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Author Topic: Hidden things and easter eggs  (Read 1935 times)
Zebranky food
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Hidden things and easter eggs
« on: September 08, 2008, 08:15:22 am »

Sometimes, certain samples have interesting names.
ZFP is just a random message from Dan:
Zot Fot Piq music
--still working on it!
D. Nicholson

VUX gives you Dan Nicholson's number:
Dan Nicholson
(Not sure if I should post it, so I won't)

Utwig is more random from Dan:
Theme for the Utwig
D. Nicholson

Umgah Theme
D. Nicholson

Syreen had the notes right on the actual samples instead of blank ones:
#PO_Box_(Personal information censored)
#(censored, he lives in CA)

 ow! that funky alien!
Dan Nicholson

Supox had more interesting stuff including an ad:
Another strange song
Written by The Finn.
Be sure to watch out
for Cascada's new
vector demo due this
easter of '92...

Greets go out to:
Zodiak of Cascada
Fred Nietzche
Mark J Cox

Contact me if you like
my stuff... or even if
you don't... your
comments are welcome.

(censored, doesn't actually work anymore)

(the bell sound's name is tacobell)

Slylandro Probe:
  Dan Nicholson

#PO_Box_(Personal information censored)
#(censored, he lives in CA)

Orz proves that Scooby doo is a part of *them*:

Melnorme(this is the last time I'm repeating this one):
#PO_Box_(Personal information censored)
#(censored, he lives in CA)
Music possibly for
The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za or
another evil race
  Dan Nicholson

This is what I have
been working with
for the Druuge.

D. Nicholson

D. Nicholson

Dont know if this is
any sort of thing you
can use but its some
thing i have been
working with

Possibly suitable for
The Arilou?

D. Nicholson

Also, post things you have found.
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Re: Hidden things and easter eggs
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2008, 10:17:34 am »

I don't know until I've seen it. Use your own judgement. And moderators can still decide to delete or censor the posting. Or send me a PM first.

“When Juffo-Wup is complete
when at last there is no Void, no Non
when the Creators return
then we can finally rest.”
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