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Author Topic: Star Control Origins, game mechanics (Spoilers!!!)  (Read 5312 times)
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Re: Star Control Origins, game mechanics (Spoilers!!!)
« Reply #15 on: September 28, 2018, 01:46:29 am »

Nitpick time. I strongly dislike these power-ups floating around that seem to grant bonuses to that ship's side for the duration of the fight. Visually, they clutter up the battle arena with silly looking LEDs and make outer space less beautiful. Thematically, they don't make sense. How did so many of these things get distributed all over the galaxy? Mechanically, they incentivize the player to race around the arena collecting as many of the things as possible before engaging the enemy ship. If SC:O is played PvP, the smart thing to do is open with a very fast ship and steal as many power-ups as possible to get the upper hand on the battle. It looks like the AI makes no effort whatsoever to gather power-ups which likely impairs its effectiveness and will make PvC matches very different from PvP.

The wormholes, nebulae and so on are great additions to melee, on the other hand.
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Re: Star Control Origins, game mechanics (Spoilers!!!)
« Reply #16 on: September 28, 2018, 08:45:49 am »

Both starbases basically said they can sythesize everything, but need raw materials. Just that rare ressources are difficult to synthesize, therefore you're faster collecting some things yourself.
Which sounds like matter/energy/matter conversion to me. (But then, why did Earth's starbase have problems creating radioactives for their energy core?)

Yes, I agree, for the game fun I can accept changed things. Rule of cool.
But the transported ships and ressources do somehow tickle me the wrong way.
Yes, it would be annoying to have tow separate RU accounts (possibly more, I stopped watching the videos, so I don't know if the Maelnir or other alien races also give access to their Starbases.)
With the Tyworm and the Squids, well I can see their economies to be strong enough to see that as an investment, and they "take" a credit from your slip they can spend at Earth Starbase then.

It's also a pity that their Shipdocks apparently do not have modules which are exclusive to their docks.
(Imagine a lander using a "slime" module to protect the lander against harsh winds and toxic environments.)
Instead they have the same modules every Starbase has. (Where did they get the specification? Apparently, the specification will be stored on your ship, and you bring it along to all other docks.)

Yeah, the gameplay is different from before. I also saw that there are minor quests which do not get logged in your questlog.
Not that it really matters.
Pen and paper is the way to go for me. IF I ever get around to a new machine AND finding the time to play. And this courtcase gets to an acceptable solution giving me the continuation of the story started in UQM/SC2 from FF/PR.

BTW: depending on how a spaceship contacts the atmosphere of a planet, a ship does bump back into space.

And apparently, Paul and Fred were also also aware of this principe when they created SC2. Here are a few places where realism gave way for fun. (There are probably many more.)
  • ships the size of planets (particularly in SuperMelee)
  • ships bouncing off of planets in SuperMelee
  • crew loss when a ship takes damage
  • a maximum speed of ships (non-relativistic)
  • resources are interchangeable (e.g. you can bring back a load of radioactives and antimatter and make a crew pod out of it)
  • the captain is allowed to decide everything he does on his own, even building alliances and putting the future of the Earth on the line

I usually consider such things as to be representative of what goes on in the game universe, not as what literally happened.
Me too.
  • Hence the size of ships compared to planets (otherwise the ships would be invisible, or the planets would occupy about 90% of the fight-arena.
  • Hence crew loss as indication of ship damage.
(Which also made ship repairs ridiculous cheap in SC2, in Origins ship repairs are even for free if you get to a colony of those crewing the ship. Which with the Tyworm technology seems to be correct anyway. "Glueing a ship having been cut in half within minutes.") (I also found it weird in SC2, that the collected salvage did not take up cargo space.)
  • The maximum speed was basically necessary to prevent ships flying as fast as some of the asteroids after you locked up. Kept the melee playable.
  • Your new lander is made out of radioactives and antimatter. Nobody realistically expected you to survive the headbutting with the Ur-Quan.
  • Starbase was doomed anyway, and there simply is no-one out there to check your actions.In Origins, there is an accessible Earth which could intervene. And in SC3 there was the council which would even fire you from your post.  But indeed, I always found it weird that someone would go into an alliance with you, when all you had was ONE starship.

I know, for any story deviations from reality have to be made, to keep the story tellable and quick-paces enough to be interesting. And playable.
It just itched me.

(Just like the wormholes in the new "fleet battles" itch me. And the upgrades in the arena. But somehow I can stomach those better than you hauling about tons of ressources without them using up space in your cargo holds, and the mass not influencing the inertia of your ship. (But then, that also rubbed me with SC2: a fully loaded cargo hauler Vindicator in SC2 had the same drive acceleration as an empty ship.))
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