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Author Topic: The Life and Death of a Pkunk 1.1  (Read 5808 times)
Zebranky food
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Re: The Life and Death of a Pkunk 1.1
« Reply #45 on: November 26, 2009, 04:23:39 pm »

1 he may be reborn anyways...
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Re: The Life and Death of a Pkunk 1.1
« Reply #46 on: November 26, 2009, 08:09:18 pm »

You decide to sacrifice your patient to find a cure. The experiment is successful and you continue your career as an esteemed doctor. Sometimes the case gnaws at your conscience, but never for long. You continue your stellar career, learning much about Pkunk and their physiology. Eventually, after a spectacular celebration to your honour, you fall over a balcony while tipsy and break your neck.

You blink and look around you. You’re back in the big hall, with the three old Pkunk perched on a bench in front of you.
“Welcome back to the tribunal!” the middle one says. “Looks like you died again!”.

Then abruptly he burps, shakes his feathers and disappears. Another, even older Pkunk appears in his stead. It seems that this is pretty standard procedure at the tribunal.

“What now, what now? Who’s this young rascal then?” The other Pkunk quickly bend in and whisper something in his ears. He peers at you and hoots in delight.

“Whoop de doo! You’ve made your four choices! So now it’s time for us to think.”

The elders stick their heads together and whisper excitedly. Finally, the right one turns and speaks to you.

“You show great mercy and have great knowledge. But when it comes right down to it, you’ll put yourself and your thirst for knowledge in front of the needy. Your hunger for knowledge exposes you! You can’t be a Pkunk. When you open your eyes you’ll be among your own, where you belong!”

As you open your mouth to protest, the hall fades, away. The last thing you see are happy Pkunk waving to you and promising to write. Then everything is black. As you open your eyes, things are different. You are small and frail, your arms weak and puny. But your mind. Your mind is so big. As the memories of your old existence fade, you realise that you are an Arilou starchild. You will learn the secrets of the universe. But only to bend it in ways that please you.

What's up doc?
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