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Author Topic: Player-Versus-Player Tactics Guide v0.3  (Read 9134 times)

Re: Player-Versus-Player Tactics Guide v0.3
« Reply #15 on: December 04, 2008, 12:37:10 am »

The Pkunk Fury

Quick reflexes are a useful attribute for anyone that's serious about competing in net melee, and every ship in Star Control's line-up can benefit from this. With flanking ships, reflexes are more than a useful attribute. They're everything. The Pkunk acts as a typical flanking ship with one very big twist. When killed, the ship reappears based on the flip of a virtual coin. In addition to fast reaction time, you're also going to need luck on your side. If that weren't enough to worry about, Pkunk unfortunately has a cheap counter to itself as well. Pkunk will make a strong showing only if you play well, receive multiple respawns and run into an opponent who doesn't have the proper counter. In short, this ship has its high points but sucks most of the time.

Primary Function: Triple-Mounted Minigun

The minigun sprays projectiles in three directions, allowing Pkunk to attack head-on or unleash a broadside as it passes. A single burst of the weapon uses one point of energy. Each individual projectile inflicts one point of damage. If you hold down the fire button to drain the ship's battery from full to empty, you will fire a dozen rounds in each direction. It is possible to inflict 12 damage during a single attack run if you make every shot from one of these guns count, although that does not often occur. Pkunk is too fragile to be used recklessly; with most match-ups you should prioritize evasion over damage-dealing.

The Death Blossom

This is a popular technique that involves spinning the Pkunk in one direction while firing off the minigun. Flailing about in such a manner may be visually impressive, but you can inflict much more damage by aiming the weapon manually. Reserve the Death Blossom only for difficult-to-hit enemies such as Arilou.

The Double Barrage

While highly impractical, it is possible to nail some of the larger ships with two different miniguns at the same time. Those two being the forward cannon in tandem with one of the side cannons, with the front of the Pkunk vessel tilted 45 degrees away from its opponent at very close range. Given Pkunk's extreme speed, it tends to pass its adversaries too quickly to take advantage of this.

Secondary Function: Taunt

The Pkunk recharge their weapon systems telepathically while broadcasting insults into deep space. In practice, the taunt ability is a pointless key-jammer. During gameplay you should hold down the secondary button for the entire duration to maximize battery recovery.

Bonus Feature: Reincarnation

When a Pkunk is destroyed, it has a 50% chance of respawning with full crew and energy. There is no limit to the number of times a Pkunk may respawn. You have no control over this. All you can do is hope for the best.

Ideal Purpose

Pkunk is a wildcard. You can deploy Pkunk in almost any situation and get roughly equal benefit. It isn't best at destroying any particular ship. Most ships can potentially be trounced by a Pkunk with skill and luck on its side. Your Pkunk may turn out to be a dud, in which case it's not going to do you much good. Do not deploy Pkunk against its natural predators, which are listed below.


Syreen's crew-stealing ability allows it to wade through multiple Pkunk incarnations. It is a solid Pkunk-killer, so hold Syreen in reserve specifically for this purpose if you've got one. Every other ship in the game is a mismatch, really, as either you're going to end up going overkill with a heavyweight like Chmmr or you risk putting a less valuable ship into a situation where it may be overwhelmed by multiple reincarnations. If you have no Syreen present in your fleet, I recommend overkilling the Pkunk just to be on the safe side of things.

Syreen vs. Pkunk: Generally speaking, Siren's Song > Pkunk. This match-up can become a struggle if the Pkunk player is particularly gifted. See the Syreen section if you are interested in learning the particulars.

Yehat vs. Pkunk: Your spammable shields are very effective at negating Pkunk weaponry. Pkunk is agile enough to flank you, and you should expect it to happen many times regardless of how you position yourself. Yehat has a longer weapon range than Pkunk, and that is the key to winning. To take advantage of this, shoot a quick burst at Pkunk as it approaches, then tap your shields repeatedly to negate whatever damage the Pkunk might inflict as it flanks you.

Chmmr vs. Pkunk: Keep your front facing the Pkunk. Shoot it when it gets close. That's pretty much it.

Kohr-Ah vs. Pkunk: Surround yourself with spinning blades. Replace these as necessary if they drift away or break. If you notice yourself drifting out of the fortified area, adjust your position and try to bring yourself to a stop. This defensive position is very difficult for the Pkunk to break through. If it gets within firing range, respond with a flamewave. This is a very easy match-up overall. You should have no trouble holding out against multiple respawns.
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Re: Player-Versus-Player Tactics Guide v0.3
« Reply #16 on: October 30, 2009, 10:48:58 am »

Is this project dead for good? Sad Sad ._.

Re: Player-Versus-Player Tactics Guide v0.3
« Reply #17 on: October 30, 2009, 08:59:36 pm »

The guide is up on the wiki right now:

I've only done Androsynth in the new format, but reading that will give you an idea of how I'd like to approach all of the other ship sections. There's much less "this is what this weapon does" fluff and more advice that can be put into practice. I'm not making any promises of finishing the guide, but it's right on that page if I ever feel like adding to it.
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