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Author Topic: About the androsynth/orz/arilou  (Read 3911 times)
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About the androsynth/orz/arilou
« on: April 10, 2003, 02:37:24 pm »

Sorry if this qualifies as making too many threads about one subject.  The other thread seems to be primarily playful, and the one linked in it is very large and very old, and didn't seem like something I should bump.  I've got a couple of theories I'd like to discuss though.

On why the androsynth vanished - well, from what they say in the game, it seems that the androsynth were noticed by something in the extra dimension, and that something made them go away.  It seems that they key factor in being noticed is simply knowing these creatures exist.  Kind of weird - a demon in another dimension who isn't real unless you know it is real, then it eats you.  But there is evidence for this.

The arilou say:
Our motives are multiple, our desires complex.
Part of what we do on Earth is for your own protection.
There are parasites. Creatures who dwell Beyond. They have names, but you do not know them. They would like to find you but they are blind to your presence... unless you show yourselves. The Androsynth showed themselves, and something noticed them.  There are no more Androsynth now. Only Orz.

Two interesting things there.  The first part is that it shows that whatever the hell it was that got the androsynth, it WASN'T the orz.  You do know not the names of the thing that found the androsynth, and the arilou won't tell you, but you do know the name of the orz.  Secondly, it implies that noticing is means being noticed, and that you do not want to be noticed.

The orz though, say:  Orz are trying to *pull* the Androsynth, but they are so *silly*, they do not want.
Then the Androsynth made some *slippery places* and then Orz can *smell* it.
It *smells* so good Orz are surprised!

Another bit about what the arilou were saying - it seems the act of knowing about whatever got the androsynth not only brought the demons to eat the androsynth, but allowed the Orz to see into our dimension, and the orz came.

The first part is more interesting - the Orz claim to be *pulling* on the androsynth, but it wasn't the orz doing the killing.  I suspect the orz knew what was going on, and weren't trying to kill the androsynth, but to save them - pulling them out of this dimension into a different dimension, where presumably, the rules of being seen are different.  I have a very specific theory on why they were trying to pull the androsynth through, but it's just speculation so I'll save it.

I also suspect the orz have a more positive interest in this universe then just killing everything.  They attack you if you ask too much about the androsynth for the same reasons the arilou refuse to give you solid answers on the subject - if you know what happened to the androsynth, you know what they knew, and then you can be sensed by the demons.  Letting the information get out could be extremely dangerous to all life, and neither the orz nor the arilou want that.  And the orz are willing to use force to supress that information, so dangerous it is.  This of course, doesn't mean that the orz don't want to keep you around just so they can do something nasty to you later - just that they're not part of that thing that's killing you.

Before you call me a nut, remember the report you get if you visit the androsynth homeworld.  The sole scientist who does all the reading and learning about the androsynth gets attacked by invisible entities, trying to blow up the androsynth computer, because just knowing is enough for them to see you.   He gets subjected to spectral attack, (there seems to be more scratches there then there were a minute ago), while the rest of your crew is unaffected.

I'm still working out some little things - I'm not entirely sure of what exactly the orz are or why, but it seems that they're just a projection of a race from a different dimension, not the actual race.  Orz are not many bubbles, and what you see as orz bubbles are just orz fingers.  I'm guessing their native forms can't exist in this dimension, so they send projections instead.  It's quite possibly true of the arilou as well - they speak of being 'forcibly discorporated', but not of actually 'dying'.  I'm guessing 'killing' an arilou or an orz isn't like killing a human - the arilou or orz isn't actually dead, just has it's form in this dimension destroy.  Probably inconvienient to find another one too.

I'm also not sure if *seeing* and *smelling* are exactly the same thing.  The arilou say you can not be *seen*, but the orz however claim to be *smelling* you all the time.  Would seem to imply they're not the same thing, but it's confusing., I guess that's all I have to say on that for now.  Any thoughts?
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Re: About the androsynth/orz/arilou
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2003, 03:01:55 pm »

The Orz clearly don't care about getting their "fingers" hurt. They call fighting "*dancing*" and "*playing*" and consider an alliance involving all-out war with the Ur-Quan to be "*smiley-time*." They're the only race (other than the Ur-Quan, and it's probably not Ur-Quan pilots doing the work, and the Druuge, but we know what THEY'RE like) that sends its own crew OUT of the ship and INTENTIONALLY tries to get onboard an enemy's ship, seething with hostile crew.

Why would you have such a casual attitude towards all of this hard-and-fast and casualty-intensive activity if you were worried about dying? So either the Orz don't mean what we think they mean (mistranslation), or getting your *fingers* blown up or shot is no big deal - and might even be FUN!
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Re: About the androsynth/orz/arilou
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2003, 09:54:07 pm »

First, the Orz marines you send out aren't Orz - they come from the same crew pool as the other ships: Humans, and later, possibly Shofixti.
Second, if you have that guy lock himself up -- well, the thing is, he survives. He rejoins the crew. Either he gets over it, or up in space he's safe, or... whatever it is, it wasn't fatal. Maybe he gave himself amnesia somehow.
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Re: About the androsynth/orz/arilou
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2003, 10:23:57 pm »

Ship captains must be of the ship's race in order for it to be able to be controlled; however no one said anything about extra crew, so I guess you're right on that one.

Other than that, most of the things you've (AnonomouSpathi) said have already been discussed in other threads; as for the Orz not afraid to die - that might imply on them being reincarnated in a different dimension (e.g. Pkunk / Arilou) but not necessarily - hey, the Shofixti would die anytime and more importantly - the Umgah. They attack you and consider it a joke.. haha

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hehe Shiver, that one's so good, thought I'd post it again Tongue
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Re: About the androsynth/orz/arilou
« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2003, 04:52:39 am »

Despite all the theories and conjecturing, I personally choose to just believe the most straightforward explanation that the game seems to push.

Orz is the source of the parasites from beyond that infected the Androsynth, clawing and scratching as they came. Only by infecting and displacing beings that are already present in this realm of existence are Orz able to make their own way into this realm. And as a result of being infected, Androsynth were displaced by the Orz. They are hostile about being asked about the Androsynth because they don't want you to directly interfere with their plans to further forcefully make their way into this realm.

Yes, I know. I'm just basically rehashing what the Arilou tell you, and interpreting it all literally.

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