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Author Topic: The Best Thing About Ur-Quan Masters is... [MAJOR Spoilers]  (Read 1271 times)
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The Best Thing About Ur-Quan Masters is... [MAJOR Spoilers]
« on: April 11, 2011, 01:37:39 pm »

. . . what?

I'm curious: what are your favorite things about this amazing game.  Recently I've tried to narrow down some of mine.

1.) It's longevity.   The fact that I'm still playing and enjoying a game almost two decades after I first played it.   Other games have come and gone, a LOT of other games.  There are few that I keep playing, and none as long as SC2/UQM.

2.) The Excitement.  Yesterday, I narrowly escaped death deep in Ur-Quan space.  I was decked out, 4 crew pods, triple Hellbore with 3 guidance, 3 shivas and 3 dynamos, with a full fleet of Eluders for crew reserve.  But I made a mistake and found myself out of fuel with Dreadnaughts and Marauders bearing down on my from all sides.  With no ability to restock my crew, I had to slug it out until the Melnorme showed up.  I finally managed to hit the spawner and escaped into Quasi-Space with just The Captain alive.  I about had a heart attack.

3.) The Characters.  Its one of the few games I've played ever where I feel sorry for the villains.  Yes, the Ur-Quan are evil, and want to murder/enslave anyone they come across, but learning their history, its easy to sympathize with them.  Being forced to torture yourself to free your people from a psychotic overlord who is making you kill your friends is gonna mess anyone up a litte.  Every race is amazing in its own way, from the impish naughtiness of the Slylandro, to the bizarre religion of the Mycon.

4.) The Story. I'm still absolutely blown away by the story.   Its like a favorite book or movie.  You read or watch it over and over again.  Sometimes I'll just barrel through the game, using my (and the wiki's) meta-knowledge of the races, plot and starmap), gand sometimes I'll play it more RP, not acting on stuff I haven't learned in game.  Either way, its a blast.

5.) I still learn new things.  Unlike a favorite movie or game, I seem to pick up something I've always missed or forgot since the last time I played.  I just started playing again, and this is the first time I've played and reached the Umgah conversation about kidnapping a Mycon.  It added even more depth to the game to find out the Mycon are an artificial race.  The idea of a created intelligence developing its own religion fascinates me (and makes me wonder about the religious beliefs of the Mmrnmhrm.)

6.) Your Turn.

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Re: The Best Thing About Ur-Quan Masters is... [MAJOR Spoilers]
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2011, 02:52:25 am »

Don't forget the gameplay! Super Melee is simple, elegant, and a blast to play!

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