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Author Topic: Running SC1, 2, or 3 under XP?  (Read 6288 times)

Re: Running SC1, 2, or 3 under XP?
« Reply #15 on: February 08, 2003, 08:37:10 pm »


The sound card settings mentioned aren't really so much for the benefit of the OS, but for the benefit of the games you run.  Historically the old Sound Blaster cards had addresses like that you had to set up and define to the games so they could find the sound card and use it.  That's what is being defined there in the need those numbers if you ever have to define the sound card to a game you wish to run.

Everything works but the sound, but the sound, depending on how I try to get it to work (DosBox, soundblaster emulation software for old DOS games, etc.) never works.  Clearly it's playing a sound when it thinks it should be playing a sound, but those sounds are often much longer than they should be and have a sort of wumphing quality to them.
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Re: Running SC1, 2, or 3 under XP?
« Reply #16 on: February 09, 2003, 08:01:07 pm »

Here's how I used DOSBox 0.57 to run SC2 absolutely flawlessly under XP:

-Start up dosbox and at the Z: prompt type "CONFIG -WRITECONF DOSBOX.CONF" (without the quotes). Close DOSBox.
You should now how a file called "DOSBOX.CONF" in the dosbox directory, which can be "opened with" notepad or any text editor. Save a copy called "SC2.CONF".
-Create a subfolder in dosbox dir, called "CONF", and move "SC2.CONF" into there.
-IMPORTANT: In SC2.CONF, Change the option "keepsmall=false" to "keepsmall=true". This is what screws up the sound and makes it echo.
-Change cycles=1800 to cycles=4000
-In SC2.CONF, the bottom of the file should look like:

---cut (do not copy this line)---

# Add here the lines you want to execute on startup.
mount c "(full directory path of SC2)"
starcon2 -g:bios -s:sblaster

---end cut---
-If the directory that SC2 is in has long filenames or spaces, DO enclose it in quotes. Also note the directory path does not contain the executable file name.

-Create a file called "SC2.BAT" in the "CONF" directory you made, and edit it to contain:


..\dosbox -conf SC2.conf

--end cut--

-Now you should be able to double-click "SC2.BAT" to run SC2 just like it used to.
-You can use "alt + enter" to go fullscreen.
-Try doing the same for other games that weren't working right before, it helps them too.
Anyway, good luck!
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Re: Running SC1, 2, or 3 under XP?
« Reply #17 on: February 10, 2003, 04:28:53 am »

Thanks all for the advice.  I've got the game working, but as others have indicated in regard to Windows ME, the sound is echoing and not very pleasant.  Will work on fixing that when I have time.  I actually have the sound mods on independent files - maybe I can just run them in the background as I play the game.  Wink
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