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Author Topic: Melee customization desperately wanted  (Read 7244 times)
Captain Smith

Re: Melee customization desperately wanted
« Reply #30 on: April 12, 2003, 03:33:50 pm »

I agree about the randomness.  Some battles it's OK, but others it gets a asteroid coming along and bouncing you right into incoming fire (or away).

One thing I'm really noticing the asteroids and the planet on is the current battle I'm working to master: VUX (me) vs. Kohr-Ah.  Probably the worst two things randomly are the asteroids (blink into my ship, fly right into a cloud of blade mines - DEAD ship), and the warp-in locations (remember VUX has the close warp dealy about them - if I warp right in front of a Kohr-Ah, I'm dead without a chance).

If you're wondering, I'm getting close to .500 now (I play against 5 Kohr-Ah ships and a full list of VUX ships - the point totals are very similar).  Usually one VUX dies for every Kohr-Ah.  The factor where the asteroids usually hurt is where I'm stalking and waiting for my battery to go up so I can slice the Kohr-Ah apart...  And if you're wondering, usually my ships die when I try to get behind them while limpeting - the VUX seems to not be able to dodge the blades at full speed...probably will figure out a way eventually...  I'm up to about .200 now on taking a Kohr-Ah out from full strength using a single VUX ship....  It's fun for me right now.  Grin
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Re: Melee customization desperately wanted
« Reply #31 on: April 12, 2003, 05:08:30 pm »

You might be better served by asking for a camera option to have the view locked to your ship, instead of relative to the positions of you and your enemies.  The problem is less the asteroids themselves, more that you can't tell they're there, while the CPU can.
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