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Author Topic: Thoughts - For a greater reworking  (Read 4918 times)
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Re: Thoughts - For a greater reworking
« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2003, 04:50:00 pm »

I remember you could make you could make your own full game stories in SC. Too bad the system itself wasn't too detailed. It would be nice if you could have set some goals in the full game mode (like: destroy Syreen with the name ..., or: blow up at least 5 urquan Dreadnoughts with a shofixti scout). I would like to have seen that more expanded in a SC game. The abillity to make your own scenarios, just like a lot RTS games allow you to make your own map/missions.

In other boards and personally I've wanted to do a project like this (probably using the TW engine) and have begun to develop my skills that direction. (Far from it at the moment, but I will be there one day.)
One problem is that I would really need to decide what goals a expanded storyline game would have. So asside from above, which ideas I really like, other goals would a full stragety game have to spice things up?
One thought is to rescue a pilot and carry it back to the starbase. Another would be to build 4 fortified mines. Or a timed mission where if you don't accomplish the task or find whatever in time the enemy recieves re-enforcements. Maybe just "defend the starbase until _____". (The original SC1 gave you the option of either destryoing the starbase or all colonies. Those would still be an option.)

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Re: Thoughts - For a greater reworking
« Reply #16 on: April 16, 2003, 11:28:02 am »

Mmm... I could go for a pre-quel as well, one where you control the Ur-Quan, but unlike the simulation format of SC1, make it a first person format as per SC2.

The goal of course, would be to ultimately enslave the Chenjesu. The problem would be that you wouldn't have enough ships or resources to manage that, but you could encounter (battle thrall) alien races and subjugate them to add their forces (and resources) to your fleet.

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