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Author Topic: OUR Star Control-style races  (Read 2444 times)

OUR Star Control-style races
« on: April 14, 2007, 06:27:34 pm »

OK, this thread's final finality and reasonable resoundability... err, I mean goal/reason... is:
Creating races for Star Control (any era, but region preferably near to ours), as much in TFB-style as possible.
Who knows, maybe they will even use some of the designs, though I personally doubt this.  Cheesy

And what is, in fact, the reason? Well, there are three main reasons: to have fun, to fave hun and to vane huff... err, I mean have fun.
There is, of course, another, hidden reason, and that one is... yep! TO HAVE FUN!!! Alright, that's not it, the reason is to hone and prone our Star Control-creators skills... who knows, maybe someday they will find an use or another!

Now, I know this has been done to some extent already on these boards, but all I can say is:
This - Should - Be - INTERESTING!!!
(Do you ever feel that anything you say has already been said and even written a thousand times before? I do.)
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Re: OUR Star Control-style races
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2007, 08:18:09 pm »

I have actually done several.. But... they are all too similar to the existing ones or too generic, so I won't bother to tell about them. I might try to think of something new for this, though.

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Also, I hate asteroids.

Re: OUR Star Control-style races
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2007, 08:34:59 pm »

Hmm... what about... (sorry if my race attempt isn't that brilliant):

The Pjuoughrck (pronounced [piu:k]):
Formerly very sophisticated organisms (with an extremely sophisticated culture - MUCH more than the Utwig -, technology, thinking etc.), they have "wrapped around" to simpleness (this was after a philosopher of theirs formulated the most complex theory ever. The others were envious and proceeded to nitpick his theory. Eventually, they discovered that it was, in fact, a very simple syllogism. Being separated from simpleness for eons, though, they could not resist the temptation and embraced the beauty of the simple things). They now want to reveal the hidden beauty of simpleness from all complex things by simplifying them.
Their name reflects this change - it is a complex name with a very simplified pronunciation.
They have officially abandoned living in settlements and all their technology. However, there exists a Pjuoughrck sect, a secret technological culture seeking to destroy all technology besides their own, and then destroy their own technology too.

This sect occupies the Pjuoughrck's homeworld orbit and has a Sphere of Influence. Initially, the player presumes that they are the main Pjuoughrck race, but later succeeds in finding the truth.
They pretend to want to make friends with races they meet and so on, then make a few technology exchanges and then attack the "peaceless mockers of Simpleness", as they call other races.

Psychologically, the Pjuoughrck race is, paradoxally, very complex and self-contradictory, although a large part of their normal behaviour is inhibited by their love for simpleness.

SHIP: Pjuoughrck Point
A very simple and small ship consisting of an engine, a very small cockpit and a weapon. The weapon may be any weapon taken from another ship, before, during or after combat. A stolen Jugger weapon (for example) will of course shoot only a single projectile, not an entire array. Stolen Umgah cones will be more narrow.
Fuel regeneration is very slow (a-la-Druuge). It may, however, be regenerated by stealing weapons and passing at point-blank near enemy ships and projectiles (while not being hit by them).

PRIMARY: Whatever weapon was stolen by the ship. Same energy consumption as on the original ship (note that, if it's a Jugger-like weapon with energy consumption - say, for example, that the Jugger shoots 6 projectiles for 6 batt total. Then the consumption for a single weapon will be 1 batt).

SECONDARY: Use 4 batt to automatically dodge incoming projectiles for a while. During this time, energy does not regenerate by point-blanking, though it may still regenerate by stealing weapons.

Good acceleration and maneuverability, medium speed.
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Re: OUR Star Control-style races
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2007, 12:44:25 am »

I think this topic here answers a lot of custom races Wink

Still, it might be interesting once in a while to see these topics, so I'll see what new races I could come up with.
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Re: OUR Star Control-style races
« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2007, 10:08:11 am »

Yeah, this thread is inspired by that one.
Oops, I forgot to design the Pjuoughrck ship!

<ship designed>
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