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Author Topic: Swarming is broken  (Read 1302 times)
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Swarming is broken
« on: January 29, 2019, 12:49:44 am »

In my game I contacted Arilou., and then picked a random warp point. It dumped me across the map. So, I realized it was a mistake, and began going back to the left side of the map, visiting various systems. I knew the Ur-Quan were in there, but I figured I could run from anything I couldn't handle. Nnnnope!

I let someone catch me, in the middle of searching random star systems, and it was one of those two. You know how this works. It really didn't matter at that point if I fought well, if the Ur-Quan asked me to leave the area, or even if I had the portal device, because from that point on the game was softlocked into encounter after encounter. If you have 7 guys waiting, and more spawn faster than you can kill them or run, the game is over. Just continuing at that point is wrong; wrong for the game to imply you can continue and wrong for the player to hope he can succeed. GAME OVER.

I did kill quite a few and ran from many more, but it doesn't matter. Autopilot was already on before the first encounter. Game won't even let me transfer crew to the ship, let alone use devices or open the map. GAME OVER.

So, in terms of addressing this, I think it should be possible when being swarmed, if you manage to escape several attacks, you should have the privilege of retreat from a situation you cannot prevail in. Pretty much that "invincibility frames" type mechanic where, if you flee from a ship in a system, you have the ability to flee. It doesn't even make sense that you "escaped" from a battle, but didn't because you never moved from the point of danger.

I read the interpretation of some that "you shouldn't go over there, it's supposed to be dangerous" and I get that, but not only can you do this easily if you just deliberately avoid encounters/swarms, but that's not the point. Of course the area is dangerous. All Thrall areas are theoretically. The point is that the game is giving you tools to retreat and salvage a mistake, and those tools are a farce and nonfunctional when there's a swarm, and that is wrong.

At the very least you should be able to make progress on retreat if you are successfully killing or fleeing in battle, I am not supporting impunity in doctrinal space.
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Re: Swarming is broken
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2019, 02:18:44 am »

That can happen. I'm not disagreeing with you, but keeping multiple save files can prevent this type of problem. Lots of old games have to be played that way, unfortunately.

I did kill quite a few and ran from many more, but it doesn't matter. Autopilot was already on before the first encounter.

You can break out of auto-pilot by using manual flight controls in hyperspace. It won't save you if you're already dogpiled like that, but you can maneuver around to avoid the start of a pile-up with some thinking ahead. I'm sure I've had to do just that several times in each of my playthrus of the game.
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