melnorme, Ilwrath, Syreen, and Earthling remaining.


Mr. Brian's fleet was 214 points going by vanilla Star Control rules. This is primarily because he ended up snagging an Ur-Quan for the minimum price of 10 points near the end, skewing his fleet's artificial value by quite a bit. This fleet has Chmmr and Kohr-Ah as well, but it is not as good as the price tag would have you believe.

1) Spathi
2) VUX
3) Chmmr
4) Slylandro
5) Kohr-Ah
6) Pkunk
7) Supox
8) Arilou
9) Ur-Quan
10) Melnorme
11) Umgah
Lost to Phallosopher.

Lost to Niblick.
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Re: August Gimmick Tournament
« Reply #31 on: August 24, 2008, 09:33:09 am »

Yeah, sorry about having to leave there... good that you found someone to replace me.
Mr Brian
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Re: August Gimmick Tournament
« Reply #32 on: August 25, 2008, 02:13:28 am »

For being my first time in a tourney, this was pretty fun
The auction part was perhaps as fun as the fighting Smiley   even though it took 2 hours
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